For the Home Village version, see Town Hall.
Builder Hall8

"Home of the Master Builder and the main objective in battle. Destroying a Builder Hall awards an extra star in attacks. Win a Versus Battle by getting the most stars, or dealing more damage if tied. Upgrade the Builder Hall to unlock advanced buildings and troops!"

Builder Hall1 Builder Hall2 Builder Hall3 Builder Hall4
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Builder Hall5 Builder Hall6 Builder Hall7 Builder Hall8
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8

  • Summary
    • The Builder Hall is the equivalent of the Town Hall in the Builder Base. Protection of the Builder Hall is critical for preventing players from getting another star on your base.
    • Upgrading the Builder Hall will unlock more buildings.
    • The level 1 Builder Hall is broken and has graves along with several broken Buildings surrounding it when it is first encountered in the tutorial. These include a Star Laboratory, Gem Mine, Clock Tower, Battle Machine, Elixir Collector, Gold Mine, Cannon, Army Camp, and Builder Barracks.
    • During the tutorial, the Builder Hall is upgraded to level 2, and in doing so buildings immediately surrounding it are automatically repaired. In addition to this, the Boat is also repaired and the Raged Barbarians are upgraded to level 2.
    • There are a total of eight levels for Builder Hall.
    • You must place all Buildings available from the current Builder Hall level before you are able to upgrade the Builder Hall.
    • The Builder Hall can be accessed once a player reaches Town Hall 4 in your Home Village by repairing the broken boat on the sea shore.

  • Strategy and Tips
    • The Builder Hall is best placed in the center protected by buildings as it gives a star to your opponent when destroyed. This is critical as the star is compared first before the damage percentage, and if your opponent can get to the Builder Hall, he/she will most likely get more than 50% given them a 2-star or maybe even a 3-star.
    • Don't place your Builder Hall in a corner surrounded by Walls, troops can still be placed next to the Builder Hall.
    • The Crusher is extremely good at protecting the Builder Hall because of its high damage in a small radius. Make sure to protect it using defenses with a longer range to prevent ranged troops to snipe away at them.
    • Unlike the Town Hall in the Home Village, it can be beneficial to "rush" (quickly upgrade) the Builder Hall, as loot penalty does not exist - loot won is determined solely by the number of Versus Trophies that you have. Additionally, at higher Builder Hall levels you can unlock new buildings and troops as well as new levels for existing troops and buildings.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • The Builder Hall undergoes significant visual changes at all levels.
      • At level 1, the Builder Hall appears as a ruined orange-roofed house with a damaged chimney.
      • At level 2, the structure (including chimney) is repaired. The ladder on the top aligns with the "builder's hut" on top.
      • At level 3, the rear of the building gains an additional floor, as well as a ladder on the side.
      • At level 4, the "Builder's Hut" panel now sits on a stone structure on top of the lower front roof of the building.
      • At level 5, the stone structure on the roof extends to the entire width of the building. One of the ladders is also gone.
      • At level 6, the front of the building gains an additional floor and the roof becomes one piece again. The entrance arch is now fully visible.
      • At level 7, there appear to be 2 gears on the side, which seems to continue underground. Also, a hatch on the back right side of the building is seen open, with glowing red-orange light coming out of it, presumably a forge.
      • At level 8, two chimneys appear at the end of the roof in place of the single chimney at the corner. All vegetation disappears from the building. A third gear is also added to the side of the structure and the roof is now flat going downwards instead of going up then back down.

  • Unlocks
    • At each Builder Hall level, new buildings are unlocked. The below table shows the unlocked buildings and structures by Builder Hall level. Where "New" is written, one of that building or structure is unlocked unless otherwise stated in brackets.
    • Many ruined buildings that appear when first entering the Builder Base are repaired by upgrading the Builder Hall to level 2. As such, ruined BH1 buildings that are repaired by upgrading to BH2 will be listed under BH1, while buildings actually unlocked at BH2 will be listed under BH2. Other ruined buildings (Gem Mine, etc.) that are not fixed by upgrading to BH2 are listed at the BH level they can be repaired.
    • Wall unlocks will be shown by the number of wall pieces unlocked, not by the number of 5-piece segments unlocked; this is how the unlocks are displayed in-game.
BH Level Unlocks
1 AvailableBuildings CannonBBAvailableBuildings Gold MineBBAvailableBuildings Elixir CollectorBBAvailableBuildings Builder BarracksBBAvailableBuildings Army CampBBAvailableBuildings Star LaboratoryBBAvailableBuildings WallsBB
2 AvailableBuildings Double CannonBBAvailableBuildings Archer TowerBBAvailableBuildings Army CampBBAvailableBuildings WallsBBAvailableBuildings Push TrapBB
3 AvailableBuildings CannonBBAvailableBuildings Hidden TeslaBBAvailableBuildings FirecrackersBBAvailableBuildings CrusherBBAvailableBuildings Gold StorageBBAvailableBuildings Elixir StorageBBAvailableBuildings Gem MineBBAvailableBuildings Army CampBBAvailableBuildings WallsBBAvailableBuildings Push TrapBBAvailableBuildings Spring TrapBBAvailableBuildings MineBB
4 AvailableBuildings Archer TowerBBAvailableBuildings Guard PostBBAvailableBuildings Air BombsBBAvailableBuildings Army CampBBAvailableBuildings Clock TowerBBAvailableBuildings WallsBBAvailableBuildings Push TrapBBAvailableBuildings MineBBAvailableBuildings Mega MineBB
5 AvailableBuildings Double CannonBBAvailableBuildings FirecrackersBBAvailableBuildings Multi MortarBBAvailableBuildings Gold MineBBAvailableBuildings Elixir CollectorBBAvailableBuildings Gold StorageBBAvailableBuildings Elixir StorageBBAvailableBuildings Battle Machine AltarBBAvailableBuildings WallsBBAvailableBuildings Push TrapBBAvailableBuildings Spring TrapBBAvailableBuildings MineBB
6 AvailableBuildings Archer TowerBBAvailableBuildings CrusherBBAvailableBuildings RoasterBBAvailableBuildings WallsBBAvailableBuildings MineBBAvailableBuildings Mega MineBB
7 AvailableBuildings Hidden TeslaBBAvailableBuildings FirecrackersBBAvailableBuildings Giant CannonBBAvailableBuildings Army CampBBAvailableBuildings WallsBB
8 AvailableBuildings CannonBBAvailableBuildings Double CannonBBAvailableBuildings Hidden TeslaBBAvailableBuildings FirecrackersBBAvailableBuildings Mega TeslaBBAvailableBuildings Gold MineBBAvailableBuildings Elixir CollectorBBAvailableBuildings Army CampBBAvailableBuildings WallsBBAvailableBuildings Push TrapBBAvailableBuildings Spring TrapBBAvailableBuildings Mega MineBB

  • Trivia
    • The Builder Base doesn't have Builder's Huts. Instead, the Master Builder lives in the Builder Hall.
    • The Builder Boat, which sits at the other side of the dock from your Boat, is unlocked at Builder Hall level three. This boat allows the Master Builder to Gear Up your defenses in your Home Village.
    • During the tutorial, the Versus Battle is introduced by attacking "Master Jimmy" from the clan "The Order". This is just a fictitious enemy and not a real online player. The clan name is a reference to the clan "The Order", which is known to be the first clan to ever exist in the game. He used 4 Sneaky Archers, 2 Cannon Carts and a Drop Ship, although it is impossible to unlock both the Cannon Cart and Drop Ship because of his Builder Hall level. You cannot replay his attack.
    • Before upgrading the Builder Hall to level 2, buildings can be selected but not interacted with. The graves can be collected though.
    • All buildings and traps, except for the Builder Barracks, Spring Trap, and Army Camp, have a level cap of equivalent value to that of your Builder Hall.
      • The Builder Barracks has 10 levels, the Spring Trap has 4 levels, and the Army Camp can't be upgraded.
    • When the Builder Base was released on 22nd May 2017, there were only 5 Builder Hall levels.
      • Builder Hall level 6 was added on 27th June 2017.
      • Builder Hall level 7 was released on 29th September 2017.
      • Builder Hall level 8 was released on 5th March 2018.