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For the Home Village counterpart, see Cannon/Home Village.
For the Builder Base counterpart, see Cannon/Builder Base.
"This cannon might be slow firing, but it makes up for it in punch. Additional drawback is that it doesn't tilt high enough to reach air targets."

Cannon Ruin
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5


  • Cannons are among the first defensive buildings unlocked in the Clan Capital, available at Clan Capital level 1.
  • The Cannon is a single-target defense that deals moderate damage. Compared to Cannons in the Home Village and Builder Base, they have a much slower fire rate but have better damage per shot in return.
  • Cannons are cheap to upgrade with your clanmates at lower levels.
  • Cannons can shoot any ground unit, such as Super Barbarians and Sneaky Archers, but it can't shoot any air units, such as Flying Fortresses, Minion Hordes, etc.


Defensive Strategy

  • Cannon, like the ones in the Home Village and Builder Base, have a high rate of fire and deals a decent amount of damage. They can be an ideal deterrent for ground troops that have low hitpoints such as Super Barbarians and Super Wizards. Also, their expertise is showcased for keeping Sneaky Archers at bay from chipping down defenses using their ability.
  • Cannons are feasible for keeping Super Giants from attacking other defenses.
  • Splash defenses which are weaker against high-health troops, such as Multi Mortars and Super Wizard Towers, can be defended by placing Cannons within their ranges.
  • To cover for their weakness, the air units, make sure to place them within range of Air Defenses and Spear Throwers. This is because they do not have the ability to target air units, making them vulnerable and useless.
  • Communicating with your clanmates to upgrade Cannons more often can be very promising. As Cannons can be upgraded with a cheap amount of Capital Gold, it can be beneficial to keep attackers away from the District Halls and the Capital Hall.
  • Putting Cannons two tiles behind walls can prevent Sneaky Archers from directly targeting them, allowing the Cannon to one-shot them in return when their ability wears off.

Offensive Strategy

Upgrade Differences

  • Cannons undergo significant visual changes at levels 3, 4, and 5.
    • When initially rebuilt, it consists of a dark metal barrel mounted on a crude six-legged hexagonal wooden platform. Also, it is also surrounded by a few dark metal cannonballs.
    • At level 2, the middle banded part of the barrel gets covered with bolts and the barrel appears to be thicker than before, due to a visible addition of another metal band near the muzzle. It receives an elevation to its platform and the base receives a stone block foundation and wooden supports across each leg.
    • At level 3, the platform is more elevated. The base receives a reinforced step-like foundation made from stone and stone supports connect each stone block from below. Also, the wooden supports on the legs are replaced with pieces of metal. More cannonballs surround the cannon than before.
    • At level 4, the cannon's barrel is reinforced in white casings with gold trims. The entire barrel under the casings seems to gain a darker, crude shade of grey.
    • At level 5, the cannon's barrel becomes hexagonal in shape and the cannon itself increases in size. The middle part of the barrel gains large metal spikes. The legs that were made entirely of stone, become thicker, more solid slabs with some receiving golden trims, thereby making the entire foundation more reinforced. Even more cannonballs surround the cannon.


Capital Hall Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Number Available 4 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 6 6
Size Size
Number Available District Hall Level
1 2 3 4 5
Barbarian Camp 4 6 8 9 9
Wizard Valley 4 5 6 7 7
Balloon Lagoon 8 12 14 15 16
Builder's Workshop 5 6 7 8 8
Dragon Cliffs 5 6 7 8 8
Golem Quarry 8 12 13 14 15
Skeleton Park 5 5 5 6
Goblin Mines 1 3 5 7
Damage per Second
Damage per Shot
Build Cost
Capital Gold
Capital Hall Level Required
Capital Hall
District Hall Level Required
District Hall
1 130 195 1,250 2,500 1 1
2 150 225 1,450 5,000 2 2
3 170 255 1,650 10,000 4 3
4 190 285 1,850 18,000 6 4
5 210 315 2,050 30,000 9 5
Range Range Attack Speed Attack Speed Damage Type Damage Type Unit Type Targeted Favorite Target
8 1.5s Single Target Ground

Icon Descriptions

Icon InfoTapping this icon displays information about the Cannon, such as Level, Damage Per Second, Hitpoints, Range, Damage Type and Targets.
Icon UpgradeTapping this icon contributes the Capital Gold you have into upgrading the Cannon to the next level. When the Cannon is at maximum level, this icon is not shown.
Icon PrioritizeTapping this icon marks the building's upgrade to the next level as a priority for the Clan, pinning it as a recommended upgrade for Clan members. This icon is only shown if the upgrade is possible, is not already prioritized and if the player is Leader or a Co-leader of their Clan.
Icon DeprioritizeTapping this icon stops marking the building's upgrade to the next level as a priority for the Clan. This icon is only shown if the upgrade is possible, is being prioritized and if the player is Leader or a Co-leader of their Clan.


  • The Cannon was added with the release of the Clan Capital on 2 May, 2022.
  • On September 14, 2023, a balance change reduced the Cannon's hitpoints at levels 3-5:
    • Level 3: 1,700 -> 1,650
    • Level 4: 2,000 -> 1,850
    • Level 5: 2,300 -> 2,050


  • When viewing the Clan Capital, the Cannons will appear to aim randomly about. However, they will always be (generally) aiming away from the Capital Hall and District Halls. If the Cannons (or the Capital/District Hall) are moved, the Cannons will instantly orient themselves to point away from the Capital/District Hall's new relative location. This remains true even when the Cannons are being upgraded (except that upgrading Cannons always instantaneously point directly away from the Capital/District Hall with no random movement).
  • The Cannon's barrel expands slightly whenever it shoots.
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