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Non-Combatants are the people in your village/base that are citizens and workers.

As suggested by their name, they do not fight (though the Master Builder appears to ride in the Battle Machine, and Builders do take up roles in defense when the Builder's Hut is upgraded).

  • Villagers: They aimlessly wander around your village and clap in front of and apparently worship obstacles and/or buildings. During the tutorials, a Villager guides you through and helps you during the initial moments as a Clash of Clans player and when a player gets his/her Builder Base. Their graphic is a woman with a dress and brown belt around their waist.
  • Builders: They help you start constructions and upgrades in the Home Village. They live in Builder's Huts when not working on a construction or upgrading something. Their graphic is a man with a hunched back, brown clothes and a hammer/mallet for building or upgrading.
  • Master Builder: He helps you start constructions and upgrades in the Builder Base. He lives in the Builder Hall when not working on a construction or upgrade. He appears to be a man with orange hair and beard and brown overalls.
  • Strongman: He is the man who helps and guides you through the Clan Games, and he also owns the caravan, which alerts you when the games are coming.
  • O.T.T.O: An invention of the Master Builder, it replaces the Master Builder as permanent builder in the Builder Base once the O.T.T.O Hut is fully upgraded.
  • Trader: He sells Magic Items for Gems once the player has reached Town Hall 8 in the Home Village.
  • Goblin King: An NPC who threatens the player during the early game tutorial. Supposedly the one behind the Single Player Campaign.

Most non-combatants run into your Town Hall or Builder Hall when an attack starts, even if the Town Hall/Builder Hall is the first building to be attacked. Exceptions include Builders corresponding to weaponised Builder's Huts, and the Strongman and Trader (who only appear on the side of the Home Village outside of battle).

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