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Clan Badge Main Banner
"Leaders and Co-Leaders of a Clan have the ability to create a custom badge to represent their clan in a distinct way."

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Clan Castle


Badge Example ScreenS

Badge view on top of the Clan Castle

  • Every Clan has an authentic badge to show off and represent their clan.
  • The badge design of a clan is decided by the player who created the clan. Subsequently, the badge can be changed by any player whose rank is co-leader or leader.

Editing Clan Badge

  • When making a badge to symbolize the Clan, there are 80 foreground patterns and 13 background colors to choose from. Theoretically, this means that there are a total of 1,040 distinct clan badge designs. However, in practice, this number is lower, for the following reasons:
    Badge Generator ScreenS

    In-game badge generator

    • The rainbow pattern fills up the entire space in the clan badge, meaning changing the background color makes no difference if the rainbow pattern is used. Consequently, this reduces the number to 1,028;
    • Additionally, some patterns with a single color share this color with a particular background color. Effectively, this means that if both these patterns and background colors are chosen, it is not any different from merely having no foreground pattern. This reduces the number of distinct clan badges to 1,020.
  • All patterns and background colors are available to choose when the clan is created.
  • The clan badge border is dependent on the level. The border changes as a clan levels up. These borders are based on the Trophy League badges.
  • While choosing the design for the badge, you can see previews of the Clan Badge as it looks by itself, as it looks on the Clan Castle, and on the donation statue. Once the design for your Clan's Clan Badge has been finalized, it applies to these three features.
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Clan Banner

  • On the 11th October 2017 9.256.4 update, the Clan Banner was added.
  • The Clan Banner appears at the end of the village's designated Clan Path. Troops that are donated or received will exit or enter through the Clan Path, which supposedly connects the player's village to the main clan.

Clan Donation Statue

  • Once the player has received troops from other clan members, they go into the Clan Castle. These troops can be used for attacking in the Home Village, but can only be used once.
  • The Statue itself, and thus the reinforcements, appear whenever the player drops the Clan Castle reinforcements directly on the battlefield or uses a Siege Machine to drop the reinforcements further into the base.
  • If the player has no Clan but still has troops inside the Clan Castle, then the Clan Donation Statue appears as a pole with no Clan Badge on it whenever it is used.

The Clan Donation Statue is only a mock-up version of what would be seen in-game.

Generate Your Own Badge

Created by FaceBound


Note: You may click the “Download” button after you have created your badge and save it. However, if you decide to upload the image to the Wikia please follow our Image Policy and name your badge accordingly. Ex. File:Chief ClanBadge.png.