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Clan Capital Art

"Welcome, everyone, to Clan Capital; where Clans build together and battle together."

The Clan Capital is a gamemode that involves clans and the members in it.

Members of a clan can contribute to the clan's progress to repair, build and upgrade the Clan Capital. This gamemode is unlocked once the clan reaches level 2, and is available to all players with Town Hall level 6 or above.


  • The Clan Capital is a series of "villages" on what appears to be a very large mountain.
  • The topmost village, known as "Capital Peak", is where the Capital Hall is situated at. The other villages below Capital Peak are your "Districts", where District Halls are located. The higher your Capital Hall's level, the more districts your clan can unlock.
  • There are eight districts in the Clan Capital below the Capital Peak.
  • As of now, each district has a unique Scenery and layout which are un-editable and tied to the location of that district on the map. Unmovable environment structures such as rivers, bridges, and cliffs in each map affects building placements in each district.

Clan Capital Resources[]


Capital Gold

Raid Medal

Raid Medal

  • The Clan Capital has two different resources: Capital Gold and Raid Medals.
  • Capital Gold is the main resource in the Clan Capital, used to repair and upgrade all buildings in the Clan Capital. Up to 35,000 Capital Gold can be held at a time.
  • Capital Gold can be earned in several ways:
  • Raid Medals is a "reward" resource, not used for direct progression in the Clan Capital but instead used to purchase rewards and cosmetics in the Trader and buy reinforcements for the player's Clan Castle.
  • Raid Medals are awarded at the conclusion of a Raid Weekend to its participants; up to 5,000 Raid Medals can be held at a time.

Clan Capital Building[]

  • Each "village", or district, has multiple ruins which can be repaired by any clan member by using Capital Gold.
  • All members of a Clan can contribute Capital Gold to repair ruins or upgrade buildings. There are no limits to the number of ongoing constructions at any one time.
    • Upgrading defensive or army buildings does not impair their capabilities while the upgrade is active.
  • The limits of upgrading in the Clan Capital are controlled by the Capital Hall level and District Hall levels in the various districts. The Capital Hall requires a certain number of constructions to be completed across the Clan Capital in order to be upgraded; District Hall levels are in turn restricted by this Capital Hall level and vary by district.
  • There are no build times in the Clan Capital; when the requisite amount of Capital Gold is invested into a construction, it will be completed immediately.
  • When contributing to a construction, if the player has enough Capital Gold to directly finish the construction, it will be completed and the player will expend the required amount. If not, all of their currently held Capital Gold will be expended. There is no way to split a player's Capital Gold to start or continue two constructions such that they are both left incomplete.
  • The Clan's leader and co-leaders gain additional rights for the Clan's Clan Capital: they are able to change layouts for each district, and additionally prioritise up to three constructions per district to recommend upgrades to other clan members.
    • Prioritising upgrades has no impact on what constructions clan members can choose to contribute to.

Raid Weekends[]

Main article: Raid Weekends
  • At the end of every week, Clan Capitals with a level 2 or higher Capital Hall can be raided by other clans.
  • Raid Weekends serve as the main method to obtain Capital Gold and Raid Medals.
  • Unlike the Main Village and the Builder Base, there are certain differences during attacks:
    • Every clan member's attacks on enemy districts deals permanent damage, allowing the next clan member to continue destruction until the district is fully destroyed.
    • As you destroy structures in enemy districts, the deployment zone expands further into the map.
    • Once placed, most Spells last for multiple attacks: the attack in which it is deployed, as well as a number of subsequent attacks (usually one more). The sole exception is the Lightning Spell, whose effects are instant.


District map

An un-upgraded district map

Capital Peak[]

"The beating heart of your Clan’s Capital."

  • Required Capital Hall Level: Not Applicable
  • Description: The Capital Peak is located at the top of the mountain and the first district unlocked. It features the Capital Hall, determining the maximum district level of other districts and being the primary target for raids.
DMap Capital Peak

Barbarian Camp[]

"A savage District that smells of meat roasting over an open flame and anger."

DMap Barbarian Camp

Wizard Valley[]

"A nexus of unstable magics. Tread carefully lest you get caught up in Wizard’s arcane experimentation."

  • Required Capital Hall Level: 3
  • The Wizard Valley is the third district unlocked. It is themed around Wizards and Magic. It unlocks the Healing Spell, Jump Spell and Super Wizard. An additional Army Camp is added as well. The district also houses the Spell Storage, the building that dictates the clan's spell capacity in Raid attacks.
DMap Wizard Valley

Balloon Lagoon[]

"The high pitched whine of deflating balloons permeates the air followed by high pitched voices and helium gas is abundant here."

DMap Balloon Lagoon

Builder's Workshop[]

"Builder’s mountain retreat where he comes to tinker and toil, coming up with all kinds of cooky inventions you can unleash upon your foes."

DMap Builder's Workshop

Dragon Cliffs[]

"Leather wings and squealing hogs makes being in this area for any long duration results in insomnia and tinnitus."

  • Required Capital Hall Level: 6
  • The Dragon Cliffs are the sixth district unlocked. It is themed around Dragons and other flying creatures. It unlocks Super Dragons, Hog Raiders and the Rage Spell. An additional Army Camp is added as well.
DMap Dragon Cliffs

Golem Quarry[]

"The ground shakes and shudders with the footfalls of giant stone creations. Only the most advanced Clans can sufficiently handle the unbridled dynamism of this last district."

  • Required Capital Hall Level: 7
  • The Golem Quarry is the seventh district. It is themed around Golems. It unlocks the Mountain Golem.
DMap Golem Quarry

Skeleton Park[]

"Skeleton Park is a brand new district you can unlock at Capital Hall 8. Spiky nettled vines not only create a unique arboreal environment, these maze-like plants create indestructible barriers between your District and the attackers trying to plunder your Capital!"

  • Required Capital Hall Level: 8
  • The Skeleton Park is the eighth district. It is themed around Skeletons, unlocking the Graveyard Spell. Inferno Dragons are unlocked as well, as are certain defenses not available to the Capital Peak.
DMap Skeleton Park

Goblin Mines[]

"Rolling mountains and flowing rivers create natural fortifications for this new Clan Capital District. While Goblins have taken up residence to exploit its natural resources, Capital Base Builders will find this lush valley rife with potential for base designs to utilize the terrain to their advantage. The tall mountains and rivers form a natural barrier against ground Troops hoping to plunder Goblin Mines."

  • Required Capital Hall Level: 9
  • The Goblin Mines is the ninth district. It is themed around Goblins, with many buildings and structures unique to this district based around them. The Super Miner, Mega Sparky and Endless Haste Spell are unlocked here.
DMap Goblin Mines


  • Originally Clan Villages were on a list of blacklisted ideas from Supercell.
  • The sceneries of the individual districts have minor differences depending on the Clan Badge:
    • In all districts other than the Capital Peak, the Clan Badge is visible in the top-left near the bridge leading to the steps. The Clan Badge's background color is used for the banners appearing on arches overlooking the two sets of steps connecting to the district.
    • In the Capital Peak, the Clan Badge is visible in the bottom-right, on top of the gateway, with the badge's background color used for the banner underneath. The badge's background color also determines the color of the cushion underneath the key on the Giant statue in the top-right, as well as part of the color of the parasols near the pool in the top-left.
    • The Giant statue is visible in the larger district map, though this statue's cushion does not have its color change with clan badge, instead always being red.
  • In the background of the Capital Peak, Barbarian Camp and Dragon Cliffs, several Town Halls can be seen in the distance.
  • During a Raid, the scenery changes slightly: the clouds are darker, and where visible, the background is also darkened with burned down Town Halls, fewer trees and burned grass. Lightning is also visible from the storm clouds during an attack on the Capital Peak. The district map is also changed similarly.
  • There are at least 10 more unused platforms on the mountain, ostensibly for future districts to be added without changing the layout of the mountain.
  • In Skeleton Park and Goblin Mines, there exists ruins that cannot be unlocked in the bottom-right corner, presumably to be unlockable if and when level 5 for the district becomes available.