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Clan Capital Spells are spells used for Raids in the Clan Capital. They are trained in separate Spell Factories across various districts; upgrading these Spell Factories makes the spells more powerful.


  • Most spells in the Clan Capital last for multiple attacks (usually two; the Endless Haste Spell lasts for four). The only exception is the Lightning Spell, for which the effects are instantaneous.


  • The symbol on all bottles with the exception of lightning spells looks similar to the infinity symbol, which is may a reference to the fact that spells last for two full attacks rather than a short time like in the Home Village.
  • All spells, with the exception of the Frost Spell are available in the Home Village too.
    • The Frost Spell has also a home village counterpart, the Freeze Spell, but it works a bit different (It freezes affected defenses and troops completely rather than slowing them down).
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