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Avatar Super Barbarian.png
Super Barbarian
File:Avatar Sneaky Archers.png
Sneaky Archers
Avatar Super Giant.png
Super Giant
Avatar Battle Ram.png
Battle Ram
File:Avatar Minion Horde.png
Minion Horde
Avatar Super Wizard.png
Super Wizard
File:Avatar Rocket Balloons.png
Rocket Balloons
File:Avatar Skeleton Barrels.png
Skeleton Barrels
File:Avatar Flying Fortress.png
Flying Fortress
Avatar Raid Cart.png
Raid Cart
Avatar Super P.E.K.K.A.png
Super P.E.K.K.A
File:Avatar Hog Raiders.png
Hog Raiders
Avatar Super Dragon.png
Super Dragon
File:Avatar Mountain Golem.png
Mountain Golem

Clan Capital Troops are used for Raids in the Clan Capital. Some troops come in squads that can only be deployed at the same time. They are trained in separate Barracks across various districts; upgrading these Barracks makes the troops more powerful.

Clan Capital Army
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