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What are Clan War Leagues?

Clan War Leagues is a league structure for Clan Wars. Once a month Clans can sign-up and fight a week of wars with Clans of similar skill level. To participate, Clans have to sign-up for Clan War Leagues with at least 15 (maximum 50) members. It's a good idea to enroll over 15 members to have more attackers to choose from in each War.

At the end of War Week, Clans that have earned the most stars are promoted to higher leagues, while others stay or are demoted. Players get resources and League Medals from their attacks, and have a chance to be awarded bonus League Medals by Clan Leaders.


Clans are randomly matched up against 7 other Clans in their League tier to form a Group. Clans in a Group fight eachother and the best performing Clans of each Group can be promoted to a higher League.

Before a Clan has fought in the War Leagues, the skill of the Clan isn't known to matchmaking, and so the initial placing of Clans can be inaccurate. At first it is possible to face both too easy or too hard opponents, but with time the skill levels of the matched Clans will become more equal.

Preparation Day & Battle Day

Clans fight a War each day of War Week. Whenever a War goes into Battle Day, Preparation Day begins for the following day's War. Each Preparation Day is a chance for Leaders to finalise the line-up for the upcoming war. They select the line-up of players selected for the Clan War Leagues during the sign-up period.

On Battle Day players have one attack with which they try to collect as many War Stars as possible. Attackers also gain Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gold for the attacks, similarly to regular Clan Wars. If a Clan wins a War, this awards the Clan extra War Stars, that will help them get promoted from their League.


League Medals are issued once all the Clans in the Group have finished their War Week battles. War Stars gained by individual players from their attacks turn into League Medals and all Clan members signed-up for Clan War Leagues get extra League Medals from all Wars that the Clan wins. In addition, the Leader and Co-leaders distribute bonus League Medals to a few of the players signed-up for War Leagues. The amount of bonus League Medals as well as how many players can receive the bonus are determined by the League in which the Clan fought the War Week. Each Win during War Week adds one player who can receive a bonus.

Resource loot and Clan XP from attacks are rewarded from each War as in regular Clan Wars.

League Medals can be spent in the Shop in the "League Shop" tab.

Participating in Clan War Leagues

When Clan War Leagues is about to start, the Clan Wars button turns golden to indicate the arrival of Clan War Leagues.

The Clan Leader and Co-leaders have two days to enter War Leagues with at least 15 (maximum 50) players. The selected players form the pool of players that can be selected to fight on Battle Days.

It's a good idea to enroll more than 15 people into Clan War Leagues to have more players who can do attacks in Wars during War Week.

Each Clan member can indicate their ability to play in Clan War Leagues with the opt-in/opt-out button in their player profile. Clan Leaders can however enroll players to War Leagues, even if they have opted out of wars.

Once a Clan has signed-up for Clan War Leagues, they can't play regular Clan Wars. If a Clan doesn't sign-up for War Leagues, regular Clan Wars are available once the sign-up period has ended.

Winning Wars, Promotions and Demotions

  • The Group tab shows the current standing of Clans in your Group
  • Tapping on a Clan's stars shows a breakdown of where their War Stars come from
  • The Rounds tab is a quick way to check how what happened in the Wars between other Clans in your Group
  • The Clan tab is a great way to keep tabs on how your Clan mates are performing.

Each War Star collected during War Week counts towards a Clan's War Star amount, which in turn factors into whether the Clan is promoted or demoted at the end of War Week. If a Clan wins a Battle Day, they are awarded 10 extra War Stars which helps them get promoted.

At the end of a War Week, Clans that have earned the most stars are promoted to higher leagues while others stay or are demoted. In most Leagues the two Clans with the most stars are promoted and the two Clans with the least stars are demoted. These rules vary by League however.

If Clans are tied on stars, the total destruction percentage serves as the tie-breaker.

You can see Season statistics by tapping the Season info button in the War Map. Pictures included to the right.

Clan War Leagues Rewards

CWL Info Rewards

Attacks on Battle Days reward Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold and Clan XP similarly to regular Clan Wars. For each battle that you win, you earn the chance to receive a war win bonus. The war win bonus is delievered to the Treasury at the end of each War. To get the war win bonus, your clan has to win the Clan War of that day.

Each War Star that a player gains from a War attack turns into League Medals at the end of Clan War Leagues. Everyone enrolled to Clan War Leagues receives some additional League Medals for each War that the Clan won.

Clan Leaders can also reward Clan members with bonus League Medals. Each war that the Clan wins increases the amount of players eligible for the Bonuses by one.

The Bonuses have to be distributed within 21 days of the Clan's War Week ending. The size of a bonus as well as how many people it can be given to depends on the Clan's League during War Week. For every War that the Clan Wins, an additional person can be given bonus League Medals.

The precious League Medals can be put to good use in the Shop in the "League Shop" tab.

What are League Medals?

League Medals are precious tokens that you win from Clan War Leagues. If your Clan Leader enrolls you to Clan War Leagues, you have a chance to receive at least some League Medals at the end.

How to gain League Medals from Clan War Leagues:

  • Each War Star from your attacks turns into League Medals
  • Each War that your Clan wins results in extra League Medals for all Clan members enrolled to Clan War Leagues
  • Anyone enrolled to Clan War Leagues has a chance to get bonus League Medals from a Clan Leader

NOTE: Both War win League Medals as well as Bonus League Medals given by Clan Leaders are available to anyone who is enrolled into the War Leagues, whether they attack or not and even if they leave or get kicked out of the Clan.

Can I play Clan War Leagues and regular Clan Wars at the same time?

A Clan can only participate in one war type at a time: Clan War Leagues or regular Clan Wars or a Friendly War. If a Clan is participating in Clan War Leagues, they cannot start a regular Clan War until Clan War Leagues are over.

If a player decides to switch Clans from Clan A to Clan B, he can only play in Clan B's Clan War Leagues if he hasn't been enrolled to Clan A's Clan's Clan War Leagues Roster.

If a player is enrolled to Clan War Leagues in Clan A, he can still play Clan Wars and Friendly Wars in Clan B.

What if a player leaves or is kicked out of a Clan during Clan War Leagues?

If the player was not enrolled to Clan War Leagues, he is free to join another Clan's Clan War Leagues. In this case he is not eligible for any rewards from his original Clan's Clan War Leagues.

If the player was in the Clan War Leagues Roster of his old Clan, the player can't play in another Clan's Clan War Leagues. He can however play in another Clan's Clan Wars and Friendly Wars. He is also entitled to the following rewards:

  • Any War Stars he was able to gain in Clan War Leagues Wars in the old Clan will turn into League Medals once the Season ends.
  • Any Wars the old Clan wins results in extra League Medals being rewarded to him
  • He is still eligible to be rewarded by a Leader or Co-Leader for a Bonus

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