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Editing Policy


  • While editing articles, please use American-English.
  • It is much preferred that second and third-person points-of-view are used within articles.


  • To prevent over-linking, please only link to a page once under a heading.
  • In source editor, ensure that plural word-links are used as following to reduce page size:
rather than

Shortening links

  • Remember to use the {{H}}, {{B}} and {{C}} templates to link to pages ending in "/Home Village", "/Builder Base" or "/Clan Capital" respectively to reduce page size:
rather than
[[Cannon/Home Village|Cannon]]
  • Use the {{MagicItem}} template when linking to a specific magic item:
{{MagicItem|Training Potion}}
rather than
[[Magic Items/List#Training Potion]]


  • The order of common sections in articles should follow this format:
    • Summary Heading
    • Strategy Heading
      • Offensive Subheading
      • Defensive Subheading
    • Upgrade Differences Heading
    • History Heading
    • Gallery Heading
    • Trivia Heading
      • Comparisons Subheading
    • (Statistics section)
    • References Heading
    • (Navigation templates)

Media Placement

  • Please avoid adding images under certain headings, such as under summary, strategy and trivia headings unless they are used in context of a point made within them.
  • Do not place images already in the upgrade differences section that is near the top of the page in galleries.


  • Articles about upcoming content should be marked with the Spoiler template. This can be done as seen below. Do note any existing articles should not contain upcoming content.

Time and Date

  • For the best clarity, always use this format when using a date within in an article:
<month- name> <day- numeral>, <year>
For example:
August 2, 2012