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Main Position

Clash of Clans Wiki deals with dozens of different images daily, which are not regulated in any way. As a result of this, confusion could arise. To prevent such cases of confusion and minimize the amount of wasted space, the administration has developed a number of measures aimed at improving this situation.

Image Policy


  • Do not upload images that contain or express vulgar, offensive, gross, or pornographic content, or any other content that violates the Fandom Terms of Use.
  • Do not upload a duplicate image that has already been uploaded previously. However, if you wish to upload an image of higher quality to replace an older image, you may upload the image and then request an image name change by contacting a Staff Member.
  • Do not upload images and not use them. Unused images will be deleted.
  • Files with mundane titles such as Image.jpg or Yes.png will not be accepted and will be deleted. However, if you accidentally name an image such as the examples used, you may request an image name change by contacting a Staff Member.

Naming Images

  • Naming for level images of troops/buildings etc:
<Object name>(without space)<Object Level>.<File extension>
For example:
Air Sweeper6.png
  • Clan Badge files:
For example:
Barbarian1234 ClanBadge.png
  • Highest raid tournament screenshots:
Barbarian1234 HighestRaid.png


  • No matter how well you observe the naming rules, you will not be able to upload images until you become an autoconfirmed user.
    • This process takes 4 days from the time you first log into Wiki.
  • The system automatically rejects attempts to upload images with plain names, such as: qwerty, 12-4-2017, GhYuIlP as well as names which contain foul language.