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Clash of Clans
Developer: Supercell
Clash of Clans is a mobile freemium strategy video game. A multiplayer game, Clash of Clans allows players to build their community, train troops, and attack other players to earn gold and elixirs while building their own defenses to protect against attackers. An interactive game, players can use the chat feature to communicate with others and join clans to aid each other.

The gaming industry and the internet are rapidly growing entities that are being developed and becoming even more accessible at an unprecedented rate. This growth can often leave parents and guardians in the dark about the dangers and mature content that may be present. This page has been created in order to offer the most vital information about the Clash of Clans game and this site, in order for you to make an informed decision on whether the material in the game and on this website is suitable for your child.

General Information
Title: Clash of Clans
Developer: Supercell
Rating: 9+
Description: Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game. Players build their village by purchasing items from the in-game shop using currencies such as gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems.

By upgrading their buildings, they unlock new items and expand their capabilities. Training troops (which can also be upgraded to give more damage and health) and attacking other players' villages gains the player additional resources to fund their village upgrades. They can also build and upgrade their village defenses to guard against attacks from other players. Clash of Clans is a freemium app; although free to download and play, players can pay real-world money to advance more rapidly.

Players can select how many of each type of troops they wish to train, all for the price of elixir or dark elixir. These troops can then be used to attack other players online to gain more gold, elixir and dark elixir. They can also be used to attack the NPC goblins in the single-player campaign portion of the game. The campaign mode offers gold and elixir to be raided, although players gain no trophies from destroying villages in this game mode. Although troops trained by the player appear in the village in special Army Camps, they will not defend the player's village. Only troops within the clan castle (which must be donated by fellow players) and heroes are able to protect your village.

Accumulating trophies is the end goal in the game. Although gold and elixir are important for players to build up their villages, a high trophy count can allow players into more "elite" clans. Higher trophies also lead to more lucrative rewards for winning battles.

Clash of Clans features limited cooperative play. Players may create and join clans of up to fifty players, with whom they can engage in social 'clan chat' and donate troops to each others' clan castles. They may also engage in clan wars with other clans for additional rewards.

There is also a region-based 'global chat' available to all players whether they are in a clan or not. Note that neither clan chat nor global chat is moderated, although players have the ability to 'mute' other players in global chat by reporting inappropriate behavior. Swearing is automatically restricted in global chat and a filter can be turned on for the clan chat. As clans themselves are limited to a small number of known players who are free to leave at their discretion (or be removed by the clan leadership), clan chat has fewer restrictions than global chat.

The game features very mild cartoon violence.

Genre: Strategy
Length: Ongoing
Difficulty: Variable based on in-game experience
Security Concerns: None currently known

Multiplayer Information
Online Multiplayer: Available
Cooperative: Limited
Voice Chat: Unavailable
Age of Community: 9 years+
Community Attitude: Varies

Gameplay Content Information
ESRB: Unknown
PEGI: Unknown
ACB: Unknown

Cost Information
Subscription: None; Access to iOS or Android phone
In-game Purchases: Microtransactions available but not required
Gambling Elements: None

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Frequently Asked Questions:
How old should my child be to play Clash of Clans?
According to the Apple App Store and Google Play store, the game is rated 9+.

What subscriptions does Clash of Clans require?
There is no monetary subscription.

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