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Wiki Rules

Behavior and Social

  • Do not use swear words, profanity or spam anywhere on the wiki. This includes in posts, messages, comments, blog posts and in pages.
  • Do respect other users. Any form of disrespect or rudeness to staff members or other users is not tolerated.
  • Do not advertise selling your own Clash of Clans account. This is a violation of Supercell’s Terms of Use.
  • Do not have an obscene avatar, profile, blog, or other personal page.
  • Do not share personal information that could have an affect on your safety/privacy. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Sharing your personal email account
    • Sharing your home address
  • Clan Advertising:
    • If you wish to advertise a clan, create a post in Discussions under the “Clans” category.
    • Do not create a new clan advert within two weeks after the last. You can advertise more than one clan in a post though.
    • Do not advertise a clan in a reply to other user’s posts, unless the user is asking for clan suggestions.
  • Do not post about a personal social platform unless it is related to Clash of Clans.
  • Do not recreate a post less than two weeks after the original.


  • Do not vandalize our pages. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to:
    • Pornographic content
    • Offensive content
    • False information
    • Content deletion
  • Do not create new categories
  • Do not add categories to articles, user pages or blog posts without the permission of a Staff Member.
  • Do not fluff edit, whether it be for the purpose of Wikia Achievements or another reason.
  • Do enter an edit summary in the bottom of the editor screen for every edit before saving, particularly for non-minor edits.
  • Do not insert any information regarding "hacks", or "leaks" anywhere on the Wiki.

For more information regarding formatting and styling of articles, see the Editing Policy.


  • You can also be warned or blocked for breaking Fandom's Terms of Service.
  • If your block hasn’t been made in good faith and wish to appeal it please:
    • First create an appeal on your own message wall.
    • If you can’t post on your own message wall while blocked, appeal it on a Staff Member’s Wall on Community Central.
    • If your block is longer than two weeks and if you haven't had a response in 24 hours after both of these methods and if you think your block violates Fandom’s Blocking Policy, contact Fandom Staff.


Chart of Ban Times

The wiki has different consequences depending on different types of offences and the frequency of them. Here is a table for the consequences of most common offences. Staff members will take fair and appropriate action for other offences that are not listed here.

Severity Type First offence Second offence Third offence Subsequent offence(s)
Minor Fluff editing Warning 2 day ban 1 week ban 2 week ban
Spam Warning 2 day ban 1 week ban 2 week ban
Off-topic Advertising Warning 2 day ban 1 week ban 2 week ban
Recreating Post Too Soon Warning 2 day ban 1 week ban 2 week ban
Low quality post Post deleted Warning 2 day ban 1 week ban
"Hacks" Warning 1 week ban 2 week ban Month ban
Ignoring Staff Warning 1 week ban Month ban Month ban
Alt Accounts Warning Alt account(s) permanent ban - -
Moderate Impersonating Warning 1 week ban Month ban Permanent Ban
Uncivil behavior Warning 1 week ban Month ban Permanent Ban
Selling Account Warning 1 week ban Month ban Permanent Ban
Severe NSFW Permanent Ban - - -
Vandalism 1 week ban 2 week ban Month ban Permanent Ban


Fluff editing Repetitive insignificant edits to pages that simply are not necessary.
Spam Any form of spam found in editing, posting, messaging, commenting or blogging.
Off-topic Advertising Forms of advertising that are not related to Clash of Clans.
Recreating Post Too Soon A recreation of a previous post that has been made within two weeks after the original. Includes too frequent Clan Advertising.  
Low-quality Post Any blog or discussion post that holds little importance or quality.
Selling account The attempt to sell an account from a Supercell game.
Ignoring Staff Ignoring warnings or given instructions from any Staff Member.
Alt Accounts The use of an unjustified alternative account. If you lose an account and create a new one, you must tell a staff member this is the case.
Impersonating Pretending to be another user.
Uncivil behavior Any behavior that is disruptive, disrespectful or harmful to another user or the wiki.
Hacks The informing of how to reverse-engineer the game that violates Supercell’s Terms of Use. Includes the advertising of “Gem Generators” or similar.
NSFW Posting “Not Safe For Work” content anywhere in the wiki.
Vandalism Adding, removing or altering page content that is unhelpful to the wiki.


Our Wiki is the most complete guide in existence for the Clash of Clans game. Supercell has recognized us as their official source of knowledge for their game, and we are even linked to on their official Clash of Clans website. We want to continue to be the best place to find information and communicate with your fellow Clashers.

If you don't know what you can or can't do on this Wiki, feel free to ask any Staff Member. They are the best people to help you about the game and this Wiki.

If you notice someone breaking any of the rules above, please contact a Staff Member on their Message Wall.