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ClashCon is a celebration of fans and a wonderful experience for the Clash of Clans team to meet some of the most dedicated players from all over the world and learn from them. The community has had an impact on game features, characters, updates, etc. The intricacies of what's possible from high-level players.

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Chief Pat and Galadon Gaming hosting the Live Stream

Supercell had teased about “something epic” happening in Helsinki, Finland, in October and later revealed that this mystery event will be ClashCon that was later held on 24 October. The website also had a countdown timer saying that ticket sales for this event would begin on 25 July. The website also asked fans to join it soon for the “Hogriding, Wall Breaking, rabbit tossing spectacular.” The event started at 12 pm local time and concluded at 9 pm.

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The tickets for the event costed 99 Euros (Day Pass) and the participants were given access to the event. The tickets were inclusive of food, beverages, Clash loot, workshops, contests, opportunities to meet with top YouTubers and Clans, and more. Supercell revealed on its FAQ page that no tickets would be sold at the entrance of the event, and they would have to be purchased online. Clash of Clans fans above 18 years of age were allowed to attend the event.

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Jonas Collaros Unveiling Town Hall 11


The attendance at ClashCon included participants from more than 30 different countries from the US to Australia, Russia to India.

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ClashCon Clan War Main Stage

Events Planned[]

  • Tournament: The conference featured some of the top Clashers fighting in an epic Clan War Tournament. This was held on the main stage.
  • Workshop: The event also included workshops with some top Clashers on how to get three stars in Attack Strategy Workshops. In How is my Base? Workshop, the participants saw how the base stacks up and here, learning about the best layout, upgrades, base building.
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    Winner of the Clan War Tournament: Glory China I

    Panel Discussions: The participants learned how to win every single Clan Wars in The Art of War. Another panel was the Attack Strategy Panel: Ground or Air?, where top Clashers discussed the composition of the army in the game.
  • Challenge: The event also had some Single Player Challenge, where participants could test their skills on how fast they can defeat the Goblin Horde.
  • 5-on-5 Clan War: The participants had a chance to be on the main stage and participate in the finals of Clan War if they join the 5-on-5 Clan War.
  • Free T-Shirts: The participants received free T-Shirts. Apart from that, Supercell promised the attendees special gifts.

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