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Clone Spell info

"Turn this Spell into a pop-up army!
Clone Spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter it. It will only spawn up to a maximum housing space of troops."


  • The Clone Spell is the 6th Elixir Spell unlocked at level 5 Spell Factory, requiring the Town Hall to be at level 10. As the name of this spell implies, it clones troops that enter the spell's radius.
  • The copied troops are equal in level to the original troop, and appear with full health. They only last a limited amount of time, and can be destroyed prematurely by defenses.
  • A single troop is sufficient to generate copies of itself for the housing space of the spell level.
  • It can clone all troops except for Heroes and Pets. It can even clone any existing clones.
    • Cloned Golems, Witches, Lava Hounds and Yetis will split into or summon their respective sub troops also in the cloned status.
    • It can also clone sub troops including the Skeleton Spell's Skeletons. For this purpose, each Skeleton (no matter how it is spawned), Bat or Frostmite is assumed to take 1 housing space, each Lava Pup or Ice Pup takes 2, each Yetimite takes 3, each Golemite takes 6, and each Big Boy takes 20.
    • Spawned troops from the Barbarian Puppet, Archer Puppet, Healer Puppet, and Hog Rider Puppet Equipment can be cloned.
    • Lower leveled Clone Spells will be unable to clone larger troops, such as Golems or Lava Hounds. A level 8 Clone Spell will be able to clone every single troop in the home village.
    • If multiple Clone Spells are used, each spell is treated separately, and their capacity isn't combined. For example, two level five Clone Spells (which are able to clone a total of 60 housing space) won't be able to clone three Dragons.
  • If more than one troop is inside the deployed Clone Spell, the troop spawned first will be cloned first.



  • Try using the cloned units as tanks for the original units as they last for limited time, and they will do that job excellently, since it is essentially bonus housing space for a limited amount of time.
  • The cloned troops do not count to the Eagle Artillery's housing space to activation, but don't forget that the Clone Spell itself counts as 15 troop housing space for the activation of the Eagle Artillery.
  • Cloning a Golem/Lava Hound at low health will create a new Golem/Lava Hound with full health. Use this to your advantage, as the cloned troop will be able to tank lots of damage, and for Lava Hounds, it will spawn more Lava pups, which can distract the enemy and deal massive damage.
  • Using the Clone Spell when your troops are at the core of a base can be very useful, as you get more troops to power through high-hit point structures, such as the Town Hall, the Clan Castle, X-Bows, Inferno Towers, and the Eagle Artillery.
  • As the Clone Spell spawns clones randomly within its radius, you can place a Clone Spell partly over a layer of Walls to get some cloned troops behind them. This can be useful if you don't have Wall Breakers, Jump Spells or any other means of easily getting past the Walls.
    • However, this should only be used in a pinch and if you don't have other solutions or if you are desparate.
  • A strategy known as the Electrone strategy involves using a level 5 and above Clone Spell on the Electro Dragon sent straight to the Town Hall by a Battle Blimp. Combined with a Rage Spell, the Electro Dragon and its clone can do devastating damage on the Town Hall and the surrounding area.
    • Additionally, you could bring Balloons along with it to clone them instead. Since Balloons should be deployed first, the Balloons, as well as their clones, will tank for the Electro Dragon.
    • Clone Spells can be used similarly to clone other Clan Castle complements, such as Super Wizards or Super Archers cloaked under Invisibility Spells. The additional clones can greatly amplify the power of such squads.
  • If a cloned troop with an effect on death expires by lasting its maximum duration, it does not inflict damage or any other effects that would normally occur if it is killed. This is important to note if the cloned troop has a significant effect on death (such as cloned Ice Golems or Super Valkyries), as these beneficial effects will not occur then.
  • The behavior of the Clone Spell on Super Troops with temporary abilities is not consistent and differs between different Super Troops:
    • Cloned Super Barbarians or Rocket Balloons will not have their ability active when created, even if the original still has its ability active.
    • Cloned Sneaky Goblins can spawn with the cloak ability, however this ability expires once the original Sneaky Goblin's cloak expires. If a Sneaky Goblin with no cloak is cloned, the cloned Sneaky Goblins will also spawn without the cloak ability.
    • Cloned Super Minions will spawn with all of its long shots available, even if the original Super Minion has already used some or all of its long shots.
  • You can also clone troops in the core of the base, as the cloned troops will do extra damage, and the extra troops will be effective at overwhelming your opponent's defenses, and they will disappear after most or even all of the core defenses have gone down.


  • Clones only last for a limited time. Use Tornado Traps to stall them and limit their effectiveness. Multiple Wall layers can be useful too.
  • The Clone Spell multiplies the troop with the lowest housing space, which is commonly low hitpoint troops like the Balloon, the Hog Rider, the Bowler, or the Wizard. Use splash damage defenses and protect them so they can help destroy the cloned troops.




Spell Duration


Cloned Lifespan


Housing Space


Spell Factory Level Required

Spell Factory

3.5 tiles 18s 30s 3 5
Brewing Time of Clone Spell
Spell Factory available Spell Factory upgrading
9m 18m
Level Level Cloned Capacity Housing Space Research Cost Elixir Research Time Time Laboratory Level Required Laboratory
1 22 N/A N/A N/A
2 24 2,100,000 1d 18h 8
3 26 3,400,000 3d 8
4 28 4,200,000 3d 12h 9
5 30 5,600,000 4d 9
6 34 7,200,000 6d 11
7 38 12,000,000 8d 12
8 42 15,000,000 10d 13


Patch Type Description
May 21, 2016 Sneak Peek Announced the Clone Spell, with 4 levels.Clone Spell info
May 24, 2016 Update Added the Clone Spell.
October 12, 2016 Update Reduced brewing time from 20m to 12m Time.
May 22, 2017 Update
  • Added the level 5 Clone Spell.
  • Cloning capacity increased at all levels.
    • Level 1: 20 -> 25
    • Level 2: 25 -> 28
    • Level 3: 30 -> 32
    • Level 4: 35 -> 36
  • Clone Spell level 3 available at Town Hall level 10 (previously was at 11).
  • Upgrade cost decreased at levels 2-4.
    • Level 2: 4,000,000 -> 3,900,000 Elixir
    • Level 3: 4,200,000 -> 4,100,000 Elixir
    • Level 4: 4,400,000 -> 4,300,000 Elixir
  • Upgrade time decreased at levels 2-4.
    • Level 2: 8d -> 6d Time
    • Level 3: 10d -> 8d Time
    • Level 4: 14d -> 10d Time
June 11, 2018 Update
  • Housing space reduced to 3 (previously was 4).
  • Reduced brewing cost at all levels.
    • Level 1: 38,000 -> 28,000 Elixir
    • Level 2: 39,000 -> 29,500 Elixir
    • Level 3: 41,000 -> 31,000 Elixir
    • Level 4: 43,000 -> 32,500 Elixir
    • Level 5: 45,000 -> 34,000 Elixir
  • Reduced clone capacity at all levels.
    • Level 1: 25 -> 18
    • Level 2: 28 -> 21
    • Level 3: 32 -> 24
    • Level 4: 36 -> 27
    • Level 5: 40 -> 30
  • Reduced brewing time from 12m to 9m Time.
June 26, 2018 Balance Changes
  • Reduced upgrade time at levels 2-5.
    • Level 2: 6d -> 4d Time
    • Level 3: 8d -> 5d Time
    • Level 4: 10d -> 6d 12h Time
    • Level 5: 14d -> 11d 12h Time
June 18, 2019 Update Fixed a bug where Bats from Bat Spell that have been cloned by Clone Spell will deal reduced damage to storages and Town Hall just as their original counterparts do.
June 22, 2020 Update Added the level 6 Clone Spell.
April 12, 2021 Update
  • Added the level 7 Clone Spell.
  • Increased clone capacity at level 6 from 33 to 34.
December 9, 2021 Update Reduced upgrade costs and times at levels 2-6.
June 27, 2022 Update
  • Increased clone capacity of the Clone spell from level 1-4.
    • Level 1: 18 -> 22
    • Level 2: 21 -> 24
    • Level 3: 24 -> 26
    • Level 4: 27 -> 28


  • The two spell bottles behind the main bottle on the icon represent the cloned troops.
  • This is the only spell that takes up 3 housing spaces.
    • It is the only spell that needs a level 10 Clan Castle or above to be received in a donation.
  • The Clone Spell is also used in Clash Royale, however in a different fashion. There, it is in a bottle that resembles Dark Elixir spells. In that game, it duplicates all troops in its radius and the clones have 1 hitpoint, rather than creating multiple clones (with full health and limited time) at a time.
  • Among all permanent troops and spells, the Clone Spell is the only one whose introduction into the game doesn't also introduce a new upgrade level of the corresponding Army Building.
  • Cloning a Barbarian or Archer with a special skin (when they are spawned from Barbarian Kings or Archer Queens with certain Hero Skins) spawns Barbarians or Archers (respectively) with default skins.
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