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Welcome to the Epic Jungle Challenge Strategy Guide!

The Epic Jungle Challenge is another challenge that showcased Town Hall 14 and the Epic Jungle Scenery.

Epic Jungle Challenge

Skeleton1 Shielded

Clan Castle Troops: 10 Shielded Skeletons



Start in the left side of the base. Deploy 3 Barbarians in the 3 closest "corridors" to trigger 3 Giant Bombs (the one below, and the two above the left tree).

Archer Queen infoElectro Owl fieldHealer7Baby Dragon8

Too little Healers can't stop a Queen Walk! Deploy the Archer Queen just above the center of the base of the tree. Then deploy the Healers behind her. Deploy the Baby Dragon on top of the Battle Builder's Hut that can be found slanted to where the Queen entered. It will side clear the area due to the Hut being the only air-attacking defense.

Clone Spell infoPoison Spell info

The Queen travels upwards and eventually enters the corridor above her, Giant Bomb cleared by the Barbarian. As she enters, the Champion gets aggravated by her and attacks! Clan Castle troops should come out at around the same time. When they do, drop your Poison. The Champion should have by now forced the activation of the Queen's ability (make sure the setting is turned on). After it does, drop one Clone Spell on the Healers. Two Healers should be cloned.

Grand Warden infoLASSI field

After the Town Hall (and possibly the Clan Castle) have been destroyed by the Queen, she should die. Now deploy the Warden at the exact same place where you deployed the Queen (on ground mode), but he should head downwards instead of upwards. The Healers will fly towards him.

Barbarian King infoUnicorn fieldRoyal Champion infoMighty Yak fieldWall Breaker10Clone Spell info

Eventually, when the Warden fights either the enemy Queen or a Scattershot, he will use his Eternal Tome automatically (reminder to turn on the setting!). The moment he does, deploy the King, Champion, and the Wall Breakers (in three pairs of three behind the Heroes) on the bottom of the base while a Scattershot is distracted on the Warden, while deploying the other Clone Spell on the Healers.


Deploy more Barbarians to trigger more Giant Bombs.

Barbarian10Archer10Valkyrie9Ice Golem5Minion10

Deploy the remaining troops to help clean up remaining defenses. Minions should be deployed on top of two Cannons on the side, only to die from Air Bombs. Deploy the Ice Golem next to a Hidden Tesla when it pops up near the two Cannons where the Minions were deployed.

Congratulations! After a few tries, you should have conquered this challenge! Good luck!