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This strategy guide is being kept for historical purposes.

Hog Mountain Challenge

In this strategy guide, I will show you what I did to beat THIS, the Hog Mountain Challenge!


The Hog Mountain Challenge was a limited time challenge designed to showcase the Hog Mountain Scenery.

Golden Giant DragonElectro Dragon4Dragon8Baby Dragon7Bat info

Dragon Cave Troops: Giant Dragon, 1 Electro Dragon, 1 Dragon, 1 Baby Dragon, 10 Bats



Start on the top part of the base, where 4 shotgun Cannons can be found.


Now, deploy a Goblin on the empty space above the Town Hall to trigger two Giant Bombs and two Spring Traps.
Note: Sometimes, a single Bat will be lured out from the Castle. It has minimal damage output; do not worry about it.

Hog Rider10

Deploy the 5 Hog Riders on top of the the Air Defense to destroy it and damage two of the Cannons.


Deploy the 5 Balloons in a very small spread above the damaged Cannons (top and left ones). On a normal run, the last loons' death damage will destroy the last Cannon. Additionally, they should have baited the reinforcements from the Cave, and triggered a Seeking Air Mine. With the four Cannons destroyed, it makes way for the Champion's Seeking Shield to damage the Infernos!

Healer5Invisibility Spell infoArcher Queen info

Deploy a single Healer on the top corner and wait for the Bats to get nearby. Make sure the Healer does not get attacked! Then deploy Invisibility on top of it. Deploy the Archer Queen at an offset to snipe the Bats.

Grand Warden infoRoyal Champion info

Deploy the Warden and Champion to assist the Queen! Immediately use the Champion's ability to damage two of the Infernos.

Healer5Rage Spell infoFreeze Spell infoInvisibility Spell info

Now kill the reinforcements! Deploy the rest of the Healers, then use two Rage Spells and as many Freeze and Invisibility Spells as you desire to kill the Dragons!
You will earn the "Dragon Slayer" achievement when you kill the Giant Dragon for the first time.

Barbarian King infoRage Spell info

The troops will typically head clockwise around the base, although the Champion is least likely to do this. Deploy the King and the last Rage on top of the Laboratory when the Warden's Life Aura touches it. Make sure the Rage affects all the troops possible.

Meanwhile, the Champion will clear nearby defenses until she is defeated.

Goblin8Freeze Spell infoInvisibility Spell info

The Queen and Warden (and most of the Healers) will break a Wall and gain access to the core. Any remaining Spells (and the rest of the Goblins) should be used to distract the remaining Infernos so the Queen and Warden can destroy them.

And you are done! After a few tries, you should be able to complete this challenge!