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This is not perfect. I may have forgot to add some details from the real strategy I used.

This strategy guide is being kept for historical purposes.

Welcome Chief to my strategy guide on how to beat the Last Town Hall 13 Challenge!

The Last Town Hall 13 Challenge was a challenge released days before Town Hall 14 was released. Its name is self-explanatory.


The Last Town Hall 13 Challenge?

Healer5Super Valkyrie info
Clan Castle Troops:
10 Healers, 2 Super Valkyries.


Barbarian King infoLightning Spell info
Before beginning, deploy the two Lightning Spells in such a position that the Single-Target Inferno Tower, Wizard Tower, and Builder's Hut all get hit (at an offset from the center of the rock in between, closer to the crevice).

Now, start at the lower crevice, where we will lure the Castle troops out of. Deploy the Barbarian King and wait for two of the Hidden Teslas to emerge and then use his ability. Bombs on the sides will wipe out the spawned Barbarians, but the King will destroy at least 2 Teslas and lure out every Castle Troop before being defeated.

Poison Spell infoGrand Warden infoBalloon9Healer5Rage Spell infoFreeze Spell info
Deploy a Poison Spell on the Healers. If they are spread out in two groups, deploy the spell in between the groups. Defensive Healers will not fly away from the radius if they can heal the defensive Heroes! After around 10 seconds, they should all die.

Now we can focus on a Warden Walk, perfect for sniping the defensive heroes. Head over to the left corner of the base and deploy the Grand Warden and every Healer (a Skeleton Trap should trigger). When the Super Valkyries arrive, Freeze them! Then deploy Rage on the Warden and Healers and wait for the Valkyries to die. To destroy the two Single-Target Infernos the Warden will encounter, use Freeze and the two them. The Balloons should be used against the Multi-Target Infernos.

Rage Spell infoArcher Queen infoRoyal Champion infoHeadhunter info
It will take a long time, but the Warden will eventually kill every Hero on the field, except for the Champion. If necessary, use a Rage Spell on him and the Healers. As the Warden approaches the next Single Target Inferno (but he is not within range yet), deploy the Queen, Champion (and then immediately use her ability), and the Headhunters.

Invisibility Spell info
The Invisibility Spells should be used against the last Single Target Inferno, and the Warden's ability when the Champion is low health. You should be left with at least 2 of these spells when you complete the level.

And that's it! You just completed this challenge! It might take a lot of attempts, but you should be able to 3-star the level! Good luck!