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DISCLAIMER: All of my guides for Town Hall 7 assume that you came from Town Hall 6 completely maxed out in every way. It also assumes that you came to Town Hall 7 with your storages full, with at least 2 million gold and elixir. If you have rushed, this is NOT the guide for you. If something else is expected, I will tell you.

Town Hall7

Image of Town Hall 7

Welcome to DEFECTIVE Gaming's Town Hall 7 Guide! I will cover things such as my Upgrade Guide, the best Town Hall 7 armies, farming, good bases, how to create your own base, and key ideas at Town Hall 7!

Town Hall 7 Upgrade Guide[]

Town Hall 7 introduces many new buildings, including the Barbarian King Altar, and Dark Barracks, with the new resource, Dark Elixir. It also introduces new building upgrades and new building copies. Here, I will share my best strategies for what you should upgrade first.

Town Hall 7 Attack Guide[]

Town Hall 7 also comes with many new powerful troops and spells, such as the Hog Rider, Dragon, and Rage Spell. It also comes with new troop levels. Here, you will learn the best Town Hall 7 armies, as well as how to use them.

Town Hall 7 Farming Guide[]

At Town Hall 7, it is important to save your resources, specifically your Dark Elixir. Here, you will learn how to farm resources, while keeping them protected.