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Welcome to the Town Hall 7 Farming Guide! This guide will help you learn how to easily farm loot in order to upgrade your base. This assumes that you have 200 army housing space, Dragons, and the Rage Spell unlocked. For my Dragon strategy, and in general, it also helps to have all Barracks maxed out, so that your troops are trained more quickly.


Q: What is this?[]

A: This is a Farming Guide for Town Hall 7s. I will share my tips, as well as my suggested armies with you. Although this covers Town Hall 7, many of the ideas shared can be used at different Town Halls.

Q: Why write this?[]

A: I wrote this because I wanted to help new Town Hall 7s who need help with getting loot for their bases. I also wanted to add to this wiki and make it a better place.

Q: What are the benefits of following this guide?[]

A: You will find some great strategies for farming at Town Hall 7, used commonly for farming. I will also give you an explanation of each of these strategy. These ideas can be carried over to different Town Halls, and help you on your journey through Clash of Clans.

Now, without further ado, I present to you:

DEFECTIVE Gaming's Town Hall 7 Farming Guide
Strategy 1: Barch

This strategy consists of Barbarians, which are used as tanks, and Archers, to shoot over walls, and deal damage without taking any. Additionally, you take Wall Breakers to get into the core of the base.

Army Composition[]

My favourite composition for the Barch strategy is: 90 Barbarians, 90 Archers, and 10 Wall Breakers. For spells, I use 3 Healing Spells, but if you would rather use 6 Lightning Spells, you can.

What should I expect to get? Which league should I use Barch?[]

I like to farm using Barch anywhere between 800-1300 trophies, or the beginning of Silver III to the middle of Silver I. I usually use this strategy when I know that I can get at least 200,000 Gold and 200,000 Elixir.

Game Plan[]

Healing Spells vs Lightning Spells[]

In my personal opinion, Healing Spells are useful to secure the three star against lower level Town Halls. This means that the enemy has lower level defenses, and your troops can be covered by Healing Spells throughout the core of the base, where they are most in the line of fire. However, Lightning Spells are useful for destroying a compartment of defenses, primarily Mortars and Wizard Towers. Lightning Spells are helpful when only wanting to take a small portion of the base, the part that has the most loot.