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This guide assumes you have at least 3, preferably 4 builders. If you don't, be sure to get those builders soon!

Welcome to Town Hall 7! There are many things to unlock and upgrade at Town Hall 7. This guide will tell you the most important things to upgrade and unlock first.

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Now, without further ado, I present to you:

DEFECTIVE Gaming's Town Hall 7 Upgrade Guide


Q: What is this?[]

A: This is an Upgrade Guide for Town Hall 7.

Q: Who is this for?[]

A: This guide is for all Town Hall 7s. It is recommended to start following this guide when you unlock Town Hall 7, however, you can follow it midway through Town Hall 7, but keep in mind that some of your progress may conflict with my suggested progress.

Q: Why write this?[]

A: I wrote this because I wanted to help new Town Hall 7s who have not been through the process of Town Hall 7 multiple times as I have. I also wanted to add to this wiki and make it a better place, 😁.

Q: What are the benefits of this guide? Why should I listen to you?[]

A: After multiple accounts (4) going through the phases of Town Hall 7, I have been making my strategy for quickly upgrading through the levels better and better. I have been able to upgrade my Town Hall 7s with much more efficiency with my experience and guide. I know that with this guide, you will get through Town Hall 7 upgrades quickly and efficiently!

Q: If I would like, may I progress differently than this guide says I should?[]

A: Of course! This is your village! I am just giving you my suggestions, but if you think something will work better, try it! If it works well, be sure to tell me in the comments or in my Feedback Poll.

First Hour[]

Your first order of business is to unlock those quick things. This includes: Cannons, Archer Towers, Traps, Walls, Barracks, and Army Camps. Do not upgrade these right now.

After that, you want to get your buildings upgrading. If you have 5 builders, do these at once, but if you have 2 or 3, you can do them in two chunks.

1. Laboratory to level 5.

2. New Army Camp to level 3.

3. Spell Factory to level 4.

4. At least 1 Barrack, preferably 2 to level 9.

5. Dark Barrack Unlock.

If you have a Builder Potion, I would use it, but be sure to be online when you use it, in order to make sure that no builder time is being put to waste after an ongoing upgrade is completed.


You have probably noticed that according to this guide, you should upgrade your army buildings first. You might be wondering, "Hey DEFECTIVE Gaming, why don't I upgrade my defensive buildings first?" This is because your offense is much more important and key to upgrade. You unlock a new dimension to your attacks. Additionally, you have the Power Potion boost to use when you first get to Town Hall 7, and it will have more of an effect if you upgrade your Laboratory for new troop levels, and Barracks and Dark Barracks for new troops.

Hours 2-24[]

Right now, you want to be sure to be collecting loot. Those first upgrades drain out a lot of loot, so you want to be sure to be keeping your storages at least 75% full. You want to make sure that you have all of your builders working, since it allows you to quickly spend your loot efficiently as well, allowing you to max out more quickly.

Hour 8: You should have finished upgrading your Laboratory around 8 hours after you finished upgrading your Town Hall. That is great! Since none of your new troops or spells have been unlocked yet, you will want to upgrade your Wizards or Archers to level 4 first. I don't recommend using a Research Potion yet, since the upgrades will be longer later, and you will want them to go faster.

Hour 12-20: Hopefully, assuming you have 3 or 4 builders, you will be having a free builder to complete an upgrade at around 12-20 hours after you finished upgrading your Town Hall to level 7, closer to 3 or 4 if you used a Builder Potion. This is your next upgrade list that you will want to follow:

1. Dark Elixir Storage Unlock

2. Final old Barrack(s) to level 9

3. Dark Elixir Drill Unlock

4. New Army Camp to level 6

5. New Barrack to level 9.

Whenever you can: King Unlock.


You should still have your storages at about 2/3 capacity (excluding the Dark Elixir Storage). If not, start farming Gold and Elixir. View my Town Hall 7 Farming Guide for tips.

Days 2 and 3[]

Day 2[]

Woohoo! You have unlocked Dragons, or should be unlocking them very soon! Additionally, your Spell Factory should be done, and your first lab upgrade should almost be done. Your next laboratory upgrade should be on your Rage Spell. Later on, you will need Dragons to be successful at Town Hall 7, and the Rage Spell is a quick and fast upgrade to get you a step closer to creating a successful attack. Additionally, you need to start farming Dark Elixir, so you can unlock your King, a key part of attacks at Town Hall 7. You can view my Farming Guide here.

Day 3[]

Your Rage Spell upgrade should be complete. Next, you want to upgrade your Dragons to level 2. Additionally, assuming you have 4 or 5 builders, you should start to have some free builders. You want to focus those on upgrading your Dark Barracks to level 2. Next, you want to upgrade your Dark Elixir storage and drill to Town Hall 7 max, which are level 2 and 3 respectively. Finally, if you have been farming Dark Elixir, buy the Barbarian King Altar.


Whenever you have some free loot that you know you won't need soon, start putting it into walls. This isn't the most important step, but it will help in the late stages of Town Hall 7. I recommend 5-10 walls a day, so that towards the end of Town Hall 7, you will only have a few wall upgrades remaining.

Day 4 to Day 7[]

Dark Elixir[]

Note: A HUGE PRIORITY is to unlock your King. As I have mentioned, you can look at my Farming guide, but since it is SO important to get Dark Elixir quickly and efficiently, I will explain it briefly here.

Quick Farming Guide[]

If you want to get Dark Elixir easily, I suggest getting to Gold 3. It isn't too hard to get there, especially with the Power Potion Boost, but it will help you with looting Dark Elixir a lot, since you will find active Town Hall 7s with lots of loot in their collectors. My personal favorite army to use when farming for Dark Elixir:

Dragon Army. I would recommend this one, after your army upgrades excluding to Laboratory upgrades are completed, you can use this one. I suggest using 9 Dragons, with 10 Archers and 5 Minions to funnel. Bring 3 Rages and 4 Balloons in the Clan Castle as well. I recommend this one since it spends a tiny amount of Dark Elixir (20 for the Minions), while also becoming an army that you can use for your Town Hall 7 career.

First, you want to find a base with at least 750 Dark Elixir, 1,000 if you can. Next, you want to start your attack. First, navigate to the compartment with the Dark Elixir Storage. Use your Archers and Minions to set a funnel centralized at the point you will attack for the Dark Elixir, with your King if you have him. If the defenses are concentrated here, you can deploy 1, and 1 Dragon ONLY to help with the funnel. If you don't know how to funnel, search up "How to funnel dragons 2021" in YouTube, and you will find some good videos.

Now, you want to deploy your Dragons near the middle of the funnel, so that they do not get sidetracked. Once the Dragons are tanking for Air Defense(s) and Archer Tower(s), deploy your Clan Castle Balloons with a Rage Spell to boost damage and speed. They will hopefully take out some deadly defenses.

Next, deploy Rage Spells when your Dragons are stuck on a high-hitpoint building e.g. Storages. They will soon be attacking the Dark Elixir Storage, and voila!, you have just gained a large amount of Dark Elixir!


Your next step is to max out your Rage Spell for Town Hall 7, which is level 4. This will take you about 4 days to complete, so your Laboratory will be busy for this time.


For your builders, you want to level up your Gold and Elixir storages to level 11. Next, you want to unlock your Hidden Teslas, but keep them at level 1. Finally, you also want to upgrade your new defenses and walls to Town Hall 6 standard, so that your base will be at the same level for everything. Do your Mortar to Town Hall 6 standard last, since they give you a break with their long upgrades to farm resources, while keeping your builders busy with necessary upgrades.

Week 1 Recap![]

Hopefully, you have been keeping pace with this guide. As long as you have 3 or 4 builders, which is more than plausible at Town Hall 7 (I had 4 at Town Hall 6), you should be able to keep up with this guide. So far you have made great progress, maxing out your army, and upgrading everything new to Town Hall 6 maximum. Your next primary focus is going to be maxing out your Barbarian King, as well as continuing to focus on farming. You will be upgrading your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors, and maxing out a few defenses. Let's get started!

Week 2[]


Woohoo! Your Dragons and Rage, the main aspects of your Dragon attack, are done upgrading! Now, you have some options. You have now upgraded your Dragons, Wizards/Archers (whichever one you chose), and Rage to maximum level. I suggest either upgrading the Archers if you haven't already, since they are used in many strategies at Town Hall 7, the Wizards if you haven't already, because their projectiles move faster, being a better option for defeating Clan Castle troops, the Barbarians, since they will be spawned into battle by your Barbarian King, and/or the Healing Spell, since it will be of upmost importance in your Hog Heal attack, which will be covered in my Town Hall 7 Attack Guide.


This week, have your primary focus be farming. This is the week where you will be most depleted on resources, but it is of utmost importance to focus on your Barbarian King for this week. Using my Farming Guide, or the short intro I gave you above, you should be able to complete an upgrade every day, with 2 days for the 4th and 5th upgrades. Remember that your focus also is on resources, so in order not to strain yourself, upgrade your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors this week as well. Additionally, they will provide a steady stream of loot for you to use when you can't farm resources. Next, I suggest upgrading your Air Defenses, to protect your base from air attacks that are dominant at Town Hall 7, as well as 2 Archer Towers and 2 Cannons. If you have extra builders, start upgrading your Wizard Towers and Mortars, since these are cheaper and longer upgrades, giving you a break to farm resources.

Week 3[]

Next, you will want to completely max out your defenses, which include the Archer Tower, Cannon, Mortar, and Wizard Tower. You have made progress on these earlier, so it should only take about one week to complete these upgrades. Also, you want to upgrade your troops and spells. I suggest doing the Hog Riders next, as well as Minions and Wall Breakers.


You have maxed out your Army Buildings, Barbarian King, Collectors, and Defenses. You only have a small portion of your base left to upgrade.

Week 4: Hopefully Last Week[]

At this point, you are on your last upgrades. These may be your walls and any upgrades you might have skipped. Congratulations! You have come a long way. Hope your future Clashing journey is just as successful as you Town Hall 7 journey!