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Here is how to make a good base!

Core Defenses[]

Your Core Defenses are the most important part of your base for defense. These are: Inferno towers, Xbows, Eagle Artillery, Scattershot, Wizard towers, Mortars(up to th6), Air Defenses and The Monolith. It is crucial to place these defenses in the center of your base, except for Air Defenses This is because you should spread out your air defenses so as to cover as much space as possible. Do not place them outside of your walls; they are your most powerful weapon against air attacks.

A note on Mortars[]

Mortars should be ignored and placed outside your walls once you reach th7. This is because the damage of the Mortars does not scale proportionally to new troops and troop levels and becomes nearly useless other than for sniping skeletons. Upgrading them is a massive waste of time and should not be done. Moreover, placing them outside your walls will mess with the pathing of defense targeting troops.


Walls are a key part of your defense. They help in slowing down enemies' troops. Unless you are going to place a trap, do NOT leave a gap in between walls(Unless you're trying to mess with the attacker's troop path-finding ai). You can get very creative and place them in compartments to slow down opponents' troops even more.

Wall Layouts[]

Compartment Base[]

A base with many compartments. It is not recommended to try to give everything it's on compartment. Instead, place multiple buildings in many compartments.

Base Islands[]

Many small bases in one base

The clan castle[]

The clan castle is one of your most powerful defensive weapons. Place it in the center so as to protect it from attacks. Clan castle troops can ruin entire attacks.


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