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For the Decorations in the Home Village, see Decorations/Home Village.
For the Decorations in the Clan Capital, see Decorations/Clan Capital.
Decorations are purely aesthetic objects. They have no active purpose in the defense or production of your village.


  • Decorations are aesthetic objects that can be placed in your village.
  • Decorations can be placed in the main game area with Buildings and on the edge exclusive to Obstacle and Decoration placement.
  • Some Decorations are permanently available for purchase in the shop, while others have been available for a limited time in the shop.
  • Decorations once placed have the option to be Stashed. When this happens, the Decoration is removed from your village but can be placed again by accessing it in the shop. This applies to all Decorations.

Permanently Available Decorations

Decoration Cost Number Available Experience Level Required
5,000 Builder Gold 4 1 Experience
20,000 Builder Gold 2 40 Experience
20,000 Builder Gold 3 40 Experience
Small Spruce Tree
10,000 Builder Gold 4 40 Experience
Spruce Tree
10,000 Builder Gold 4 40 Experience
Stone Path
5,000 Builder Gold 25 50 Experience
Torch Stage 2
250,000 Builder Gold 4 ?
Bonfire Stage 2
200,000 Builder Gold 4 ?
Target Stage 2
500,000 Builder Gold 3 ?
Archer Queen Statue
500 Gems 1 50 Experience
Ancient Barbarian Statue
Old Barbarian Statue B
250 Gems 1 60 Experience

Special Edition Decorations

These Decorations have been been made available only for a limited time through purchases that could be made in the shop.

Decoration Availability Number Available Experience Level Required
Battle Machine Statue
Battle Machine Statue
The Battle Machine Statue was only available through the Monument-al Pack, which costed $4.99 (or equivalent). This pack also gave the player 2 Clock Tower Potions, and 1,800,000 each of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir. 1 50 Experience
Festive Firecrackers
Festive Firecrackers
The Festive Firecrackers were available in three packs individually, named ’Firecracker Pack’. The three were available for a duration of a week. The first pack was worth $4.99, the second $7.99, and the third $14.99. With what the packs offered (mostly resources and once magic items), we can assume the Festive Firecrackers would be worth 500 Gems. 3
Master Builder's Return
Master Builder's Return
Master Builder's Return statue was available exclusively in the shop for USD $2.99 or equivalent with the release of Builder Base 2.0 in May 2023. 1 None

Icon Descriptions

Icon StashTapping this icon stashes the selected decoration in the shop, allowing you to place it again at a later time at no cost.


  • The Small Spruce Tree and Spruce Tree were formerly named Small Pine Tree and Pine Tree. They were renamed to avoid confusion with the corresponding obstacles that are made movable with the buffed version of the Shovel of Obstacles.
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