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Cannon5C.png Spear Thrower5.png Air Defense5C.png Multi Cannon5.png Bomb Tower5C.png Multi Mortar5C.png
Cannon Spear Thrower Air Defense Multi Cannon Bomb Tower Multi Mortar
Super Wizard Tower5.png Air Bombs5C.png Rapid Rockets5.png Crusher5C.png Hidden Mega Tesla5.png Giant Cannon5C.png
Super Wizard Tower Air Bombs Rapid Rockets Crusher Hidden Mega Tesla Giant Cannon
Rocket Artillery5.png Inferno Tower5C.png Blast Bow5.png Super Giant Post5.png Raid Cart Post5.png Super Dragon Post5.png
Rocket Artillery Inferno Tower Blast Bow Super Giant Post Raid Cart Post Super Dragon Post
Capital Hall10.png Wall5C Corner.png Log Trap5.png
Capital Hall Walls Traps

In Clash of Clans, having a strong defense is as important as having a capable offense. A strong defense in the Clan Capital maximizes a Clan's capability in defending against Raids in the Clan Capital.

Defenses serve to protect the buildings in a district from being destroyed in Raids. Each defense has its own strengths and weaknesses, and its location in the district should reflect on that.

Clan Capital Buildings
Defensive Buildings CannonSpear ThrowerAir DefenseCapital HallMulti CannonBomb TowerMulti MortarSuper Wizard TowerAir BombsRapid RocketsCrusherHidden Mega TeslaGiant CannonRocket ArtilleryInferno TowerBlast BowSuper Giant PostRaid Cart PostSuper Dragon PostWall

Traps: MineMega MineLog TrapZap Trap

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