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Brady DefensesHV

Cannon19 Archer Tower18 Mortar13 Air Defense11 Wizard Tower13 Air Sweeper7
Cannon Archer Tower Mortar Air Defense Wizard Tower Air Sweeper
Hidden Tesla11 Bomb Tower8 Xbow Ground7 Inferno Tower Single7 Eagle Artillery4
Hidden Tesla Bomb Tower X-Bow Inferno Tower Eagle Artillery
Giga Tesla5 Giga Inferno5 Scattershot2 Wall14 Seeking Air Mine3
Giga Tesla Giga Inferno Scattershot Walls Traps

In Clash of Clans, having a strong defense is as important as having a capable offense; without a competent defense, one's village can be easily destroyed and their resources will be easily stolen. Defenses serve to safeguard trophies and protect resources from enemy troops. Each defense has its own strengths and weaknesses, and its location in your village should reflect that.

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Defensive Buildings CannonArcher TowerMortarAir DefenseWizard TowerAir SweeperHidden TeslaBomb TowerX-BowInferno TowerEagle ArtilleryGiga TeslaGiga InfernoScattershotWalls

Traps: BombSpring TrapAir BombGiant BombSeeking Air MineSkeleton TrapTornado Trap

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