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This is my guide as to what I think you should do at town hall 7. These are my opinions, and you do not have to follow my advice if you don't want to. If you want to join my clan, my clan name is Team Pebbles. We are the higher level Team Pebbles.

It is likely that you either maxed town hall 6 or rushed to town hall 7. Once you get to town hall 7, you should first purchase the dark elixir storage and dark elixir drill (1.5 million elixir total) if you have not already, you can upgrade your clan castle to level 3.

If you have a free builder, get the fourth army camp and the fourth barracks. Upgrade the barracks to level 2, then get the gold and elixir storages you can also purchase the gold and elixir collectors (it’s free resources) and upgrade them to level 2.

When the army camp is done building, upgrade it to level 2. Getting the army camp and upgrading it to level 2 increases your army capacity by 30.

Next, you want to upgrade your laboratory and spell factory. I think you should upgrade your barracks to level 9, unlocking dragons and earning gems from the third and final release the beasts achievement. I will post a page about dragon attacking at th7 sometime.

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After you get the barbarian king, upgrade your dark elixir drill to level 2 because you will need to get more dark elixir quicker. This upgrade only costs about 1.25 million elixir and is a good investment.

I recommend that you get the dragons upgraded to level 2, which costs 2 million elixir. To attain this, you can do a couple of barch attacks (half barbarians and half archers) to attack town hall 7s and clear them. You do not need spells for a barch attack although heals and rages work. While you will not three star every base, barch is almost always good enough to get 1 star on a fellow town hall 7. Sometimes, barch can get 2 stars on a town hall 8. When you barch, place two or three barbarians near the clan castle to ensure that troops do not come out. If the clan castle is a valkyrie or baby dragon or dragon, draw it to a part of the base out of range of the defenses with two or three more barbarians and encircle the troops with archers. If there is a baby dragon and wizards and archers as well, you can drop some barbarians on the wizards and archers. As well, you can distract a dragon or baby dragon with some barbarians (placed one or two at a time and in the middle of the ring).

Barching gets to be ineffective at a certain point, when the attacking base has high leveled walls, wizard towers, and mortars. So instead of barching, you can do a full out dragon attack. Max your army camps so you can hold 10 level 1 dragons (each dragon takes 20 housing space).