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This is a page where I critique all troops, then all defenses, then all Heroes (up to town hall 11 level where I am now) If you see any errors, please feel free to correct them. However, please do not change the actual content, as they are my opinions and may differ from yours. Clash of Clans is beautiful because everyone can have differing strategies and opinions and no one (for the most part) is shunned for it.


Barbarian: he's a moderately fast, relatively low damage and hit points single-target melee unit. Aside from being used in Barch and its super form being somewhat effective in clearing weaker bases, he is easily taken out by ranged defenses and poses no threat to air units.


Archer: she's a moderately fast, relatively low damage and low hit points single-target ranged unit. She can shoot both ground and air units with her bow. She is used in Barch, luring out clan castle troops, and in some higher town hall attacks. Archers can also be widely found in Clan Castles for war defense. However, a fairly high health unit can take her out easily. So can a same-level Mortar and a Cannon, Archer tower, or Wizard tower. While Archers are weak on their own, they can be fairly dangerous in large quantities, although they are still vulnerable to splash defenses and traps.


Giant: You're classic, slow, low damage (relatively) very high hit points tank. He targets defenses first (read: tank) and will not attack ground units attacking him until all of the base's defenses are dead. He's good in G-barch and Gi-wipe but is awful in clan castle(he moves too slow and his hit speed is poor).


Goblin: Very fast, resource hungering, high damage low hit point unit. He would be a classic glass cannon (see Mini P.E.K.K.A. on Clash Royale Fandom page) if he targeted anything other than resources. Goblins attack resource buildings regardless of if they actually contain resources and ignore everything else until every resource building is destroyed. While good on multiplayer raids, Goblins are not meant to be used in war or as clan castle units where the success of your attack is generally measured by the defenses and percentage you take down from a base, not the amount of resources you can collect. (The exception is loot raids.)

Wall Breaker: Attacks a base with more (40X) damage to walls. Wall breakers will target walls specifically but not walls which do not enclose close a structure. When they break walls, however, they are killed in the resulting explosion. Wall breakers are used from town hall 3 to town hall 13 with decent effect, although I've never found a solid use for them. Wall breakers are beneficial because they break open walls without the need for a Jump spell or Earthquake spell and only take 2 housing space each although often, two or more are necessary to break through walls unless the wall level is low.