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Welcome to my attack strategy guide.

Part 1: Introduction

You have just reached town hall 7 from town hall 6. I'm hoping that you've unlocked the healers in your 3 barracks (level 8) and have the troops you know how to use at max th6 level. When you get to th7, first get the barracks and upgrade it to level 2. Purchase an army camp. (Housing space 150->170) and upgrade it to level 2 (170->180) After you do this, you want to build the elixir collector, gold mine, and the gold/elixir storages. After this, upgrade one of your barracks to level 9. It will have more hit points, unlock training of dragons, and get you the third and final release the beasts achievement (some gems and XP). After that, upgrade your laboratory to be able to increase the levels of your troops (and increase their levels while using power potions). You may also want to get the dark elixir storage to hold more than 2,500 dark elixir. You will be attacking town halls 6-8 most likely and town halls 7+ can hold dark elixir. There are several attacks you can do, and our next section is attacks without a barbarian king.

Part 2: No barbarian king attacks

Section A: Farming resources

Farming resources is important because you likely want to get the barbarian king as quickly as possible to help you in your raids and on defense. Let's take a look at our first attack strategy.

Barch: (90 barbarians and 90 archers. You will be able to hold more when you max your army camp for th7).

With barch, you can attack a base in one of two ways (after determining that there are no clan castle troops). You can attack on one side or ring the base in barbarians and archers. For more information, see my guide (Attack Strategy: How to Barch Bases).

Barch is effective because it is cheap, (often less than 25 or so thousand elixir to train) fast (20 minutes or less for each army with no boosts), and can three star bases if you attack right.