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Event ended
This event has concluded; information about it is archived here.
Dragon Festival Warden


  • Dragon Festival was a temporary Event to celebrate Lunar New Year. It started on February 8, 2024.
  • In this event, players could accrue Red Envelopes and Dragon Medals as temporary resources. Red Envelopes are used to progress a rewards track similar to Season Challenges, while Dragon Medals can be used at the Trader to purchase exclusive rewards.
  • The Dragon Festival event is available for all players with Town Hall 8 or above.
  • There are two separate end dates for the event:
    • The first end date is for the main event, which occurred on February 22, 2024. At this point, the following occur:
      • Red Envelopes will no longer be available to collect;
      • Temporary troops can no longer be trained.
    • The second end date occurred on February 24, 2024. Between the first end date and this point, the following still apply:
      • The Trader's Dragon Medals offers remain available.
      • The rewards track remains open and accumulated rewards can still be claimed. Although it is no longer possible to collect Red Envelopes to advance the track normally, Gems can still be used to complete reward tiers. Any claimed boosts remain in effect.

Red Envelopes

Red Envelope

Red Envelope

  • At the start of the event, the player will be greeted by the Dragon Warden in their Home Village, who will introduce the player to the event.
  • The Dragon Warden owns the Dragon Pinata, which produces Red Envelopes at a slow rate. The Dragon Pinata is placed outside the boundaries of the village, in the clearing where the Clan Games cart usually spawns.
  • Red Envelopes can be won in Multiplayer Battles. In every battle, Red Envelopes can be looted from the Clan Castle (if rebuilt) and the defending Grand Warden's Altar (if it is built). The number of Red Envelopes available from each base is the same (as long as at least one of these buildings is present).
    • Villages without a Clan Castle or Grand Warden Altar will not contain any Red Envelopes.
    • In order to loot Red Envelopes from the Clan Castle, it must be fully destroyed. Partial damage on the Clan Castle does not yield any Red Envelopes.
  • Red Envelopes cannot be lost once accumulated; any Red Envelopes that opponents manage to loot off the player will be newly generated by the game.
  • Loot penalty from attacking players with a lower Town Hall level will not apply to Red Envelopes.

Red Envelope Rewards

  • Red Envelopes can be accumulated to progress a special rewards track exclusive to the event. These rewards comprise mostly of Ores and Dragon Medals, with a few reward tiers unlocking temporary army units, providing training boosts or unlocking exclusive decorations.
  • For this event, an Event Pass is purchasable for $4.99 USD (or equivalent). The Event Pass provides access to a paid tier of additional rewards.
  • Completing the main rewards track unlocks access to a bonus track, which grants additional Dragon Medals upon completion, though only to a limited extent.
  • Players can spend 90 Gems to immediately unlock the next rewards tier, whether or not they have the Event Pass. Gems cannot be used on the bonus track.
  • The below table is a list of rewards:
Rewards Table
Free Tier Rewards Red Envelopes Earned Red Envelope Event Pass Rewards
100 Dragon Medal 100 20 Glowy Ore
15% Perk Training Boost 300 500 Dragon Medal
1,000 Shiny Ore 600 20 Glowy Ore
Unlock Firecracker troop 1,000 1,050 Dragon Medal
150 Dragon Medal 1,500 30 Glowy Ore
30% Perk Training Boost 2,000 500 Dragon Medal
1,200 Shiny Ore 2,500 30 Glowy Ore
Unlock Azure Dragon troop 3,000 1,050 Dragon Medal
350 Dragon Medal 3,500 40 Glowy Ore
15 Glowy Ore 4,000 500 Dragon Medal
1,300 Shiny Ore 4,750 40 Glowy Ore
15 Glowy Ore 5,500 10 Starry Ore
400 Dragon Medal 6,250 60 Glowy Ore
30 Glowy Ore 7,000 Baby Dragon Statue Decoration
1,500 Shiny Ore 7,750 60 Glowy Ore
100 Glowy Ore 8,500 15 Starry Ore
450 Dragon Medal 9,250 70 Glowy Ore
45 Glowy Ore 10,000 600 Dragon Medal
500 Dragon Medal 11,000 70 Glowy Ore
150 Glowy Ore 12,000 20 Starry Ore
550 Dragon Medal 13,000 80 Glowy Ore
45 Glowy Ore 14,000 800 Dragon Medal
600 Dragon Medal 15,000 80 Glowy Ore
Dragon Pinata Decoration 16,000 35 Starry Ore
Bonus Track
By completing the main rewards track above, players gain access to the bonus track where they can earn more Dragon Medals. The following (cumulative) amounts of Red Envelopes are required to earn more Dragon Medals:
17,000 130 Dragon Medal (each completion)

Dragon Medals

Dragon Medal

Dragon Medal

  • Dragon Medals can be earned by completing the rewards track, which is done by accumulating Sweet Elixir.
    • 3,100 Dragon Medals can be won from the free tier of the rewards track, and another 5,000 is winnable from the paid tier. An additional 1,560 is available in the bonus track, for a total of 4,660 available for free, or 9,660 with the Event Pass.
  • Additional Dragon Medals could be purchased via In-App Purchases in the Shop; some offers contained only Dragon Medals while others are bundled with other content.
  • Dragon Medals could be used to purchase special offers from the Trader:
Trader Table
Name Image Price Dragon Medal Quantity
90,000 Gold Gold 15 10
90,000 Elixir Elixir 15 10
Shiny Ore 350x Shiny Ore 325 40
Glowy Ore 60x Glowy Ore 280 10
Starry Ore 10x Starry Ore 320 6
Training Potion 1x Training Potion 50 6
Clock Tower Potion 1x Clock Tower Potion 150 6
Builder Star Jar 1x Builder Star Jar 200 6
Resource Potion 1x Resource Potion 240 6
Pet Potion 1x Pet Potion 250 6
Research Potion 1x Research Potion 250 6
Power Potion 1x Power Potion 310 6
Wall Ring 5x Wall Ring 515 6
Builder Potion 1x Builder Potion 590 6
Shovel of Obstacles 1x Shovel of Obstacles 1,030 2
Book of Heroes 1x Book of Heroes 1,030 2
Book of Spells 1x Book of Spells 1,900 2
Book of Building 1x Book of Building 1,900 2
Book of Fighting 1x Book of Fighting 1,900 2
Rune of Gold 1x Rune of Gold 3,100 2
Rune of Elixir 1x Rune of Elixir 3,100 2
Rune of Builder Gold 1x Rune of Builder Gold 3,100 2
Rune of Builder Elixir 1x Rune of Builder Elixir 3,100 2
Clan House Roof Placeholder 515 1
Clan House Walls Placeholder 515 1
Clan House Ground Placeholder 515 1
Clan House Decoration Placeholder 515 1
Lucky Anchor Lucky Anchor 1,025 1
Crab at home Crab at Home 1,025 1
Frozen Arrow Frozen Arrow 3,100 1
Dragon Warden skin Dragon Warden 3D preview 4,650 1

Temporary Army Units

  • During the event, two temporary Troops were unlockable in the rewards track by accumulating Red Envelopes.
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