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Earthquake Spell info

"Weaken Walls and buildings with crippling earthquakes!
Earthquake Spells damage structures based on their maximum hitpoints. Repeated Earthquakes deal decreasing damage to the same buildings, but increasing damage to the same Walls. No Wall can withstand the might of four Earthquake Spells!"


  • The Earthquake Spell is the 2nd Dark Spell unlocked at level 2 Dark Spell Factory, requiring the Town Hall to be at level 8. It deals a percentage of damage to all buildings within its area of effect, except for the storages.
    • Like the Lightning Spell, Earthquake Spells cannot damage resource storages, but can damage resource collectors. However, Earthquake Spells can also damage the Town Hall and the Clan Castle. This is likely because while those buildings do store resources and can be looted from, they don’t leak resources when damaged like proper Storages do, instead releasing all available loot upon destruction, and Earthquakes dealing diminishing damage with repeated usage means they can’t take out the Clan Castle or Town Hall by themselves.
  • Successive Earthquake Spells do less damage on the same structure. The second dropped on a structure will do 1/3 of its normal damage. The third will do 1/5th, the fourth will do 1/7th, and so on. Damage percentage is scaled on the structure's max health.
    • This pattern continues regardless of the level of Earthquake Spells, so if you have multiple Earthquake Spells with different levels (which is possible through Clan Castle reinforcements), the damage done will be different depending on the order you drop them in. To maximize damage, one should drop their highest-level Earthquake Spells first.
  • 4 Earthquake Spells will destroy Walls of any level under all conditions.
    • The Earthquake's damage formula is slightly different on walls: the th quake will do as much damage, but every quake after the first also does additional damage equal to % of the wall's maximum health (i.e. 5, 20 and 45% extra for the second through fourth quakes respectively).



  • It is best used on buildings with high hitpoints, as the amount of hitpoints it takes away will be higher, due to the percentage being constant. It will not be as effective on buildings with lower hitpoints, such as the Builder's Hut.
    • Against buildings with sufficiently high hitpoints, an Earthquake Spell will do more damage than a Lightning Spell. Thus, one Earthquake Spell is often used with a complement of Lightning Spells if one wishes to destroy high-hitpoint buildings. This is commonly referred to as zap-quake. The best example is that a max level Earthquake Spell can replace 3 max level Lightning Spells in case of max level Eagle Artillery.
  • You cannot destroy any building using only Earthquake Spells. The damage scaling (even at max level) means that a full complement of Earthquake Spells will only be able to do approximately two-thirds damage at most.
  • They are great pseudo-Wall Breakers. As Earthquake Spells deal increasing damage to Walls, they are much more effective than using its counterpart, Lightning Spell, against Walls. They are therefore very useful for ground attacks if walls might get in the way.
  • Unlike the Lightning Spell, Earthquake spells can damage Town Halls and Clan Castles. While the latter is never a good target (unless also using Skeleton Spells to attempt to destroy it before the defending troops emerge), one should consider targeting the former to take away a large chunk of its health.
    • Versus Town Halls of level 12 and up, If using defense-targeting troops, consider purposely triggering the Town Hall's defense by using an Earthquake spell so these troops will begin to target the Town Hall.
  • 4 Earthquake Spells are best suited against bases with close enclosures, as it has a wider radius than the Jump Spell, which has a smaller radius and a limited duration, whereas Earthquake will take them out entirely. Thus, they are a good alternative for Town Hall 8 players in place of Jump Spells.
    • Against buildings that are close to a weaponized Builder's Hut, note that the Builder will be able to slowly repair all affected buildings in the radius. It is thus not advised to use 4 Earthquakes to open a compartment and/or damage the target buildings until your troops are nearing the compartment to be opened, to minimize the effects of the defending Builders. However, do not leave it too late either, as not doing so in time might mean your troops may be unnecessarily stuck on Walls or move away from the unopened compartments.
    • On the flipside, it could be advisable to instead use a Jump Spell to bypass a single compartment of Walls to optimize Spell Capacity in your Army. Using 4 Earthquake Spells for a single compartment of Walls would often be inefficient and unnecessary in most cases.


  • Earthquake Spells are only effective in destroying Walls in large numbers. Consider not allowing much value by either having very large or very small compartments.
  • Earthquake Spells are also used in Zap-quake Attacks, where the attacker brings lots of Lightning Spells, and some Earthquake Spells to bring down extra strong buildings like the Eagle Artillery. Prevent value by spreading out defenses.


Damage type Housing Space Targets Favorite Target Dark Spell Factory Level Required
Area Splash 1 Buildings & Walls Walls 2
Brewing Time of Earthquake Spell
Dark Spell Factory available Dark Spell Factory upgrading
3m 6m
Research Cost
Dark Elixir
Research Time
Laboratory Level Required
1 14.5%* 3.5 tiles N/A N/A N/A
2 17% 3.8 tiles 12,000 18h 6
3 21% 4.1 tiles 24,000 1d 12h 7
4 25% 4.4 tiles 51,000 4d 6h 8
5 29% 4.7 tiles 84,000 7d 9

*Exact value as found through observation and confirmed in game files. In-game, this statistic displays rounded down to 14%.


October 16, 2012 The user named Sunk818 suggested adding the Earthquake Spell on forums.
June 29, 2015 Announced the Earthquake Spell, with 4 levels.Earthquake Spell info
Patch Type Description
July 1, 2015 Update Added the Earthquake Spell.
July 10, 2015 Optional Update Fixed Player profile for Dark Elixir Spells (showing unlocked when that was not the case).
September 9, 2015 Update Reworked and improved the Earthquake Spell.
  • Earthquake Spells deal much more damage, and do damage based off the building's maximum hitpoints, rather than their current hitpoints.
  • Repeated Earthquake Spells now deal diminishing damage to the same buildings. For example, if an Earthquake Spell has 29% damage, the first Earthquake spell cast on a building will always deal 29% of maximum HP damage, thus destroying any building with under 29% HP remaining. Repeated Earthquake Spells on the same building deal less damage: 29/3 %, 29/5 %. 29/7 %, etc. This diminishing damage means that it is still impossible to destroy buildings only using Earthquake Spells.
  • Four Earthquake Spells will still always destroy any level of Wall.
  • There are no longer any special "building execution rules" for Earthquake spells - a building just needs to be reduced to 0 HP.
March 21, 2016 Update Reduced brewing time from 15m to 10m Time
May 4, 2016 Balance Changes Reduced brewing time from 10m to 5m Time
October 12, 2016 Update Reduced brewing time from 5m to 3m Time
June 26, 2018 Balance Changes Reduced upgrade time at level 2-4.
  • Level 2: 6d -> 4d Time
  • Level 3: 8d -> 5d Time
  • Level 4: 12d -> 9d 12h Time
June 18, 2019 Update
  • Added the level 5 Earthquake Spell.
  • The Earthquake Spell's radius now increases the more you upgrade it.
April 12, 2021 Update
  • Reduced upgrade cost at level 2-4.
    • Level 2: 30,000 -> 20,000 Dark Elixir
    • Level 3: 60,000 -> 40,000 Dark Elixir
    • Level 5: 90,000 -> 75,000 Dark Elixir
  • Reduced upgrade time at levels 2-4.
    • Level 2: 4d -> 2d Time
    • Level 3: 5d -> 4d Time
    • Level 4: 9d 12h -> 7d 12h Time
December 9, 2021 Maintenance Break
  • Reduced upgrade cost at level 2-4.
    • Level 2: 20,000 -> 15,000 Dark Elixir
    • Level 3: 40,000 -> 30,000 Dark Elixir
    • Level 4: 75,000 -> 60,000 Dark Elixir
  • Reduced upgrade time at level 2-4.
    • Level 2: 2d -> 18h Time
    • Level 3: 4d -> 1d 12h Time
    • Level 4: 7d 12h -> 5d Time
June 27, 2022 Update Earthquake Spell no longer requires Dark Elixir to brew, same goes with every spells in Home Village.


  • Mathematically speaking, to completely destroy a building, it would take 137,257 level 1 Earthquake Spells, 18,056 level 2 Earthquake Spells, 1,921 level 3 Earthquake Spells, 419 level 4 Earthquake Spells, or 139 level 5 Earthquake Spells. In order to destroy a building with only 15 Earthquake Spells (including Clan Castle Reinforcements), assuming the same damage formula, the first Earthquake would need to do at least 43.45% damage.
    • Assuming the damage formula on Walls holds for arbitrary damage values, the first Earthquake would need to do at least 450/11 = 40.91% damage in order to destroy Walls with three Earthquakes. Conversely, the minimum damage needed to destroy Walls with four Earthquakes is 14.4%, which is barely exceeded by level 1 Earthquake Spells.
  • The Earthquake Spell, Haste Spell and Poison Spell were the first Dark Spells to be added to the game.
  • The cracks in the ground is like the crack when the Stone Slammer drops a stone, that are created by the Earthquake Spell remain for the entire duration of the raid, and slowly fade when the player logs in or another raid is conducted.
  • Earthquake Spell's brewing time has been reduced multiple times, from 15 minutes all the way down to 3 minutes.
  • The Earthquake Spell takes the least Dark Elixir out of any Dark Spell to upgrade to max level, taking a total of 180,000 Dark Elixir.
  • Unlike its Clash Royale counterpart, it can only hit buildings and Walls, has penalties or bonuses with repeated uses and is unable to affect enemy troops or heroes.
  • It is one of the earliest spells that can be maxed out, at Town Hall 11. The Haste Spell also shares this distinction.
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