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Electro Owl info
"Electro Owl zaps enemy defenses into dust from great distance. He's mostly made of feathers though, so better keep him well protected!"

Electro Owl field
Level 1-15


  • The Electro Owl is the second Pet unlocked from the Pet House, available when the Pet House is upgraded to level 2. The Electro Owl attacks with Chain Lightning, similar to the Electro Dragon. This Chain Lightning is only able to hit two targets, doing 80% of the primary target damage to the second target.
  • Electro Owl prioritizes the target that the Hero that Electro Owl is paired to is currently targeting. If the Hero is knocked out or removed from battle by a Recall Spell, Electro Owl behaves like a troop with no preferential target; they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units if they become aware of any nearby and can fight back against them.
  • The Electro Owl is unable to trigger traps, but can be affected by them if a nearby unit triggers them.



  • Electro Owl's hitpoints are comparable to the Baby Dragon's hitpoints. Because of his relatively low hitpoints (as compared to other Pets), make sure he is well clear of any Air Defenses (or destroy these first), or he will be taken down rather quickly.
  • You can pair him with the Grand Warden to help destroy buildings, complementing the Warden's relatively low DPS. Although the Owl's DPS does not look impressive when compared to other pets, it is effectively 80% higher if he can consistently land chained lightning to hit two targets.
  • Generally, shorter-range Heroes will be able to keep the Electro Owl behind them, protecting him from most defenses (bar the aforementioned Air Defense). The air mode Grand Warden is not recommended if you want to keep the Owl alive for as long as possible, as he has a longer range, so will stay behind the owl, and can trigger air traps that can easily knock down the Owl.


  • Air Defenses are the easiest method to defeating an Electro Owl quickly, particularly when paired with a ground Hero and/or if the attacker is using a ground-based attack, because it can easily single out the Owl from the ground units.
  • Like when defending against Electro Dragons or Super Wizards, it can be helpful to space out buildings if possible to minimize chain damage. Buildings spaced 2 tiles apart will stop the Electro Owl from using his Chain attack.


Preferred Target
Favorite Target
Attack Type
Damage Type
Number of Targets
Favorite Target
Chain Damage Decay Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
Attack Speed
Pet House Level Required
Pet House
Special Ability
Special Ability
Hero's Target Ranged (Ground and Air)
Chain Lightning
2 -20% 20 1.4s 2 6 tiles High Voltage
Damage per Second
(Primary Target)
Damage per Hit
(Primary Target)
Upgrade Cost
Dark Elixir
Upgrade Time
Pet House Level Required
Pet House
1 100 140 1,600 N/A N/A 2
2 105 147 1,700 115,000 3d 2
3 110 154 1,800 130,000 4d 2
4 115 161 1,900 140,000 4d 12h 2
5 120 168 2,000 155,000 5d 2
6 125 175 2,100 165,000 5d 12h 2
7 130 182 2,200 180,000 6d 2
8 135 189 2,300 190,000 6d 12h 2
9 140 196 2,400 205,000 7d 2
10 145 203 2,500 215,000 7d 12h 2
11 150 210 2,600 230,000 8d 9
12 155 217 2,700 250,000 8d 9
13 160 224 2,800 265,000 8d 9
14 165 231 2,900 285,000 8d 9
15 170 238 3,000 300,000 8d 9


Patch Description
March 31, 2021 The Electro Owl appeared in the 2021 Hammer Jam event video.
April 10, 2021 Announced the Electro Owl, with 10 levels.Electro Owl field
April 12, 2021 Added the Electro Owl.
June 15, 2021
  • Force retarget for Electro Owl if his assigned Hero is knocked out and the Electro Owl is attacking a Wall.
  • Electro Owl's level now shows boosted badge in battle end screen when Hero Potion is active.



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