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Elixir Cart info

Elixir Cart Empty
Elixir Cart Small
1% - 39%
Elixir Cart Medium
40% - 49%
Elixir Cart Large
50% - 100%


  • The Elixir Cart is an object that sits on the outskirts of the Builder Base near the Boat.
  • The Elixir Cart stores Builder Elixir you have won from defenses. It has a set capacity of how much Builder Elixir you can store at a time, depending on the your Builder Hall level. You can choose to collect this Elixir at anytime, where it is taken from the Cart and added to your Elixir Storages.
  • The interface also shows you the last defenses of people who have attacked your base. Only defenses that you have not collected the Builder Elixir from are shown, however, you can check the defense log to see all.
    • Each recorded defense in the Elixir Cart's log shows you who attacked you, the result, including how much Builder Elixir you won, and an option to watch the replay.
  • If the Elixir Cart is at full 100% it will display the Elixir icon in red, indicating that the Elixir Cart is full.


Builder Hall Level
Builder Hall
Elixir Capacity
Builder Elixir
1 17,500
2 37,500
3 62,500
4 87,500
5 150,000
6 200,000
7 250,000
8 300,000
9 350,000
10 400,000


  • It works similarly to the Loot Cart in the Home Village.
    • However, the Loot can stack in the elixir cart in the builder base, unlike the Loot cart in the home village.
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