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Barbarian info.png Archer info.png Giant info.png Goblin info.png Wall Breaker info.png
Barbarian Archer Giant Goblin Wall Breaker
Balloon info.png Wizard info.png Healer info.png Dragon info.png P.E.K.K.A info.png
Balloon Wizard Healer Dragon P.E.K.K.A
Baby Dragon info.png Miner info.png Electro Dragon info.png Yeti Info.png
Baby Dragon Miner Electro Dragon Yeti
Temporarily Available

Temporarily Available

Ice Wizard info.png Battle Ram info.png Pumpkin Barbarian info.png Giant Skeleton info.png
Ice Wizard Battle Ram Pumpkin Barbarian Giant Skeleton
Skeleton Barrel info.png El Primo info.png Party Wizard info.png Royal Ghost info.png
Skeleton Barrel El Primo Party Wizard Royal Ghost

Elixir troops are trained in the regular Barracks. Upgrading the Barracks can unlock more Elixir troops. You can also research Elixir troops in the Laboratory to make them more powerful.

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