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For Haste Spell in the Home Village, see Haste Spell.
Endless Haste Spell info

"Speed up your troops forever with this spell!
Cast this spell to create a Ring of Haste. Units who walk through the ring speed up for the rest of the fight!”


  • The Endless Haste Spell is a spell in the Clan Capital, unlocked when the Endless Haste Spell Factory is constructed (this requires a level 2 District Hall in the Goblin Mines district, which requires Capital Hall level 9).
  • When deployed, units that walk into the area of effect of the Endless Haste Spell will gain a small but permanent speed boost that persists even after leaving the radius of the spell.
  • The effects of multiple Endless Haste Spells do not stack, and can be overridden temporarily by the Rage Spell (if affected troops move into the Rage's area of effect), due to the latter's higher speed boost.
  • The Endless Haste Spell lasts for four attacks, instead of two attacks like most other spells.



  • Troops with low movement speed, such as the Mountain Golem, Rocket Balloon and Super Dragon will benefit greatly from Endless Haste Spells, since the speed increase is additive.
  • It is advisable to bring only one of them, and place it in a location where it barely touches the deployment zone so that it will still be viable to use for the next attack. With the possible exception of Capital Peak, competent attacks can destroy any district within the four-attack duration, so additional Haste Spells should not be required.
    • Nevertheless, it may not be beneficial to buff all troops by the Endless Haste Spell, especially late into a raid on the district when frontline buildings have been destroyed. Troops with time-limited abilities, such as the Super Barbarian or Sneaky Archer, will miss out on their ability duration if placed too far from their targets.
  • While the Endless Haste Spell gives no damage increase and a lower speed increase than the Rage Spell, its permanent speed buff may be better for troops with very high damage (e.g. Mountain Golem and Power P.E.K.K.A), since the extra damage is usually overkill. Troops with low survivability may prefer the Rage Spell instead, as they are unlikely to survive for long to make use of the permanent boost.


  • Don't put defenses in areas where your opponent are likely to put an Endless Haste Spell, as this will make them destroy said defenses faster.
  • You can't really defend against this spell, because of long duration and constant boost. However, destroying the boosted troops will make your life easier and give your defenses more time to react.
  • Having a more spread-out layout can diminish the value of an Endless Haste Spell in subsequent attacks, since attackers will have to weigh the trade-off of the haste boost (which costs attackers time spent traveling to the new frontline and may place the troops in worse positions) for the benefit of better deployment positioning. However, this idea sports its own weaknesses, such as a poorer ability for defenses to defend each other.


Housing Space
Required Spell Factory
Spell Factory
4 attacks 6 3 Endless Haste Spell Factory
Speed Increase
Movement Speed
1 7
2 8
3 9
4 10



  • You can have up to 2 Endless Haste Spells in a fully upgraded Spell Storage.
  • With Endless Haste Spells' unique duration and the 1-space Jump Spell, it is possible to have a maximum of 18 spells active at the same time. This can be achieved by dropping two Endless Haste Spells over two attacks and seven Jump Spells over the next two attacks.
  • Compared to the Home Village counterpart, the movement speed that it gives is much slower, but makes up for it by boosting troops for the rest of the attack.
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