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Eternal Tome
"Grand Warden and all nearby friendly units become immune to damage."


  • The Eternal Tome is a piece of Common Hero Equipment for the Grand Warden. It is one of two pieces of Hero Equipment that the Grand Warden starts with, the other being the Life Gem.
  • The Eternal Tome enables the Grand Warden to turn all units around him, including himself, invincible for a brief period of time when he uses his ability. The area of effect is denoted by a circular ring centered around the Warden.
  • Note that invincibility only negates direct damage, and certain effects can still affect invincible units. For example:
    • Slowdown, such as inflicted by a Poison Spell Tower or defensive Headhunter, can still work on invincible units;
    • Traps like Giant Bombs may cause knockback on smaller units it cannot kill due to their invincibility;
    • The Air Sweeper will push back invincible units no differently;
    • Spring Traps can still eliminate affected units completely.
  • The Eternal Tome's effect is only applied at the moment the ability is activated. Troops that are spawned inside the area of effect after the ability is activated will not be made invincible.


Offensive Strategy

  • Use the Eternal Tome ability near the core so your troops can get through the core, where the most damage usually is. Against a level 5 Giga Tesla or a Giga Inferno, it may be useful to save the ability specifically for the explosion when the Town Hall is destroyed, as it does severe damage.
    • Against level 14 Town Halls or higher, the poison effect that occurs will outlast the Eternal Tome, but when sufficiently leveled, it can negate the damage for most of the poison's duration.
  • Take advantage of the invincibility period by ensuring that invincible units do as much damage as possible during that time. Rage Spells are useful to buff invincible troops and can be used with minimal risk of wasting the spell, since the units are unlikely to die.
  • The Eternal Tome's invincibility effect can be used to greatly increase the chance that Battle Blimps reach their intended drop location for the strategies that use them. However, do note that the Eternal Tome does not stop the Air Sweeper's pushback, so they must be avoided or neutralised with a Freeze Spell.
    • Lightning spells also work if you can also damage other defenses in its radius, otherwise it isn't worth it for this alone.
  • This pairs well with the Healing Tome, as during the invincibility period, the troops can't take damage, meaning that the troops can actually get a good amount of healing from the Healing tome, which could be needed if you are attacking a high-DPS area and could even save low-hp troops from dying if done correctly, and the Healing will help the troops take out most of the defenses.
    • It also pairs well with the Rage Gem, because of the extra damage done by the Ability, and the Eternal Tome can help negate some of the damage when entering the base, which could be very helpful and allowing the troops to do more damage.

Defensive Strategy

  • Don't put most powerful defenses and traps together so that opponent doesn't get highest value from Eternal Tome with that invincibility period.
  • Defenses and traps that stall attackers' movements can be effective in wasting the Eternal Tome's duration, preventing them from getting free damage. The Tornado Trap is extremely effective for this, but only one can be placed on the base, so it should be saved for locations where Eternal Tome activation is most likely.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Grand Warden Active Common Available by default
Ability Duration
Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
1 3s N/A N/A N/A
2 3.25s 120 - 1
3 4s 240 20 1
4 4.25s 400 - 1
5 4.5s 600 - 1
6 5.5s 840 100 1
7 5.75s 1,120 - 1
8 6s 1,440 - 1
9 7s 1,800 200 1
10 7.2s 1,900 - 3
11 7.4s 2,000 - 3
12 8s 2,100 400 3
13 8.2s 2,200 - 5
14 8.4s 2,300 - 5
15 9s 2,400 600 5
16 9.1s 2,500 - 7
17 9.2s 2,600 - 7
18 9.5s 2,700 600 7

Equipment Migration

When the Hero Equipment update was released, players' starting Hero Equipment was leveled up for free, without requiring the appropriate Blacksmith level, so that Heroes' capabilities remained roughly the same before and after the update. The level of Hero Equipment obtained from this process depended on the player's Hero level, and is archived in this table below.

Grand Warden Level
Eternal Tome Level
1-3 1
4-5 2
6-7 3
8-9 4
10-11 5
12-13 6
14-15 7
16-20 8
21-30 9
31-35 10
36-40 11
41-45 12
46-50 13
51-55 14
56-65 15


  • The Eternal Tome is currently the only piece of Hero Equipment not to give any passive boosts to the Hero using it.
  • It is also currently the only piece of Hero Equipment to give an increase to the "main stat" every level.
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