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For the challenges that appear in the Events tab, see Attack Challenges.
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Events in Clash of Clans impact some aspect of gameplay for a limited time. Many events either enable training units or boosting various aspects (resource or army production) at reduced cost, or increase gameplay rewards (e.g. increasing the loot won from Clan Wars). Some events provide tasks that can be completed for additional Experience, Gems and/or Magic Items.

Players can view active and upcoming events in the Events tab accessed through the news button next to the Shop.

If event rewards can be claimed (i.e. if there is sufficient storage space for the Magic Item rewards, or there are no Magic Item rewards), they are awarded to the player immediately after they complete the event objective. If some rewards (i.e. Magic Items) cannot be claimed, they are held in the events tab and can be claimed at any time until the event expires. Attempting to claim the Magic Item reward while storage space does not permit will prompt the player to sell the excess Magic Item rewards for Gems.

Home Village Army Events

From the 2016 Christmas Update onwards, there has been a continuous series of events featuring certain troops or spells. These events are time-limited mini-achievements, in which players need to win a certain number of multiplayer battles, each with a certain number of the said troops, to claim some Experience, Gems, and/or Magic Items. Prior to this update, there were also several Events that featured troops, but which didn't reward gems.

Using the exact number of the said troops is not required; it's totally OK to use more than the number of the required troops, as long as at least one star is achieved. The troops in the Clan Castle also counted for the number of troops, and are essential for players with lower Town Hall levels that can't train the said troops by themselves. If the Town Hall level is low enough such that neither training nor requesting the said troop is possible, a number was still displayed, but the mini-achievement reward was unattainable unless you rushed the building.

For multi-troop events, there may be separate rewards for each individual troop, but players can aim for them simultaneously. The requirement for each individual troop was equal to the requirement of that troop's single troop event.

For most troop events, players needed to have at least one fifth of total Army Camp space possible at the Town Hall level being that troop, the number of troops required is rounded to the nearest integer. If the Town Hall level was not enough to unlock the said troop, the requirement became filling as many as possible to the maximum level of Clan Castle at the Town Hall level.

Below is a table about how many troops were needed in each type of event, assuming that the required number of troops is indeed one-fifth of the total Army Camp space.

Town Hall Avatar BarbarianAvatar Archer Avatar Giant Avatar Goblin Avatar Wall Breaker Avatar Balloon Avatar Wizard Avatar Healer Avatar Dragon Avatar P.E.K.K.A Avatar Baby Dragon Avatar MinerAvatar Bowler Avatar Electro Dragon Avatar Yeti Avatar Minion Avatar Hog Rider Avatar Valkyrie Avatar Golem Avatar Witch Avatar Lava Hound Avatar Ice Golem Avatar Headhunter
1 4 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 6 6
3 14 3 14 7 2* 2* 1* 1* 5* 2* 1* 1*
4 16 16 8 3 3* 1* 2* 7* 3* 1* 1* 2*
5 27 5 27 14 5 7
6 30 6 30 15 6 8 2 1* 2* 3* 1* 10* 4* 2* 3*
7 40 8 40 20 8 10 3 2 20 8
8 2 4* 5 1 2* 4*
9 44 9 44 22 9 11 4 5* 1* 22 9 6 4 1 2* 5*
10 48 10 48 24 10 12 5 8 24 10 2 2
11 52 52 26 13 4 3 9 2 26 7 3
12 56 11 56 28 11 14 6 3 28 11 5 4 9
13 60 12 60 30 12 15 10 30 12 8 10

*Only available as Clan Castle troops.

Town Hall Avatar Ice WizardAvatar Party Wizard Avatar Battle Ram Avatar Pumpkin Barbarian Avatar Giant Skeleton Avatar Skeleton Barrel Avatar El Primo
1 N/A 1 4 1 N/A 1
2 2 6
3 4 14
4 16 3
5 7 7 27 5 2
6 8 8 30 2 6 3
7 10 10 40 8
9 11 11 44 9 4
10 12 12 48 10
11 13 13 52 3
12 14 14 56 11 5
13 15 15 60 12

The Town Hall level might be the sole factor of the troop requirement, regardless of whether or not the Barracks or Dark Barracks (to unlock the said troop), Army Camps and the Clan Castle are at the maximum level possible at the TH level. For example:

  • A new TH 9 with two level 4 Dark Barracks still requires 4 Witches for the Witch Event, and is therefore locked outside of the reward without using Gems or Magic Items to upgrade the Dark Barracks to level 5. If the Town Hall upgrade did not finish during the event, the event could possibly have been cleared at Town Hall 8 by using two Witches as Clan Castle troops.
  • A new TH 10 with four level 7 Army Camps requires 10 Balloons rather than 9 for the Balloon Event.

Army Discounts

This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.

Until the Summer 2022 update, these events also allowed players to train these featured troops or brew spells at reduced cost for a limited time. Most Events' discount rates ranged between 70-90% (i.e. reduced to 10-30% of normal cost) when a single unit was discounted in this manner; if such events discounted multiple units at the same time, the discount would often be lower (e.g. 50%).

In all these events, players got a chance to gain some resources by queuing just before the end of the event and unqueuing after the event ends. Theoretically, an Event of 90% discount on Electro Dragons and Jump Spells yielded the maximum amount of Elixir possible (964,800 Elixir) and an Event of 90% discount on Bowlers and Earthquake Spells yielded the maximum amount of Dark Elixir possible (18,561 Dark Elixir). For multi-troop events, players could also choose to get a mix of both resources.

The tables below was the number of resources obtainable this way at each Town Hall level, assuming a 90% discount (and no other modifiers from the Gold Pass or otherwise).

Elixir Elixir Troops Elixir
Town Hall Avatar Barbarian Avatar Archer Avatar Giant Avatar Goblin Avatar Wall Breaker Avatar Balloon Avatar Wizard Avatar Healer Avatar Dragon Avatar P.E.K.K.A Avatar Baby Dragon Avatar Miner Avatar Electro Dragon Avatar Yeti
1 880 1,800 1,800 N/A
2 1,320 2,700 2,700 1,320 N/A
3 5,040 10,080 6,300 5,040 37,800 N/A
4 5,760 11,520 21,600 5,760 57,600 64,800 N/A
5 14,580 29,160 36,450 14,580 97,200 109,350 84,420 N/A
6 16,200 32,400 67,500 16,200 135,000 148,500 121,500 94,500 N/A
7 36,000 72,000 126,000 28,800 216,000 252,000 198,000 151,200 216,000 N/A
8 54,000 108,000 162,000 36,000 252,000 288,000 234,000 201,600 252,000 259,200 N/A
9 79,200 158,400 237,600 59,400 277,200 356,400 297,000 279,000 316,800 306,000 237,600 N/A
10 108,000 216,000 302,400 86,400 345,600 388,800 367,200 306,000 388,800 427,500 345,600 374,400 N/A
11 140,400 280,800 374,400 93,600 421,200 468,000 444,600 466,200 468,000 495,000 421,200 464,400 489,600 N/A
12 176,400 352,800 453,600 126,000 504,000 554,400 529,200 504,000 554,400 594,000 504,000 535,680 583,200 585,900
13 189,000 378,000 540,000 135,000 594,000 648,000 621,000 642,600 648,000 702,000 594,000 612,000 720,000 683,100
Dark Elixir Dark Elixir Troops Dark Elixir
Town Hall Avatar Minion Avatar Hog Rider Avatar Valkyrie Avatar Golem Avatar Witch Avatar Lava Hound Avatar Bowler Avatar Ice Golem Avatar Headhunter
7 800 2,400 N/A
8 1,200 2,960 2,900 2,925 N/A
9 1,540 3,784 4,950 4,410 4,860 5,670 N/A
10 1,920 5,184 7,020 6,112 6,280 7,344 6,800 N/A
11 2,340 7,488 9,360 8,789 8,686 8,721 8,858 7,956 N/A
12 2,520 12,096 11,970 11,736 11,362 10,206 11,718 10,044
13 3,000 15,120 14,850 14,400 12,350 13,500 15,700 12,600
Elixir Elixir Spells Elixir
Town Hall Lightning Spell info Healing Spell info Rage Spell info Jump Spell info Freeze Spell info Clone Spell info Invisibility Spell info
5 36,000 N/A
6 72,000 64,800 N/A
7 108,000 102,600 140,400 N/A
8 138,600 132,300 176,400 N/A
9 194,400 186,300 226,800 218,700 97,200 N/A
10 257,400 247,500 277,200 306,900 198,000 195,300 N/A
11 277,200 247,500 277,200 306,900 217,800 214,200 237,600
12 297,000 247,500 297,000 306,900 237,600 214,200 257,400
13 297,000 267,300 297,000 316,800 237,600 223,650 277,200
Dark Elixir Dark Elixir Spells Dark Elixir
Town Hall Poison Spell info Earthquake Spell info Haste Spell info Skeleton Spell info Bat Spell info
8 1,386 1,764 N/A
9 2,016 2,592 1,620 1,782 N/A
10 2,772 3,564 2,772 2,574 2,574
11 3,058 3,960 3,168 2,772 2,772
12 3,366 3,960 3,168 3,168 2,970
13 3,366 3,960 3,168 3,366 2,970

Boost Cost Reduction Events

One-Gem Collector Boost Events

One-Gem Army Training Boost Events

  • During certain holidays, players are able to boost troop training, hero healing and/or spell brewing with 1 gem.

One-Gem Donation Events

Builder Base Mega Marathon Event

  • The gem cost to instantly obtain the next set of Win Bonuses through Versus Battles was reduced to one third of its original value.

Super Troop Boost Discounts

  • During these events, the cost to boost Super Troops using Dark Elixir was reduced by 70%.

Extra Bonus Events

Clan XP and/or War Bonus Resources Events

  • During annual anniversaries of Clan Wars (but some events were also in other time periods), Clan XP and/or War Bonus Resources are increased for several day.
  • Increased Clan XP and/or resources can be awarded if any part of a war lies in the interval of an event.
  • The first three Events were celebrating the first through third anniversaries of Clan Wars, respectively. If a Clan XP and/or War Bonus Resources Event lasts for n days, players are able to get a maximum of wars with increased rewards during this event.
  • These events apply to Clan War Leagues as well.

Star Bonus Events

  • During the Star Bonus events, the Star Bonuses are multiplied by a factor. If a Star Bonus Event lasts for n days, players are able to get a maximum of n+1 increased Star Bonuses during this event, probably having to waste some "Star Bonus Time", but still beneficial to do so.
  • Star Bonus boosts during such events do not affect the amount of Ores won from the Star Bonus.

Builder Base Battlefest Events

  • During these events, players get Win Bonuses through Versus Battles every 8 hours instead of every 22 hours, and in some events, the amount of resources were increased as well.

Training/Building Time/Cost Reduction Events

  • From Town Hall 12 on, before the release of a new Town Hall level, these events help players progress faster.
    • Before the release of Town Hall 12, a "Hammer Jam" event reduced all build times (in both villages) by 50%.
    • Before the release of Town Hall 13, a "Winter Jam" event reduced all buildings and walls' build and upgrade costs (in the Home Village only) by 50%.
    • Before the release of Town Hall 14, another "Hammer Jam" event occurred, reducing all upgrade costs in the Home Village by 50%. However, as Town Hall 14 released in the month of April, it didn't receive the "Winter Jam" name despite being the exact same event.
    • A "Hammer Jam" event occurred prior to the release of Town Hall 15 in October 2022.
    • A "Hammer Jam" event occurred prior to the release of Town Hall 16 in late November 2023 and early December 2023. This affected only building and trap costs, and did not affect Hero upgrade costs.

Prototype of Clan Games and Season Challenges

  • Achieve certain goals that were later added as tasks in Clan Games and Season Challenges. Some examples include knocking out enemy Heroes, destroying Town Halls, or achieving stars or destruction in either village.

Temporary Troop/Spell/Trap Events

  • Occasionally, temporary troops, spells or traps were made available (usually to coincide with the Halloween or Christmas period, or Clash of Clans' anniversary in August). See the template below for Temporary Contents.
Temporary Contents
Temporary Events Mashup MadnessCookie RumbleDragon FestivalSuper Troop SpotlightStreak EventClash with Haaland
Temporary Troops Ice WizardBattle RamPumpkin BarbarianGiant SkeletonSkeleton BarrelEl PrimoParty WizardRoyal GhostRam RiderBarcherHog WizardLavaloon (Lavaloon Pup) • Witch Golem (SkeletonBig Boy) • C.O.O.K.I.EFirecrackerAzure DragonBarbarian KickerGiant Thrower
Temporary Spells Santa's SurpriseBirthday BoomBag of FrostmitesYellow Card
Temporary Traps Pumpkin BombSanta StrikeFreeze TrapShrink Trap
Temporary Resource Buildings Sour Elixir CauldronGingerbread BakeryDragon PinataSuper Ice BathFootball Camp
Other Temporary Contents Arcade Cabinet

Giant Surprise Event

Started Days
11/8/17 7
31/8/17 7
  • It was the second of the 2017 Clashiversary events. This event, while adding no new content by itself, temporarily changed the mechanics of the Builder's Hut to spawn a level 1 Giant whenever it was destroyed.

Clan Collaboration Events

Clan Games

Main article: Clan Games
  • Clan Games are a type of event introduced in the December 2017 update. These Games introduce in-game tasks for the whole clan to try to complete.

Clan War Leagues

Main article: Clan War Leagues
  • Clan War Leagues are a type of event introduced in the October 2018 update. Eight Clans compete in a group for Clan League Medals.

Raid Weekends

Main article: Raid Weekends
  • Clans can participate in Raid Weekends in the Clan Capital starting from the May 2022 update. These provide Capital Gold for Clan Capital progression, as well as Raid Medals that can be used in the Trader.

Medal Events

These events introduce two temporary resources: a collectible resource that can be earned in Multiplayer Battles, which must be accumulated to progress a rewards track, and a "medal" resource that can be earned in said rewards track, which is used to trade for various items in the Trader, which may include exclusive Hero Skins and/or Hero Equipment.

Mashup Madness

Main article: Mashup Madness
  • The Mashup Madness event took place in October 2023. During the event, Sour Elixir could be collected as a resource to progress its rewards track, unlock temporary troops based on combinations of existing troops, and accrue Mashup Medals used to trade for exclusive rewards.

Cookie Rumble

Main article: Cookie Rumble
  • The Cookie Rumble event occurred in December 2023. During the event, Sweet Elixir could be collected as a resource to progress a special rewards track akin to Season Challenges, unlock temporary Clashmas-themed units, and accrue Cookie Medals to trade for exclusive rewards.

Dragon Festival

Main article: Dragon Festival
  • The Dragon Festival event occurred in February 2024. During the event, Red Envelopes could be collected as a resource to progress a special rewards track akin to Season Challenges, unlock temporary Lunar New Year-themed units, and accrue Dragon Medals to trade for exclusive rewards.

Super Troop Spotlight

Main article: Super Troop Spotlight
  • The Super Troop Spotlight event promotes a Super Troop. During the event, the promoted Super Troop is available to use for free (including at levels below Town Hall 11), for the entire duration of the event. Ice Cubes can be collected as a resource to progress a special rewards track akin to Season Challenges, and Super Medals can be earned to trade for exclusive rewards.

Clash with Haaland

Main article: Clash with Haaland
  • The Clash with Haaland event occurred in May 2024. During the event, Footballs could be collected as a resource to progress a special rewards track akin to Season Challenges, unlock temporary football-themed units, and accrue Golden Boot Medals to trade for exclusive rewards.

Community Events

These events involve the entire playerbase collaborating to achieve a certain goal, which unlocks rewards and influences other events.

Clash for Nature

  • This event took place from November 27, 2023 to December 11, 2023. During this event, players could join one of two teams, Team Trees or Team Seas. Each team is represented by a special exclusive Decoration.
  • Both teams represent the real-world initiatives of Team Trees and Team Seas, respectively. By looting Gold, players will contribute to their team, and also increase the amount that would be donated to their team's initiative.
  • There also existed collective milestones which the teams could hit to receive an in-game reward (which were awarded to all players, regardless of team). The teams also competed against each other to loot more Gold, with various content creators representing each side; the team that looted more Gold (which in the end was Team Trees) had its content creators giveaway special merchandise.[1]

Red Envelope Community Challenge

  • This community goal took place during the Dragon Festival medal event. Players were offered a reward of 200 Dragon Medals, claimable through a link, if they were able to collectively earn 666 billion Red Envelopes.[2]
  • Ultimately only 518 billion Red Envelopes were collectively earned, but a link for 165 Dragon Medals was nonetheless shared as a partial reward.[3]

Rubble Rumble

  • This community goal took place between March 21 and March 28, 2024. tasked the playerbase with destroying Town Halls. Players were offered an increased Star Bonus event, with its magnitude determined by the milestone reached.[4] Additional Ores were also rewarded if the final milestone was reached.
  • The list of milestones and rewards are detailed in the below table. Any event rewards were enabled from March 29 to April 1, 2024.
Town Halls destroyed Reward
100 million 2x Star Bonus (event)
200 million 3x Star Bonus (event)
450 million 4x Star Bonus (event) + 500 Shiny Ore + 100 Glowy Ore


  • This community goal took place between May 23 and May 31, 2024. It tasked the playerbase with achieving destruction in Multiplayer Battles. Players were offered increased Star Bonus events and various rewards, depending on the milestone reached.[5]
  • The list of milestones and rewards are detailed in the below table. Any event rewards were enabled from June 1-3, 2024.
% destruction Reward
37.5 million 1x Training Potion
75 million 1-gem Army Boost (event)
150 million 2x Star Bonus (event)
225 million 3x Star Bonus (event)
300 million 4x Star Bonus (event)

Unlimited Heroes

  • This community goal lasted from June 24 to June 30, 2024. It tasked the playerbase with looting Dark Elixir. Players were offered the "Unlimited Heroes" event for doing so, with the milestone reached determining the duration.[6]
  • After the final milestone was achieved in only a few hours, it was confirmed that the milestones were off by a factor of 10, but the results of the event were allowed to stand.[7]
  • The list of milestones and rewards are detailed in the below table. If the event was activated (as happened), then it started on July 1, 2024.
Dark Elixir looted Reward
70 billion +1d for Unlimited Heroes event
100 billion +3d for Unlimited Heroes event (cumulative 4d)
125 billion +6d for Unlimited Heroes event (cumulative 10d)
150 billion +9d for Unlimited Heroes event (cumulative 19d)
160 billion +12d for Unlimited Heroes event (cumulative 31d)

Other Events

Work for Hire!

Main article: Goblin Workers
  • During the Work for Hire! event, players can use Gems to recruit Goblins to act as extra Builders or Laboratory researchers in the Home Village.

Returning Player Events

  • After players log in for the first time after 90 days of inactivity, players will trigger a special sequence of events which eases them back into playing the game.
  • This includes automatic upgrading of their village, as well as various bonuses to re-start the game, including a Daily Login Calendar that gives them free Magic Items every day for a week upon their logging in, as well as a special challenge track that temporarily replaces the Season Challenges track.

Streak Event

Main article: Streak Event
  • The Streak Event started in April 2024. During the event, players complete daily challenges to progress a rewards track and boost the amount won from League bonuses.
  • A second running of the Streak Event occurred in June 2024.

Unlimited Heroes

  • During the Unlimited Heroes event, players' Heroes in the Home Village were usable for both attack and defense while they were upgrading (their use is still subject to their own regeneration times). Its duration was set by the Unlimited Heroes community event, to last the entirety of July 2024.