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Fireball Equipment
"Throws a giant exploding fireball at the closest defense."


  • The Fireball is the first epic piece of Hero Equipment for the Grand Warden. It was first seen in the Super Dragon Spotlight event in March 2024. Since May 14, 2024, it may appear in the Trader, where it is obtainable for 1,500 Gems.
  • The Fireball allows the Grand Warden to throw a giant fireball which deals huge splash damage. This fireball targets the closest defense available (irrespective of its distance to it). If there are no defenses to target, the fireball will go for the closest target it can find; this target can either be grounded or aerial.
    • If there are no targets available (because all possible targets are covered by an Invisibility Spell or Overgrowth Spell), it will fly to the top corner of the map. This explosion still causes splash damage.
    • The Fireball can damage both ground and air simultaneously with its splash damage, regardless of where it hits.
  • In addition to the ability, the Fireball grants additional damage per second to the Grand Warden.


Offensive Strategy

  • Use the Grand Warden's ability when confronted with grouped defenses. The area damage he outputs will be able to wipe multiple defenses or troops out at once. It is especially useful when combined with the Rage Gem, as his damage per second will be increased significantly. This damage per second increase can greatly speeds up Warden Walks.
    • However, if you are using the Fireball, it is not recommended to use the Grand Warden as a support Hero, as the equipment is simply not tailored for support, and the other abilities could be hard to time for maximum value due to their different nature.
    • Also it can be very hard to estimate which building he will throw the Fireball at, because he will always choose the closest defense building, and being a ranged troop, it could be hard to tell at times, so sometimes it is better to use it when you are absolutely sure that it will go to a defense.
  • The Fireball ability can be paired with an Earthquake Spell to easily destroy buildings with a high amount of hitpoints, as even the Town Hall can be destroyed with a maxed earthquake spell, a maxed fireball, and three shots from a maxed warden.
  • The Fireball can be paired with the Eternal Tome, because of the ability destroying the Town Hall and key defenses, and then making all troops invincible for the death and poison bomb of the higher Town Halls.
    • However, due to the different nature of the abilities, it might be hard to get a timing for both abilities to be effective, so be careful.
  • It also pairs well with the Rage Gem, thanks to the added damage boosts from the Grand Warden, and the surrounding troops funneling to the inside of the base, as well as the Fireball itself destroying key defenses so that the troops do not pull themselves to other defenses for correct funneling. This Equipment combo will help your Warden Walk be more successful, when paired with Healers, not to say that the Rage Gem can actually increase the damage of the Fireball ability, and can help you win some key interactions against defenses.
    • However, this may be problematic as some bases can have high-damage areas that can reach the Grand Warden. This is especially true for defending Clan Castle troops that can deal a high amount of damage to the Grand Warden, with Super Minions being one of the biggest threats if the Grand Warden does not have the Eternal Tome ability, so you must be very cautious when doing a Warden Walk.
  • If an enemy Hero is right beside a defense that looks like it will ruin your strategy, you can use the Fireball ability to instantly destroy said Hero: A maxed out fireball kills a maxed Grand Warden, Archer Queen, and even the Royal Champion, and a Barbarian King if he is level 43 or lower. Otherwise, the King cannot be one-shotted by the Grand Warden ability alone, However, the damage can still do some damage to the king, so if he is reachable, definitely go for it.
  • Due to its wide range, it is quite easy to activate the Town Hall weapon early (if any) which would ruin the attack, so be mindful when taking the Fireball and always check that the max radius will not hit the Town Hall, unless if you want it to be activated on purpose.
    • This can be exploited, as due to its massive damage, if you have Earthquake Spells and other sources of damage which can deal damage far away such as Flame Flingers and also Battle Blimps, you can even potentially snipe the Town Hall early, wasting most of its poison, if not the full duration.
  • This ability could even be used to destroy Clan Castle troops with the Fireball's big radius, since it can hit both ground and air troops. However, the ability still prioritizes defenses, so timing and distance works best here.
  • You can even use this ability to funnel, by using it to destroy whole compartments, and the troops will funnel into other compartments, which can increase the odds of the attack succeeding.
    • The Angry Jelly can easily tell which defense is nearest to the Warden, due to its brainwashing ability.

Defensive Strategy

  • Good spacing of key defenses can prevent the Grand Warden from getting massive value from a single ability use.
  • Put defenses where they can confuse the attacker by putting worse defenses such as the Mortar on the outside, and other defenses one tile back, so that the attacker cannot really tell which defense is closer. This wastes the warden ability, and an early activation of other heroes' abilities.
    • However, the Fireball radius is wide enough to severely damage, if not destroy other defenses and buildings from the initial defense being targeted, thus the attacker may use this to their advantage when it comes to funneling properly.
    • If the Angry Jelly pet is paired with the Grand Warden, then it is going to be easier to tell which defense is closest, so be careful.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Grand Warden Active Epic Buy in Super Dragon Spotlight event for 3,100 Res Super Medal
or purchasable from the Trader for 1,500 Gems


Ability Attributes Hero Boosts Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required


Damage Area
Damage per Second Increase
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
Starry Ore
Starry Ore
1 4 tiles 1,500 21 N/A N/A N/A 1
2 4 tiles 1,500 24 120 - - 1
3 4 tiles 1,700 27 240 20 - 1
4 4 tiles 1,700 30 400 - - 1
5 4 tiles 1,800 33 600 - - 1
6 4 tiles 1,950 36 840 100 - 1
7 4 tiles 1,950 40 1,120 - - 1
8 4 tiles 2,050 44 1,440 - - 1
9 5 tiles 2,200 47 1,800 200 10 1
10 5 tiles 2,200 51 1,900 - - 1
11 5 tiles 2,350 56 2,000 - - 1
12 5 tiles 2,650 60 2,100 400 20 1
13 5 tiles 2,650 63 2,200 - - 3
14 5 tiles 2,750 67 2,300 - - 3
15 5 tiles 3,100 71 2,400 600 30 3
16 5 tiles 3,100 74 2,500 - - 5
17 5 tiles 3,250 77 2,600 - - 5
18 6 tiles 3,400 80 2,700 600 50 5
19 6 tiles 3,400 82 2,800 - - 7
20 6 tiles 3,500 84 2,900 - - 7
21 6 tiles 3,650 87 3,000 600 100 7
22 6 tiles 3,650 89 3,100 - - 8
23 6 tiles 3,750 92 3,200 - - 8
24 6 tiles 3,900 94 3,300 600 120 8
25 6 tiles 3,900 96 3,400 - - 9
26 6 tiles 3,950 99 3,500 - - 9
27 6 tiles 4,100 101 3,600 600 150 9


Patch Type Description
March 11, 2024 Event The Fireball was added in the Super Dragon Spotlight Event.
April 17, 2024 Update Fixed a bug that only allowed the Fireball to damage either ground or air with its splash damage; now the Fireball can damage both at the same time.


  • When maxed out and paired with a max level Earthquake Spell, this combo will destroy every single building except the Town Hall, Eagle Artillery, Walls and, Dark Elixir Storage, since storage buildings cannot be damaged by spells. However, the Town Hall can be destroyed by using 3 of said spells in tandem with the Fireball without him attacking the Town Hall.
  • Out of all sources of splash damage in the game, the Fireball has the largest splash radius.
    • However, the Scattershot's 5-tile cone-shaped splash radius is larger than the levels 1-8 Fireball, but deals less damage the further away the units are from the initial target, compared to the Fireball's widespread damage, so long as the targets are in its radius centered by the targeted defense. At levels 18-27, it becomes the source of the largest splash radius, with a splash area of a 6x6 circle.
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