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Hello! Welcome to Firedragon III's Strategy Guides homepage. This is just the homepage; it is not an actual guide. Please do not edit this unless you have my permission, even if it is minor issues. My guides will help the beginning clashers to the veterans that have a lot of experience. My guides will also be recommended for different players in clash of clans. They will be easy to read and learn from, and they won't be too complicated to understand. I might use a couple videos to also demonstrate a few tactics and skills. Please comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

These are my strategy guides so far.

Firedragon III's Strategy Guides/New Clashers

Firedragon III's Strategy Guides/Town hall 2Firedragon III's Strategy Guides/Clan Castle Troops

Firedragon III's Strategy Guides/Clan Castle Troops

Firedragon III's Strategy Guides/War Tips

I will be adding new content to this page, and I will be working on multiple strategy guides at once. I plan on making a one about taking out clan castle reinforcements.


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