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Hello! This strategy guide will show you how to deal with clan castle troops/reinforcements. Clan Castle Troops can be a great resistance, and they can control the outcome of the game. In this strategy guide, I will tell you different ways of dealing with them and the troops to ask for in your clan castle.

Dealing with Clan Castle Troops[]

There are many different ways to deal with clan castle troops, as I said before. But why should we attack clan castle troops?

  1. Clan Castle troops can protect enemy bases. They will attack your troops, therefore slowing down your attack. They probably won't kill all your troops, unless you have some specific troop compositions, which I will explain later. These clan castle troops can completely change your raid from a possible 100% attack to a 50% attack.
  2. Clan Castle troops can still do a lot of damage, especially troops that do area-splash damage. Strong troops like Golems, Giants, or P.E.K.K.A.s can distract your troops while the enemy defenses can take them out. However, they have low dps, but I will explain that later.

Clan Castle Troops Tip[]

If you are revenging against someone, always check their base first! Click their clan castle, and click the info button. It will show you how many troops there will be in the clan castle. If there are none, then don't worry!

In clan war, also check their base first. Click the clan castle. It will automatically show if the clan castle has troops or not.

Different Ways to Kill Clan Castle Troops[]

One of the most common ways to kill clan castle troops are to use your troops.

You can use the following steps:

  1. Lure out the clan castle troops by using archers or barbarians. If you don't have them, include 3-5 in your army camps.
  2. Lure them to a place where the enemy's defenses cannot attack them. Corner builder's huts are great places to attack clan troops. Using this way, defenses from the base won't support the clan castle troops, making it easier to dispose of them. If you can't find an isolated area, try to find an area where only a little defenses can reach them.
  3. Deploy your clan castle fighting troops. Try to include troops in your army camps that can hit air units, because you never know what troops there will be in the clan castle! Also, make sure that the troops in your army camp don't have a specific target, because then they won't attack the clan troops! If the enemies in the clan castle are splash-damage troops, try to place your troops around them, rather than placing them together. If you have heroes, deploy them here. A good all-around troop which attacks against clan castle troops is the wizard. These guys can easily get rid of clan castle troops. Try to sprinkle some archers here and there.
  4. Using this strategy, you should easily defeat the clan castle troops. Then, continue on your attack strategy!

Lightning Spells/Poison Spells[]

Another way to kill clan troops is to use lightning spells or poison spells. However, this uses a fair amount of elixir, and they can also miss their intended target.

  1. Lure out the clan troops. Make sure to lure out all the clan troops. I recommend ground troops, because all troops (besides the healer) can hit ground troops. If you send in an air troop, and later use ground troops, the additional troops in the clan castle that can only hit ground troops will come out.
  2. Make sure to lure out all the clan troops. Then, drop the lightning spell/poison spell.
  3. The poison spell is pretty good against clan castle troops. However, the dps of a poison spell isn't very high against high-damage units such as dragons. I recommend using poison spells with other troops. Poison spells can help slow the clan castle troops down, so with poison spells and other troops, that can provide a good clan castle killing combo.

Troop Helpfulness[]

This is my opinion of the helpfulness of troops when they are guarding your base.

Troop Helpfulness Rating 1-5




Barbarians are troops that can attack quick, and they can help defend your base when using large amounts of them. However, they cannot hit air troops, so that means that they have a 11/16 chance of hitting a target. 4




Archers are good units to have when defending your base. They can hit both air troops and ground troops. However, they don't have a lot of HP and only work well when there is a meat shield protecting them. 4




Goblins are okay units, as there speed is good. This means that they can travel easily around the base, but they don't do a lot of damage. They have little health, and are really used for attacking, not defending. However, they can distract troops with a long reload time, such as P.E.K.K.As and Dragons. 2.5




Giants have a lot of health, which can come in handy. However, there attack isn't that good, so they will have trouble disposing units. They can also stop clan caslte troops while defenses take out the enemy troops. 3.5

Wall Breakers

Wall Breaker6

Wall Breaker

These are by far one of the worst troops you should have. Wall breakers are specialized at destroying walls, not troops. Due to their low HP, they won't be very useful either, and while they have to drop the bomb, enemies can kill it. So, wall breakers aren't good for defending your base. 1




These are pretty good, as they do splash damage. However, they have to stop over their targets and then drop the bomb. This takes a while. Only a few troops can hit a balloon, so you can take that to your advantage. 3.5




Wizards are very good troops. Because of their splash damage, they can attack multiple enemies at once. They can also hit air troops as well as ground troops. However, they have medium health, so it is best if you have a meatshield blocking them. Their recharge is a little slow, so it is best to have multiple wizards. Wizards can be easy to kill, though. If wizards focus on one troop, let's say an archer, one of your defenses may kill the archer before your wizard does. The wizard can't react fast enough, and it ends up making the shooting motion but it doesn't shoot any lightning. If this repeats for many other troops, the wizard can quickly die. 4.5




Healers are not very good troops to have in your clan castle. Although they can heal other clan castle troops, enemy troops can quickly deplete the other troops. Healers can help slow things down by healing buildings, but healers themselves have very little health. Healers aren't really a good troop to have in your clan castle. 2




Dragons are excellent troops to have in your clan castle, because they do splash damage as well as a lot of damage. They have a good amount of HP, but their recharge is slow, and can be easily killed by multiple troops. 4.5


Pekka lvl5


P.E.K.K.A.s are good troops to have in your clan castle. They have very good health, and have a very high damage amount. However, they are slow in attacking, and many troops can kill a P.E.K.K.A. P.E.K.K.A.s also can't kill air troops. 4




Minions are okay troops to have in your clan castle. They don't do a lot of damage, but a lot of minions together can do plenty of damage. They don't have a lot of health, so they can be weak while defending. However, the can attack ground troops that can't attack air troops, which is helpful in some cases. 3.5

Hog Rider

Hog Rider5

Hog Rider

Hog riders are very good troops to have in your clan castle. They can guard against many attackers, and require a lot of troops in order to kill them. They have good health, and the damage they give is good, too. Multiple hog riders are good for defending your base. However, they cannot attack air troops. 4.5




Valkyries are good troops to have in your clan castle. Because they do splash damage, they can effectively attack many troops. There health is also medium-leveled. However, since they are close-range attackers, they need to get close to their enemies when attacking, which can take time. They also can't attack air troops. 4.5




File:Golemite lvl1.jpg


Golems are very strong land troops that can help distract the enemy troops. They don't do a lot of damage, but they have tons of health. They can distract troops while the defenses finish the enemy troops off. When destroyed, they also explode into golemites, also doing splash damage. This can turn the tide of the battle! However, they cannot hit air troops. 4






A witch can summon skeletons, which are basically a combination of goblins and barbarians. They can distract troops, and they can be very useful against a P.E.K.K.A, because their reload time is very slow, and wasting a blow on a skeleton can help slow down the P.E.K.K.A by a lot. Witches can also be very annoying when defending someone's clan castle. If they have an overall good troop composition, the witch can easily spawn skeletons to distract your troops while their other troops attack your troops. So, a witch is pretty good. However, the skeleton can only attack ground troops, and although the witch can attack air troops as well, their attack is very weak. 4


Lava Hound3


A Lavahound is also known as an air golem, because of the amount of health it has. Lavahounds are known for their huge amount of health. If they are defending your base, they can easily distract the enemies while defenses take them out. A Lavahound's damage is very little. However, when the Lavahounds die, Lavapups pop up. These are very similar to Minions. Overall, the Lavahound is rated a 4 in defending. 4

The Best Combo?[]

Well, now that you've read all the details and information on clash of clans troops, what makes the best combo for war clan castle troops and regular attacking troops? Here are some tips:

  1. For war, there are many possible things to put in your defensive clan castle. Most people ask for wizards, "good troops," archers, or a dragon. However, if you read my table before explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each troop, you can see that dragons have a slow recharge when attacking. I recommend wizards, possibly archers, and maybe some other 4+ rating troops that can attack both air and ground troops.
  2. For regular defensive troops in your clan castle, I suggest you should request for wizards, archers, and other 4+ troops that can attack air and ground troops. Basically, request for the same things in war, too.
  3. When you are requesting for troops to attack with, request the troops in your normal army composition. This can vary from Lavaloonian in war, or a simple farming strategy you use. Be sure to describe what you want carefully in your request message. Sometimes, if you want to get more specific, request for high leveled troops to have the most effectiveness.

I hope this strategy guide was helpful to use! Use these tips to help make you successful in attacking in war as well as in regular battles!