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Firedragon III's Strategy Guides/New Clashers

Hello! I'm Firedragon III. In this strategy guide, we will focus on new clashers. Obviously, this is focused on beginners, but anyone can read it! This is recommended for town halls 2-3, and a little for 4.

Preparing the Base (Recommended for town hall 2-4)

If you have already finished the tutorial and did a few things, I suggest you skip over this part to later on. After you go through the tutorial, you will have a Town Hall 2, 1 Cannon, 2 Builder's Huts, and lots of other things. This is a basic review of what the different things you get will do-

  • Town Hall
    • This is by far one of the most important buildings in the game. When you upgrade it, it can unlock new buildings and upgrades. It holds 20% of each resource. You start out with a town hall level 2.
  • Builder's Hut
    • You need these in order to build things! When you are upgrading or building new things, one of your builders will be occupied. This means that you cannot use that builder until he is done building/upgrading. So, when you just start, you have two builders, so you will only be able to build/upgrade two things at a time. You can use green gems to increase the number of builder huts you can have.
  • Elixir Collector
    • This resource building allows you to get elixir! If you come back to the game after a while, you can collect some elixir.
      Elixir Collector12

      Elixir Collector Level 12

  • Gold Mine
    • This resource building allows you to get gold! If you come back to the game after a while, you can collect some gold to use for upgrades, walls, and other things that we will talk about later.
  • Cannon
    • This defensive building protects your village from other players around the world! The cannon fires off shots that damage your opponent's troops. You can upgrade it to become more stronger and powerful!
  • Army Camp
    • This army building fits your troops you train. You can raid other player's bases or goblin bases!
  • Barracks
    • This army building allows you to train troops. However, this is not free; you have to use elixir!

Barrack Level 10

  • Elixir Storage
    • This resource building allows you to store more elixir than the amount the town hall can store, which is 1,000 for town hall 2.
  • Gold Storage
    • This resource building allows you to store gold. This increases your capacity from the 1,000 the Town Hall 2 can fit.

Now that we are done reviewing the buildings we have already unlocked, let's talk about strategy.


If you just started Clash of Clans, you will have a Shield about 3 days long. Use this time wisely! A Shield is something that protects you from raiding attacks. If you attack someone during this shield is active, the shield will lose time! It is very important for you to not attack someone during this time, or else you can be vulnerable to many high-level attackers with better troops than you (You can still attack goblin bases, which are the enemy CPUs in the game)! I highly suggest you do not attack other online players during this time.

The first thing you need to focus on is to make a better base. You start off with about 1000 of each resource, Gold and Elixir. As said before, these are needed to upgrade and build things. The next part of this guide will be dedicated to what to upgrade.

Resource collectors

Elixir Collector1

A level 1 elixir collector

These are the things that have to deal with resource things, such as storages and the buildings that collect each resource (You should upgrade these first because no one can attack you for 3 days, so you don't need to guard your resources with defenses yet). You can scroll the resource building section and buy one more elixir collector and gold mine. These will help you get resources, so you can upgrade and build more things. After you have waited 1 minute for each (or spent 1 green gem, which I highly suggest you save up. We will talk about green gems later), you will have two of each resource building. You will see that your resources have depleted a little, but don't worry; you will get them back from your new resource buildings! If you feel that you are getting less loot than you want to, you can upgrade your collectors to all the way to level 4 with a town hall 2. They get a little expensive, though, because the level 4 resource collectors cost 1,400 of the opposite resource.


Gold Storage1

A level 1 gold storage

This falls under the resources section. You need this in order to fit all of your resources! Since you can only build one of each storage until town hall 3, you can only increase your capacity by upgrading your storages. Your storages will start out as level 1, therefore making you be able to hold 2,500 of each resource in all(The town hall can hold an extra 1,000). Soon, if you collect a lot of elixir and gold, your storages will be getting close to full! You will then have to upgrade them, which you will still have enough resources to do(if you didn't spend them on anything else). This will increase each of your resource capacity to 1,500 more, totaling up to 4,000 of each resource able to store(Remember that the Town Hall can hold 1,000 of each resource). Now, you don't have to worry about not having enough space for all the resources you get, unless you collect a lot of resources. In that case, you should upgrade your storages to level 3, which is the last level you can upgrade your storages with a level 2 town hall. This will add 3,000 to the previous maximum amount of resources, which was 4,000 of each resource. Now it will be 7,000.

Green Gems: How to use them Wisely

Builders Hut

Spend your gems on more Builder's Huts!

Green gems, mainly called gems, are the rarest resource in the game. It is obtainable by clearing obstacles and gem boxes, as well as completing achievements. Another really hard way is to be in one of the top 3 clans with the most trophies, and if you are one of the top 10 clan members in that clan, you can get some gems after a tournament. However, most of the time, the top 3 clans are invite-only, which means that you request to join their clan, and they can accept or not. There is also a trophy expectation, which means that you have to have a number of trophies or you can't join that clan. We don't even have a Clan Castle yet, so that option is far beyond. The last way to get gems is to buy them with real money, which you can do if you want to.

You can use gems to speed up upgrades or the construction of buildings, and you can also exchange them for treasure. Here is a tip that many people will disagree with, but I think it is the best: When using gems, save them up. Do not use gems to exchange for treasure, even if you feel you really need them for treasure. You also shouldn't spend gems on boosting resource collectors, because that is basically the same as using gems to buy treasure. You also shouldn't use them to boost up the spell factory or automatically heal heroes or boost their healing rate. I think that you should save up your gems to have more builder's huts. Of course, don't get a builder's hut when you have a completely maxed out base later on in the future. Then, the builder can't do anything except to remove obstacles! After you get all 5 builder huts, then I think you should spend them on whatever you want. Remember, you don't have to follow this tip, but this is my highly recommended use for gems.

In the event of a promotion or sale, you should also use your gems. This includes resource boosting sales, spell factory boosting sales, and barrack boosting sales. However, I highly recommend only sticking with resource boosting sales. They will x2 the production of your resource buildings for only 1 gem each. I find it more important getting more resources than spending them on speeding spell factories and barracks up.


After you have upgraded your resource buildings to a decent level, you should start paying attention to your defenses. Defenses protect you from enemies, and they deal damage to enemy troops. Each defense has different characteristics, and they are unlocked at different town hall levels.

Cannon & Archer Tower


A level 1 cannon

You start out with 1 level 1 Cannon. This will be your primary defense. You can upgrade it all the way to level 3 with a town hall 2 although the level 3 cannon will be quite hard to save up, because it costs 4,000 gold. After you upgrade the first one to level 2, build another cannon. Then upgrade that one to level 2. After that, you can upgrade both of them to level 3. After, that, build an archer tower. The cannon has more health and gives more damage than the archer tower, but the archer tower has more range and can hit air units, unlike the cannon. You don't have to worry too much about air units invading your base because balloons, which is the first air unit unlocked, is unlocked when you are a town hall 4. There won't be a lot of balloons going to attack you, but just to be sure, build the archer tower. You can upgrade it all the way to level 2, and it only costs 2,000 gold, which is not much if you have good resource collectors.



A level 1 wall.

Walls are very important defensive structures. They help slow down the enemy, and they help protect your defensive structures a little more. Barbarians and some other troops will have to destroy your wall in order to attack the building behind it. That is why walls can be very helpful. Unfortunately, archers and wizards can shoot arrows over walls, therefore being able to attack the buildings behind it. Walls are pretty cheap at first, and then they get expensive. Buy a few walls(The most you can get are 25 walls at town hall 2). They cost 200 gold to build, but the second level of walls costs 1,000 gold, which might be a little expensive for you, but it really depends on your resource buildings. We will talk a little about where to put your walls in the base-setup section.


Having a good base is one of the main factors you need in being successful in Clash of Clans. There are three different types of bases, but I suggest that you should start out with a hybrid base. The purpose of this base is to protect your resources and trophies. It is like a combination of a farming and trophy base. There are also bases that specifically guard against something, such as anti-hog bases and anti-dragon bases. However, you won't really need to build these until you reach town hall 7+. I will talk about each base, in case you want to learn more about each base, but before that, I will talk about things that every base should have.

  • Every base should have separate layers of walls, or they should be a boxed base. This is because it will be harder for enemies to break through. If you have one layer of walls surrounding your base, enemies can just send in a few wall breakers and destroy that layer. After that, they can just send in troops. Multiple layers of walls next to each other won't be of much use either; wall breakers can destroy multiple layers of walls next to each other.
  • All of the bases have their storages near the middle of the base, if not in the middle. Storages are important, as they contain all your resources.
  • All of the bases have their Town Hall in the middle of their base, or near so. (this tip was incomplete, it has been finished using assumed facts)

Farming Base

Note: Farming bases are now not as effective as they were before due to a recent update. I just kept this here if you wanted to see what a farming base did look like, but now that the town hall holds some of your resources, the effectiveness of a farming base has decreased.

This is a distinct and unique type of base. The most important factors of a farming base is that the gold storages and elixir storages are in the middle of your base, and the town hall is outside your base. The purpose of a farming base is supposed to protect your resources only, and not your trophies. The town hall is set outside the base, because most attackers will be focused on the town hall, and not your base. Normally, if you get 50% or above, you win the battle, but if you destroy the town hall, you automatically win the battle. Most people focus on the town hall only, and they don't pay attention to the resources you have. This also automatically activates an eleven-hour shield on your base, so other people won't attack you.Edit: You no longer get a shield unless 30% of the base is destroyed and 1/3rd of the maximum army available to your town hall is destroyed. The Town Hall now holds about a large amount of your loot as well.-1e27 Try not to break this shield by attacking people, because it will be extremely helpful unless you have a little amount of time left. When you attack people, you can make up your own attacking strategy, but you can also visit my attack strategy guide, which will be coming out soon!

Here are the make-ups of a farming base. Remember to try to put your walls around the first and second layers.

First Layer

This includes your elixir storage and gold storage.

Second Layer

This includes your defenses, mainly the defenses that have a far range. For example, if you have unlocked air defense (which you might have if you started playing before you read this), you would probably want to put your air defense in the second layer. Most people put their mortars in this area, too. However, if you are a town hall 2 base, there are not many things to put in this layer, so you should just put your cannons and archer tower in this layer. In higher levels, people put their Mortar, Air Defense, Heroes, and sometimes Wizard Tower in this area. Once you get to town hall 9 and 10, people put their X-Bows and Inferno Towers here. You can also put your Clan Castle here if you have re-built it.

Third Layer

You will not need this layer when you are in the low town hall levels, because your wall supply won't be enough and you will only have a few defenses. Once you get to the higher levels, this is where people mostly put their cannons and archer towers, and maybe some resource collectors. If you did not include your Clan Castle in the second layer, include it here.

Fourth Layer

This is where most people mainly put their resource collectors. This includes Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drill. You should put your Clan Castle here if you haven't already put it in your third and second layer.

Fifth Layer

This is the place to put your buffers. You can also put them in the fourth layer if you want. Buffers are non-important buildings that just spread the spawn area, such as barracks, army camps, builder's huts, and others.

Trophy base

The purpose of a trophy base is to protect your trophies, which basically means that you don't want to lose against someone who is trying to attack you. This also means that you don't want your opponent to reach your town hall, or get over 50%.

First Layer

In order to protect the most potential and easiest threat to win a battle, you should put your town hall in the middle (or close to the middle) of your base.

Second Layer

Many people choose what they put in the second layer, but most people put their mortars, air defenses, or storages in the second layer. Some people even put all of them here! You can also put your Clan Castle here.

Third Layer

This layer normally contains the things that people don't put in their second layer, but are still important. For early players, you probably will just put your cannons and archer towers here. If you haven't put your Clan Castle in your second layer, you should put it here.

Fourth Layer

This layer is where people normally put their cannons and archer towers. This is because they can easily kill wall breakers, because of their single-targeted attack, but giants can be spawned in order to distract the cannons and the archer towers.

Fifth Layer

Just like the farming base, you shouldn't include walls here, unless they are extras and they are being used to spread the spawn area. You should include your buffers in this area.


I hope you guys learned something in clash of clans today! I really hopes this helps. You can read my other strategy guides, too! If you have any questions or suggestions, please put them in the comments below!


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