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I originally wrote these guides for use on the 

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Reddit Clash of Clans Community, which I  highly recommend all players check out. It provides some nice resources and content and lots of people give good advice on base designs. I also have been uploading videos to my YouTube Channel - they are all very strategy and tactics focused. Some of these Chapters include videos from there as supplementary content. If you want to be notified when I release a new guide on Farming and Raiding (will be out on January 6) please just Like my Facebook page and I'll send you an update when the new guide is out.

You can think of each of these pages as chapters in a book. Each relies on others, and builds off the content of those that come before, so I recommend reading more than one if you're trying to fully understand Clash of Clans.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 

Total Newbie Guide

A guide for those brand-new to Clash of Clans, focusing on the first three days while under newbie protection. How to start your Clan off on the right foot with optimal efficiency. Frequently Asked Newbie Questions are included along with their answers.

Chapter 2

Base Defense Basics

Basic elements of strategy and good base design . Rules of thumb for designing your first base.

Chapter 3

Advanced Base Defense

Advanced base design elements. Common base archetypes. Exploiting pathfinding and AI elements,

Chapter 4

Unit Strengths, AI, and Pathfinding Guide

Critical before moving onto more advanced attacking is the knowledge of which unit to use, when, and how it will react. This guide covers how to use units most effectively; how they move, and why they act. This chapter goes from the basics to advanced material.

Chapter 5

Matchmaking: Trophies, Experience, and Town Hall Level

Understanding the matchmaking system, both how it works and why it matters. Learn its flaws and exploit them.

Chapter 6

Attacking: How To Raid  Goal: Get Resources

Benefits of raiding, ideal raid, limits, restrictions, and details relating to the fine art of stealing resources. Common army compositions and Risk vs Reward. Flammy's version of Farming.

A Note about Editing

Feel free to fix minor typos, broken links, missing links, grammatical errors, add pictures and similar small issues or improvements.  Please do NOT re-write sections of my guide, add sections, reorganize sections, or change wording (unless very minor) without permission.  Simply just ask by leaving a note on my Message Wall, sending a  message on reddit or sending a message to my YouTube.  Reddit is probably the fastest.  Likewise, please ask before reposting any sections of my written guide elsewhere.  Just ask - I'll probably say yes as long as you include the proper attribution.  If there is anything that is incorrect, please let me know.  The game is obviously still getting updated, which means stuff will change and I'll need to update it.  Just let me know what is out of date and I'll fix it! 

Flammy's Let's Play Series

My Let's Play series starts just after my 3 day shield ends and follows my progress as I rank up and build up. Work in progress. Currently 50 published videos are part of the Let's Play. I talk about what decisions I'm making and why when attacking, building bases, reviewing attacks, et cetera. While this is less structured than the text based guides, they are also more entertaining and probably easier to grasp. A playlist with all of the videos in it can be found here and the first episode is here:

Season 1: Town Hall Level 4


Let's Play Clash of Clans - Episode 1 - Welcome, Introducing our Base, and First Attack!-0

Episode 1 of Flammy's Let's Play series

Season 2: Town Hall Level 5


2-1 Let's Play Clash of Clans - Season 2! Episode 1! Town Hall 5! (Gameplay Commentary)

Season 3: Town Hall Level 6


3-1 Let's Play Clash of Clans - Town Hall 6! Raiding for Upgrades (Gameplay Commentary)-0

Flammy's Interactive Training Videos

I've only got one so far, but will produce more if this is a success. Be sure you're watching this on a computer, and that you have annotations turned on or you'll miss all of the interactive parts. (first one = 2:22)


Goblin Guide 2 - YOU choose What is the best approach? Bouncy Castle

YOU Choose Episode 1


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