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  • The Forge is a building that produces Capital Gold used in the Clan Capital. It appears in the Home Village once the Town Hall is upgraded to level 6 and the player has access to the Clan Capital by being in a level 2 or higher Clan.
  • The Forge automatically produces Capital Gold that can be collected in batches, but can also accept resources from the Home Village and Builder Base to craft more.


  • There are two main ways of obtaining Capital Gold through the Forge: through its automatic production, and by crafting them.
  • The Forge automatically produces batches of Capital Gold at no cost that can be collected periodically. The amount obtained from this method depends on Town Hall level. Once collected, it takes 23 hours for another batch of Capital Gold to be ready. This timer cannot be sped up by Gems or by any other means.
  • Once the player has reached Town Hall 9 or higher, they can craft additional Capital Gold using resources and a free Builder. Crafting using Gold and Elixir from the Home Village is available when the first crafting slot is available, crafting using Dark Elixir requires Town Hall 13, and crafting using Gold and Elixir from the Builder Base requires Builder Hall 8. Crafting requires a free Builder and its cost and return value depend on the player's Town Hall or Builder Hall level, depending on the resource used. No matter the resource used, it takes 3 days for the crafting to complete (this timer can be reduced by Builder Boosts, or sped up with Gems or Builder Potions).
  • If the Gold Pass has been purchased, players can access an additional Forge slot independently of the standard slots through the Auto Forge slot perk. The cost of using this Forge slot is half the usual price, and does not require a Builder (the time taken to craft remains the same as with the standard Forge slots). This is the only way Town Hall 7 and 8 players can craft Capital Gold with resources. Builder Potions do not speed up the production of the auto forge slot but gems can be used to finish the production of Capital Gold.
  • The Builder Boost granted in the Gold Pass will also apply to the Forge, allowing players to reduce the amount of resources and time needed to forge Capital Gold. The boost applies to both the Auto Forge slot as well as the normal Forge slots and can give up to 20% cost and time reduction at the maximim level.


  • The Forge is a floating rock island with grass floor, in the middle is a hexagonal stone slab with four molds, around it is a crushed stone path. It has a building at the back, with wooden pillars, black metal base reinforcement, stone walls, and slanted orange plank roofs similar to early level Town Hall. It has two entrances, the left one is taller, with a lantern near the door, a hammer on the roof, and houses barrels. An empty barrel and a box containing some Capital Gold is to the left of the building; to the right, some wooden stakes tied together by ropes is holding a round-bottom flask with a cork, some fire wood with some ember, a wooden crane with a stone pulley holding a wooden platform, and a rope ladder with wooden steps leading down the island. The parameter erects wooden stakes as walls.
    • When the Builders are making Capital Gold, they will appear in the forge and work on the Capital Gold in the mold similar to constructing or upgrading buildings. The round-bottom flask is filled with Elixir and a cauldron filled with molten gold is added on the firewood, now being lit.
    • If there is a boost, a green aura will wrap around the forge.


Automatic Production

Time Required
Town Hall Level
Town Hall
Capital Gold Obtained
Capital Gold
6 150
7 200
8 250
9 300
10 350
11 400
12 450
13 500
14 550
15 600
16 650

Manual Crafting

Time Required

Crafting Slots

Number of Slots
Town Hall Level Required
Town Hall
1 9
2 11
3 12
4 14

Home Village Resources

While Gold and Elixir can be used to craft starting from Town Hall 7, crafting with Dark Elixir requires Town Hall level 13. Town Hall 7 and 8 players can only craft with resources through the Auto Forge slot granted by the Gold Pass.

Town Hall Level
Town Hall
Resource Cost
Resource Cost
Dark Elixir
Capital Gold Obtained
Capital Gold
7-9 3,000,000 N/A 1,000
10 3,600,000 N/A 1,200
11 4,200,000 N/A 1,400
12 4,800,000 N/A 1,600
13 6,000,000 60,000 2,000
14-16 7,200,000 72,000 2,400

Builder Base Resources

Crafting with Builder Gold or Builder Elixir requires Builder Hall level 8.

Builder Hall Level
Builder Hall
Resource Cost
Builder GoldBuilder Elixir
Capital Gold Obtained
Capital Gold
8 1,800,000 1,200
9-10 2,400,000 1,600

Scenery Forges


  • The Forge has a unique texture while the Pixel Scenery or Jolly Scenery is selected.
    • If the Forge is boosted, the green boost effect will not be pixelated.
  • The Forge is one of 6 structures that are hidden from visitors and raiders upon visiting/scouting your Home Village.
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