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Frost Spell info

"Slow down enemies with or freeze water to walk over it with the Frost Spell."


  • The Frost Spell is a Spell unlocked in the Clan Capital, available when the Frost Spell Factory is constructed (this requires a level 3 District Hall in the Builder's Workshop).
  • The Frost Spell has two main forms of utility:
    • Any defensive buildings or defending troops that are caught in the area of effect of a Frost Spell will be slowed down, reducing their movement and attack speed by 50%.
    • Any water that is affected by the Frost Spell will be frozen over, allowing ground troops to move over and be deployed over water. This can temporarily expand deployment zones as a result.
  • Like most other spells in the Clan Capital, it lasts for two attacks: the attack in which it is deployed, as well as the next.



  • The Frost Spell can be used to suppress strong defenses, making them somewhat less threatening. It should be kept in mind that the Frost Spell is not a replacement of the Freeze Spell in the Home Village and will not stop such defenses completely.
  • The Frost Spell's most notable utility is to enable ground troops to cross bodies of water, which can create a significant advantage if powerful defenses lie just beyond the gap; they can thus be attacked immediately. This may occasionally prove advantageous over allowing said defenses to stand when attacking from another direction.
  • It can also help with Skeleton Barrels because the skeletons can land on the frost spell and cross the body of water. However, the skeletons can still be attacked, so this is not advised.
  • Currently, it pairs well with the Super Miner: The Super Miner destroys defenses, while the Frost Spell slows defenses such as Inferno Towers and Blast Bows Down to minimize damage done to Super Miners.


  • Because of the large radius of the Frost Spell, it is advisable to spread your most powerful defenses around so they don't get impacted by this spell as much.
  • Do not clump Inferno Towers and other slow-attacking defenses together: This will give a lot of frost-spell value.


Housing Space
Required Spell Factory
Spell Factory
2 attacks 3 Frost Spell Factory
Spell Radius
1 4.2 tiles
2 4.4 tiles
3 4.6 tiles
4 4.8 tiles
5 5.0 tiles


April 2, 2015 A user on Reddit named AustinTheWise suggested adding a spell that slow down enemies.
April 27, 2022 Teased the Frost Spell.Frost Spell info
Patch Type Description
May 2, 2022 Update Added the Frost Spell, with 5 levels.
September 14, 2023 Balance Changes Reduced the Frost Spell's housing space requirement to 3 (from 4).


  • It is possible with the use of the Frost Spell on certain districts (such as the Balloon Lagoon district) to strand ground troops over water with no passage towards land, if they are spawned in the area of effect of a Frost Spell (methods to accomplish this include having air troops like Skeleton Barrels shot down over the spell). If this occurs, and the troops are unable to jump towards land, they will stand still and not act, until passage towards land is provided by a Jump Spell or another Frost Spell.
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