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Frozen Arrow
"Icy arrows slow down the targets they hit."


  • The Frozen Arrow is the first epic piece of Hero Equipment for the Archer Queen. It was first seen in the Dragon Festival event in February 2024. Since April 9, 2024, it may appear in the Trader, where it is obtainable for 1,500 Gems.
  • The Frozen Arrow gives the Archer Queen the ability to slow down the targets she hits for a brief period of time. The frost effect quickly wears off from the target if it stops being targeted.
  • In addition to the ability, the Frozen Arrow grants additional damage per second to the Archer Queen.


Offensive Strategy

  • This ability is excellent against strong defensive buildings like a single-target Inferno Tower, Monolith, or a Scattershot. When the Frozen Arrow is upgraded to a sufficiently high level, the threat from that defense will be largely neutralized due to their greatly reduced firing speed.
    • However, at lower levels, the slowdown is not a lot when compared with higher levels by a significant margin, so leveling up this piece of hero equipment will be essential for any attack and can increase the value you can get from the Queen.
  • The Frozen Arrow's slowdown utility also applies to defending Clan Castle troops and Heroes, greatly hindering their capabilities if frosted. Additionally, the frost effect stacks with a Poison Spell; if both are applied at once, affected units may find it nearly impossible to move or attack.
    • It is also worth noting that the effect also stacks with the slowdown effect of the Frosty, assuming if you have him as your pet.
  • Because the Frozen Arrow's frost duration is at least greater than the Archer Queen's normal attack speed, targets hit by the Frozen Arrow will remain frosted as long as the Archer Queen attacks them.
  • This piece of equipment can help to reduce damage dealt to the Queen, and it can help in Queen Walks on the outside of the base by slowing down defenses that might lower the Queen's HP significantly, which can increase the odds of the walk succeeding.
  • The Frozen Arrow is also great in Queen Charges, as it helps to slow down crucial defenses that can ruin the charge, and it is overall a very versatile piece of equipment for attack.
  • It is best paired with the Healer Puppet, which can increase the Queen's survivability further by giving her extra healing and reserving more army slots to other offensive troops that can improve the attack.
    • The Invisibility Vial is also a great choice for the Queen with this equipment, since rendering her invisible can help her deal extra damage, and can stop her from being targeted if she faces too much enemy fire.
    • It is not recommended to pair with the Giant Arrow, since it will only increases damage per second after the ability is used while not providing any utility like extra healing nor increased survivability.

Defensive Strategy

  • Multiple buildings, heroes, and Clan Castle troops will make it hard for the Archer Queen to come through. Because the Frozen Arrow can generally only keep one target frosted at a time, swarms of defending targets can overwhelm the Archer Queen.
    • The Witch works excellently for this purpose, being able to summon Skeletons to distract the Archer Queen heavily.
  • Distractions like the Skeleton Trap can distract the Archer Queen from attacking powerful defenses, which allows them to defrost and attack as normal for as long as the distraction exists. The Invisibility Spell Tower can be used to forcibly disengage the Queen from a strong defense, but do note that its activation will be delayed if the Spell Tower itself is being targeted.
  • Methods to slow down the Archer Queen's attack speed can help in mitigating the effects of the Frozen Arrow as well as the Queen's ability to utilise it. Defending Headhunters and Ice Golems are generally the only accessible methods at lower levels, but Poison Spell Towers can be used at Town Hall 15 and up.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Archer Queen Passive Epic Buy in Dragon Festival event for 3,100 Dragon Medal
or purchasable from the Trader for 1,500 Gems
Ability Attributes Hero Boosts Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required
Slow Down
Slow Down Duration
Damage per Second Increase
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
Starry Ore
Starry Ore
1 30% 0.75s 35 N/A N/A N/A 1
2 30% 1.00s 40 120 - - 1
3 35% 1.00s 45 240 20 - 1
4 35% 1.00s 50 400 - - 1
5 35% 1.25s 55 600 - - 1
6 40% 1.25s 60 840 100 - 1
7 40% 1.25s 66 1,120 - - 1
8 40% 1.50s 72 1,440 - - 1
9 45% 1.50s 78 1,800 200 10 1
10 45% 1.50s 85 1,900 - - 1
11 45% 1.75s 92 2,000 - - 1
12 50% 1.75s 99 2,100 400 20 1
13 50% 1.75s 105 2,200 - - 3
14 50% 2.00s 111 2,300 - - 3
15 55% 2.00s 117 2,400 600 30 3
16 55% 2.00s 122 2,500 - - 5
17 55% 2.25s 127 2,600 - - 5
18 60% 2.25s 132 2,700 600 50 5
19 60% 2.25s 136 2,800 - - 7
20 60% 2.50s 140 2,900 - - 7
21 65% 2.50s 144 3,000 600 100 7
22 65% 2.50s 148 3,100 - - 8
23 65% 2.75s 152 3,200 - - 8
24 70% 2.75s 156 3,300 600 120 8
25 70% 2.75s 160 3,400 - - 9
26 70% 3.00s 164 3,500 - - 9
27 75% 3.00s 168 3,600 600 150 9


Date Description
February 8, 2024 Made the Frozen Arrow available in the Dragon Festival event.
April 17, 2024 Changed cosmetic effects: Archer Queen Hero Skins with custom projectiles will now use those custom projectiles instead of using the Frozen Arrow's custom projectile (skins without custom projectiles continue to use the Frozen Arrow custom projectile).
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