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Here is the table of contents for the strategy guides I will be working on.

Chapter 1: Tips for each town hall[]

Main page: Fungames542's Strategy Guides/Town hall tips

These guides will help you progress through each town hall. They will includes the order of upgrades, attack strategies, etc.

Chapter 2: Shields[]

Main page: Fungames542's Strategy Guides/Shields

These pages will not only talk about shield, but will also talk about Guard and Farming sessions. Guard is similar to shield as you know, but we are talking about farming sessions here because they have to do with shields and guards.

Chapter 3: Attack Strategies[]

These pages will include Strategies for Farming and War that I recommend.

Pekka Farming for th9

Chapter 4: Other[]

This chapter includes any other strategy guide I make.

Fungames542's Strategy Guides/Base Designs