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Hey there, welcome to my take on all the different layouts. I will talk about all different layouts, from anti-2s to th sniping. Understand that I'm only th9, so I might have a different intake than a th13.

Broad types of layouts[]

Before I go into each specific layout types, I need to tell you what layouts such as anti-3s are. All bases are an anti-2/anti-3 and a layer/ring/compartment base. So every base is two of these.


Anti-2s are bases that protect the town hall at all costs. The town hall is almost always in the center. They are good for trophy pushing both in latter and in legend league.


Anti-3s are bases that prevent you from getting 100% on them. The town hall is not that protected. However, it may be placed in the core to act as a meat shield. These bases are good in war and trophy pushing on latter.


These are the bases you probably made when you started the game. They are usually this-the town hall in the inner core, Some storages and defenses in the outer core, other important defense in the inner layer, and less important defenses in the outer layers, with useless buildings on the outside. They are great hybrid bases.

Ring Bases[]

These are bases where everything, besides a few builder huts, are protected by walls. One of the first tips you get is to not protect your entire base with walls. That's true, for lower town halls. Rings bases are great anti 2 and DE farming bases as they make it hard for enemies to get to the core.

Compartment Bases[]

These are bases, where there are a lot of compartments. This are common war bases. They can be anti 2 or anti 3. These tend to have a lot of buildings on the outside. These are good in war.

Specific layouts[]

Now, it is time for specific layouts, and when to use them.

Anti-2 hybrid[]

These are bases have a town hall in the middle, and most of the loot there too. It is like a layer base. These bases should be used when you are trying to push for farming reasons.

Anti-2 farming[]

You might be asking "What's the difference between an anti-2 hybrid and anti-2 farming? Here's the difference. Anti-2 hybrid has the town hall smack in the middle, while anti-2 farming has the loot in the middle, with the town hall in the outer core. Usually, it is the dark elixir storage in the middle. These bases are good when dark elixir farming, as you don't need that much loot in the middle, and the town hall has some dark. It is worth noting you will get 2 starred more when you use these base.

Anti-2 War/Trophy[]

These are bases where the only objective is to protect the town hall, not the loot. The loot may be inside the base as a meat shield, meaning it is meant to be taken out. These bases are good for both trophy pushing on latter and pushing in legends. These are not that good in clan wars, but can be used in cwl. This is because in cwl, you only have one attack. Some high level clans recommend going for safe 2 stars rather than going for a triple with a higher risk of getting one or even no stars. Because of this, you don't want to give them 2 free stars with an anti 3, because if you are facing an anti-2, you have a lower chance of getting two stars. However, anti-3s still work in cwl.

Town Hall Snipes[]

Before the town hall 11 update, town hall sniping was a strategy used by farmers to get shields without losing that much loot. Now in days, that doesn't work. So with that out of the way, town hall snipes are bases with the town hall in the corner, with loot in the core. This is outdated as it only gives you a 30 minute guard, as well as making you lose 20% of your loot(on top of your trophies). It's even worse to do this at higher town halls because you are putting an important defense on the outside. Because of this, I highly recommend you don't use this base in 2020(or whenever you are reading this).

Anti-3 Farming[]

These are bases where the main goal is to have most of your loot, or just your dark storage, in the core. The town hall is not in the core, but not a snipe either. These are good for farming.

Anti-3 War/Trophy for lower town halls[]

These bases do everything possible to prevent a three star. At lower(th11 and lower) town halls, the town hall can be on the outside, and it doesn't always have to be protected. These are not to be confused with town hall snipes, which were used for farming. If you see a lower town hall going one of these bases DO NOT use most of your army where the town hall is. At town hall 10 and 11, it's even worse because if you have a wall wrecker and put it near the town hall, it will not break any walls. The reason you don't want to do this is anti-3s want you to do this. They want you to go for the town hall. That way, you will run out of troops half way through the raid and only get 2 stars. It is better to ignore the town hall and start the attack somewhere else. If the town hall is not protected by walls or defenses, you can drop a wizard or an archer on it. Be aware of hidden teslas. If it is protected by defenses and not walls, you can drop your king, though doing that will make you waste an important funneling unit, or in some cases, the most important unit in your attack. Scout againist anti 3s if you're in war to decide how to take out the town hall.

Anti-3 War/Trophy for higher town halls[]

Like said previously, these bases do everything possible to prevent 3 stars. It is a little different at higher town levels. These is because the town hall becomes a siguarture defense in the base. So you would not want to put this on the outside. Instead, they would put it in the inside, but not in the middle of the base. To deal with these, you want to plan it out. Scout the base if you are in war, and for latter, use the 30 seconds planning time wisely. At higher town hall, defenders know that the attacker probably won't go for the town hall with their entire army. Instead, take the town hall down with a queen charge if possible. If not, use your warden's ability for the town hall and the bomb.