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Hello there, welcome to my second strategy guide. We will be discussing the Guard and how to use it properly.

Icon Guard

What is Guard?[]

For anyone who does not know what guard is, it is kind of like a shield, but you can attack without losing it. However, Guard does not last that long!

2H Guard

Ways to get Guard[]

There are several ways to get Guard

From the shop: Buy a 2 hour Guard in the shop for 10 gems.

If an attacker destroys a building but doesn't get 30% or doesn't deploy 1/3 of his army, you get a 30 minute Guard.

After PBT (click here for more information)

After a shield. You get Guard based on your league, from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. No Guard is available in the Legend League

The rest of this guide will be how to use Guard