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This is a work in progress, so feel free to add anything I may have missed.

A list and guide of terms commonly found and used in Clash of Clans.

Home Village[]



Refers to the Barbarian


Refers to the Archer, plural is usually arches

Gob, Gobby

Refers to the Goblin


Refers to the Wall Breaker


Refers to the Balloon

Wiz, Wi

Refers to the Wizard


Refers to the Witch, may also refer to the Wizard, primarily in attack strategies

E-drag, Electro Drag

Refers to the Electro Dragon


Refers to the Dragon

Hog, Hogrider, Rider

Refers to the Hog Rider


Refers to the Valkyrie

Lava, Hound

Refers to the Lava Hound

IG, Ice

Refers to the Ice Golem, also shorthand for "Instagram"


Refers to the Golem, mainly used in attack strategies

Hunter, Head

Refers to the Headhunter


Refers to the P.E.K.K.A.


Refers to the Bowler, also a character in Brawl Stars

Bdrag, Baby

Refers to the Baby Dragon


May refer to the Miner, usually refers to the trap though.


Refers to the Super Archer, currently uncommon due to the Super Archer being recently added.


Refers to the Super Witch, currently uncommon due to the Super Witch not being used commonly.

Idrag, Inferno Drag

Refers to the Inferno Dragon.



Refers to the Lightning Spell, a similar spell to its Clash Royale counterpart


Refers to the Healing Spell, may also refer to the Healer troop


Refers to the Earthquake Spell


Refers to the Freeze Spell, may also refer to the Ice Golem or the super troop, Ice Hound


BK, King, Barb King

Refers to the Barbarian King

AQ, Queen, Arch Queen

Refers to the Archer Queen

GW, Warden

Refers to the Grand Warden

RC, Champion

Refers to the Royal Champion

Siege Machines[]

Ram, WW

Refers to the Wall Wrecker

BB, Blimp

Refers to the Battle Blimp, not to be confused with the Balloon troop

SS, Slammer

Refers to the Stone Slammer

Barracks, SB

Can refer to the Siege Barracks based on the context

Attack Strategies[]

QW, Walk

Short for "Queen Walk"

The Archer Queen is used with Healers to destroy key defensive buildings and take out enemy Heroes or Clan Castle troops. The Archer Queen can attack an Air Defense while keeping the Healers out of range, while the Healer can often heal up moderate damage received. Often used as the first stage of an attack to clear a path for the main attacking force.


Short for "Queen Charge"

Variant of the Queen walk, used to get rid of dangers, especially the eagle artillery, to an invading army instead of obtaining value

Warden Walk

Short for "Grand Warden Walk"

Grand Warden Walk is less common than Queen walk. The Grand Warden is deployed with Healers out of the Air Defense range, while the Healers can often heal up moderate damage received. Similar to the Queen Walk


Deploying Wizards and P.E.K.K.A.s to deal high dps. Usually involves both healing spell and rage spell.

Hog Rider Rush

Hog Riders are deployed en masse to take out defenses. Attackers usually use Healing and Rage Spells.


Lava Hounds are deployed. Then Balloons are deployed. The Lava Hounds shield the balloons from air defenses while the Balloons take out all of the bases defenses, if only Lava Hounds and Balloons are used the strategy is vulnerable to Clan Castle troops.


Golems are deployed as tanks and shields and Hog Riders are deployed to take out defenses quickly.


One of the most common Attack Strategies until Town Hall 7. Barbarians and Archers are deployed. This is normally used as a farming army to obtain resources, not trophies.

Builder Base[]


Barb, Barbarian

Refers to the Raged Barbarian

Arch, Archer

Refers to the Sneaky Archer


Refers to the Boxer Giant


Refers to the Beta Minion


Refers to the Night Witch

Hog, Glider

Refers to the Hog Glider

Cannon, Cart

Refers to the Cannon Cart

Drop, Ship

Refers to the Drop Ship


BM, Machine

Refers to the Battle Machine, a Builder Base Hero. Also shorthand for "bad manners"

General Gameplay[]

Goblin Base, Goblin Map, Goblin level

Refers to a single player campaign level