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Giant Arrow
"Shoots a giant piercing arrow that crosses the entire village."


  • The Giant Arrow is a piece of Common Hero Equipment for the Archer Queen. It is unlocked when the Blacksmith is upgraded to level 2, which requires Town Hall level 9 to do so.
  • The Giant Arrow enables the Archer Queen to launch an extremely large arrow which pierces everything in its path when she uses her ability, much like the Super Archer's Sharp Shot ability.
    • The Giant Arrow can hit defending troops and Heroes, both ground and air, if they happen to be in the arrow's path.
    • Damage-boosting items like Rage Spells do not increase the Giant Arrow's damage.
  • In addition to the ability, the Giant Arrow grants additional damage per second and hitpoints to the Archer Queen.


Offensive Strategy

  • This ability is best used for sniping important buildings from a distance, though for the high-hitpoint defenses, it also requires Spell support such as Lightning Spells and Earthquake Spells to take them out. It can also be used for farming, by hitting resource storages without needing to approach them.
    • Hence, it can see some usage in ZapQuake attacks to get lots of value and destroy either critical or a lot of defenses, and the ability can mean that you don't have to carry as much spells for this strategy.
  • At higher levels, the Giant Arrow can destroy defenses such as Archer Towers, Cannons and even Air Defenses in one shot, giving you an advantage in attacks.
  • The direction that the Giant Arrow travels depends on where the Archer Queen's current target is, relative to her location at the moment the ability is used; the Giant Arrow will travel a straight line that passes through these two locations.
    • If the Archer Queen has no target (e.g. all remaining targets are hidden by an Invisibility Spell), she will simply fire the Giant Arrow in the direction she is facing.
  • When doing a ground attack and if you want to charge into the base, the best equipment to use will be the Giant Arrow paired with the Invisibility Vial. Since the Archer Queen no longer spawns Archers without the Archer Puppet when using her ability, her rate of survival will be increased, thereby lessening the chance she will be defeated through the ability.
  • When doing a Queen Walk, the best equipments to use are the Healer Puppet and the Giant Arrow. The goal for this is to destroy key defenses. When the Archer Queen is aligned to the key building she is targeting, immediately press her ability, and the Healers will spawn. Do take note however, as the low-leveled Healer Puppet will only spawn 1-2 Healers.
  • The Giant Arrow may activate the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno if it pierces through them. This may be helpful if you want to direct defense targeting troops like Hog Riders towards it, but it could also backfire, as an early activation will cause significant damage to the rest of the army.
  • Shooting the Giant Arrow towards the area of coverage of an Invisibility Spell Tower can be used as a means to trigger the spell early, preventing it from messing up the attack once it reaches the vicinity of the tower. However, the Invisibility Spell Tower has a relatively short cooldown, so the ability should not be used too early, lest the tower reload in time.
  • At lower Town Halls, it can be extremely powerful, since of its relatively high damage being able to snipe many buildings, and since many people don't have bases designed for this, it will be easy to snipe Air Defenses and Air Sweepers, which should be destroyed beforehand for Lavaloon and Mass Dragon attacks popular at these lower levels.
    • However, at higher Town Halls, It won't be as good, with better choices such as the Frozen Arrow and even the Healer Puppet to a certain extent, and people designing bases to that you can't get much value out of it. Also, Higher TH defenses generally have a lot of HP even at base level, so that they can't be sniped by a giant arrow alone. However, it can still be good to get some damage done to them to make it easier to destroy.
  • The Giant Arrow can also be used to destroy Clan Castle troops or deal some damage to them if they can be hit and if they have been baited correctly.
    • Alternatively, if you are saving the ability, it can come very useful on cleanup, because as long as you aim it correctly, it can snipe buildings from far away easily, thus making it a reliable option. Just make sure you aim it properly, and make sure that its HP can be sniped!

Defensive Strategy

  • Similar or key defenses placed to be collinear, i.e. in a straight line, will allow the Giant Arrow to reach its maximum potential, especially if they can be destroyed outright, such as with Air Defenses. Avoid this in layouts to prevent opponents from getting significant value with the Giant Arrow.
  • Design Your Base slightly unsymmetrical and the defenses being slightly askew might help confuse your opponent. While it might not look good and the high number of defenses at higher levels might not allow, putting defenses askew might mean that the opponent might not get much value from it because the buildings aren't in a straight line, even when looking at it feels like one.
    • It can also be a good counter to Electro Dragons, since the chain lightning might not hit a building behind, because it might count as two tiles for buildings, even if it looks like as if it is one tile.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Archer Queen Active Common Blacksmith Level 2
Projectile Damage
Hero Boosts Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required
Damage per Second Increase
Hitpoint Increase
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
1 750 20 80 N/A N/A 2
2 750 23 93 120 - 2
3 850 27 106 240 20 2
4 850 30 119 400 - 2
5 850 33 133 600 - 2
6 1,000 37 146 840 100 2
7 1,000 40 159 1,120 - 2
8 1,000 43 172 1,440 - 2
9 1,200 50 199 1,800 200 2
10 1,200 59 241 1,900 - 3
11 1,200 68 284 2,000 - 3
12 1,500 77 326 2,100 400 3
13 1,500 86 369 2,200 - 5
14 1,500 96 411 2,300 - 5
15 1,750 105 454 2,400 600 5
16 1,750 114 496 2,500 - 7
17 1,750 123 539 2,600 - 7
18 1,950 132 581 2,700 600 7
Damage Radius Radius
1 tile


Date Description
December 12, 2023 Added the Giant Arrow.
February 27, 2024
  • Extended the Giant Arrow's travel distance to approximately 75 tiles (up from ~55), allowing it to reach the boundary of the village no matter its travel direction and where it is fired from.
  • Fixed a bug relating to the Giant Arrow where it was able to activate twice and deal much more damage than intended.


  • The Giant Arrow's travel distance is actually not infinite, and it can be seen to disappear if fired from one corner of the village to the opposite corner. Since the distance between opposite corners of the village is tiles (counting the 3-tile buffers in which buildings cannot be placed), the Giant Arrow will only disappear once it has passed the boundaries of the village.
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