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Jump Spell

A spell appearing in the Home Village and Clan Capital, that temporarily allows ground troops to jump over Walls. In the Clan Capital, it can also be used to cross small gaps of water, as well as vines.



The act of removing a Clan Member from a Clan. Only Clan Elders, Co-Leaders and the Leader are capable of kicking members, and they can only do so against members of lower rank than themselves.

Kill Squad

A common war term used to describe a portion of an army that serves a critical function as a first phase to help the following phase(s) in the attack. For example, in a GoLaLoon attack, the kill squad (usually consisting of Golems, Wizards and Heroes) is typically used to disable the opposing Clan Castle troops, some Air Defenses and the Archer Queen.



A structure in the Home Village that allows you to upgrade troops and spells. Depending on the context, it may also refer to the Star Laboratory.


An Attack Strategy consisting of Lava Hounds and Balloons.


A mechnical Pet in the Home Village that can jump over Walls to attack targets. She has average HP and DPS, but a fast movement speed and attack rate.

Lava Hound

An air unit in the Home Village with a favorite target of Air Defenses. When a Lava Hound dies, it splits up into 8 to 18 (dependent on level) Lava Pups, a weaker version of the Lava Hound. The Lava Hound is a Dark Elixir troop.

Lava Launcher

A Mortar-like defense in the Builder Base that shoots balls of lava at very long range. The lava does only minor damage on impact, but lasts for a considerable duration, with a damage over time effect similar to the Poison Spell.

Lava Pup

A Subtroop that is ejected in masses when a Lava Hound is killed. It cannot be trained directly.


Refers to a specific distribution of buildings, traps and walls. Each layout is typically designed for a purpose (protecting resources, protecting trophies in general, defending against a particular troop like a Hog Rider, etc.). Different layouts not only cause troops to behave in a certain way, it also will typically dictate the attack strategy employed by the opponent.


The way Clash of Clans divides players with different trophy counts, by placing players with similar trophy count together to judge progress. There are eight leagues in the Home Village (namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Master, Champion, Titan and Legend), and each league except for Legend has three divisions. Higher leagues provide higher league bonuses and star bonuses for every victory, but generally the opponents in higher leagues will be harder to beat. To join a League one must complete an attack when they have at least 400 trophies. The leagues reset every month.

League Bonus

Bonus loot won in addition to Resources that were stolen from the enemy, upon achieving a victory whilst in a League. The League Bonus is dependent on how much of the enemy's base was destroyed in the attack; more destruction means a higher proportion of League Bonus is awarded.

Legend League

The highest trophy League in the Home Village, which utilises separate matchmaking rules to minimise the effects of clouds. Players are limited in the number of attacks and defenses they have in Multiplayer Battles each day.

League Medal

A Resource used in the Home Village, won from Clan War Leagues, that can be traded in for various rewards in the Shop.

Legend Trophies

Permanent purple Trophies that are awarded at the end of a Legend League season, in trade for any excess trophies past 5000 the player might have at the end of a Legend League season. These trophies are displayed in the player's profile.

Lightning Spell

A spell appearing in the Home Village and Clan Capital, that invokes a lightning bolt that drop from the sky, damaging all buildings and enemy troops in a small area. The lightning bolt also briefly stuns affected targets, causing them to re-target.


Abbreviation for Log Launcher.

Log Launcher

A Siege Machine which targets the Town Hall and shoots logs on the way. The log deals x4 damage to Walls, and can travel a considerable distance from the Log Launcher. The Log Launcher's health will decrease while attacking, like the Siege Barracks.

Log Trap

A Trap in the Clan Capital that deals damage to ground troops in its path.


A common shorthand for Balloon. Depending on the context, may also be used to refer to the Rocket Balloon.

Loot Bonus

Colloquial term usually referring to bonus Resources won by scoring a victory in Multiplayer Attacks or Versus Battles.

Loot Cart

A structure found in the Home Village that allows a player to recover part of the loot they have lost to an enemy Raid, or a large amount of loot should they have been inactive for a long period of time.


Magic Items

Special items, usually obtained from Clan Games, that have special functions, such as allowing instantaneous completion of an Upgrade, or boosting all of a player's Resource Collectors at once.

Master Builder

The one and only Builder in the Builder Base. He functions just like a normal Builder does, except that he has two distinctions: he controls the Battle Machine, and he is also able to gear up particular defenses in the Home Village. Once the O.T.T.O Hut is fully upgraded, he can freely travel between the Builder Base and Home Village to function as an extra builder for both villages.

Master Builder's Hut

The place of residence for the Master Builder in the Home Village. Only buildable once the O.T.T.O Hut is fully upgraded and O.T.T.O unlocked.


The act of finding an opponent, either for Multiplayer or for Clan Wars.

Meat Shield

A meat shield is one or more troops used as a "distraction" to draw fire away from other troops so they can do damage. The Giant is obviously the most common meat shield because of his high health. P.E.K.K.A is also a great choice for a meat shield because of her high health and high DPS. However, because many people don't have/can't afford a P.E.K.K.A (or do not seem to find it viable), they use Giants instead.


Refers to either League Medals or Raid Medals, depending on the context.

Mega Mine

A Trap in the Builder Base and Clan Capital that does rather heavy damage. Like the Mine, it can be set to attack either ground or air troops.

Mega Tesla

A defense in the Builder Base that does massive damage but has a very slow fire rate. Its chain lightning allows it to hit a second target a distance from its initial target.


Disorganized, free-for-all, close quarters combat. In Clash of Clans terms, a melee troop is one that attacks via hand-to-hand combat as opposed to at range. If a melee troop is in range to attack another troop, that troop can always attack back.

Mighty Yak

A Pet in the Home Village with high hitpoints that rams at opposing buildings and Walls, doing 20x damage to the latter. If its assigned Hero is defeated before them, it will be temporarily enraged, during which it moves faster and does extra damage.


A Trap in the Builder Base and Clan Capital that explodes like a Bomb, doing minor damage. It can be set to attack either ground or air troops, but not both at once.
It can also refer to the Gold Mine, or Air Bomb, or Seeking Air Mine, depending on the context.


An Elixir troop that burrows underground to reach their target, bypassing walls where necessary, while impervious to any damage while doing so.

Mini-Minion Hive

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that sends out swarms of Mini-Minions to attack ground units and air units alike, dealing significant DPS at a very long range.


A ranged Dark Elixir air unit that has low HP and low DPS, appearing in the Home Village and Clan Capital. It cannot be targeted by Seeking Air Mines.
It can also refer to the Beta Minion, depending on the context.

Minion Horde

A Squad in the Clan Capital comprising of six Minions.


A common war term used to refer to the opposing war base with the same base number as the player. For instance, if a player is base #5 on their side, their mirror will be base #5 on the enemy's side.


See Clan Member.


A defensive structure in the Home Village that deals damage that scales with a unit's maximum health, allowing it to destroy any unit relatively quickly.


A defensive structure in the Home Village that targets ground units only and has a very low attack rate, but does a considerable amount of splash damage over a relatively large radius.
Depending on the context, it may also refer to the Multi Mortar.

Mountain Golem

A ground troop in the Clan Capital with very high hitpoints. A more extreme version of the Golem, it boasts extremely high damage, but is also extremely slow to move and attack, although the Mountain Golem does not preferentially target defenses. It boasts an extremely high Housing Space requirement, only allowing one to fit in an army at once.

Movement Speed

A number associated with an offensive unit that determines its movement speed across the battlefield; the higher the number, the faster the unit moves.

Multi Cannon

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that targets ground troops. It fires a burst of eight cannon shots at a time to a single target, making it an amplified form of the Double Cannon. This gives it a high DPS, but the Multi Cannon has rather short range.

Multi Mortar

A defensive building in the Builder Base and Clan Capital that fires a burst of four mortar shells at a time, each doing splash damage to ground troops.

Multiplayer Attack

See Raid. Multiplayer attacks refer specifically to those raids against another user in the Home Village, and often refer to only those attacks that occur as a result of multiplayer matches.

Multiplayer Match

Multiplayer matching is the act of selecting the "Attack!" button on the main screen while in the Home Village and then clicking "Find a Match" (for a nominal fee of Gold). If a player is currently in a Trophy League and successfully scores at least one star in such a match, that player will receive a League Bonus.



Making something (usually a troop) worse. This can come directly or indirectly, directly as in nerfing the troop's statistics while indirectly as buffing some defensive buildings that can counter the troop.


A verb used to describe searching for a base to raid. ex: I keep nexting but can't find a good base to attack.

Night Witch

A troop in the Builder Base that spawns Bats periodically. Its passive ability allows it to spawn a few more Bats upon death.



Natural objects that are randomly placed about your village. Removing them can earn you a small amount of Gems. Obstacles periodically respawn, but in either one of the two Villages, only 45 of them will appear at any one time with the exception of Special Obstacles and Gem Boxes (which count towards the limit but will spawn regardless of whether the limit has been reached). Obstacles include Trees, Rocks, Bushes, Mushrooms, Gem Boxes, and Trunks, etc.


A robotic builder constructed by the Master Builder. It resides in the O.T.T.O Hut situated in the Builder Base, and can function as a builder there.

O.T.T.O Hut

The Builder's Hut equivalent for O.T.T.O, however O.T.T.O itself is only available when the Hut is fully upgraded.


A term that refers to a unit or structure completely destroying another previously-undamaged unit or structure in a single attack, i.e. destroying it in one shot. Usually used as a verb, such as "That Wizard Tower one-shotted my Goblins."


See Electro Owl.


Parent troop

The reciprocal term of subtroops, referring to Golems, Witches, Lava Hounds, Night Witches and Drop Ships. They split into or summon their corresponding subtroops.

Party Wizard

A temporary Elixir Troop in the Home Village based on the Wizard. He has a higher DPS but lower hitpoints than a normal Wizard.

Passive ability

An ability that does not require manual activation and works by itself. All Builder Base Troops possess a passive ability that is unlockable when they are sufficiently upgraded. See Ability.


Currently one of the most powerful of the Elixir-based troops, the P.E.K.K.A is a ground-based, melee unit that has very high HP and very high DPS.


See P.E.K.K.A.


See P.E.K.K.A.


Offensive units that accompany Heroes, supplementing their capabilities. They are unlocked and upgraded in the Pet House.

Pet House

A building in the Home Village that allows you to unlock and upgrade Pets.


A Pet that has the ability to temporarily revive her Hero once they run out of hitpoints, providing a brief moment of invulnerability.

Player Tag

A unique identifier for a player, consisting of a sequence of letters and numbers, by which they can be easily searched for.

Poison Bomb

Commonly used to refer to the poison effect that occurs when a Giga Inferno of Town Hal level 14 or higher is destroyed, but may also be used to refer to the projectiles thrown by a Spell Tower that uses Poison Spells.

Poison Lizard

A Pet that seeks out defending Heroes and troops near its own Hero, damaging and poisoning them to slow them down.

Poison Spell

A Dark Spell that slows down as well as damages enemy troops over time.


A shorthand for Potion.


A class of Magic Items which generally provide temporary benefits, such as providing a Boost in lieu of using Gems (or Resources), or an increase in rate of work for Builders.

Practice Mode

A feature which introduces attack strategies to players through guided single-player levels. Fixed army compositions are provided, and players can disable the tutorials to try out the strategies on their own.

Preparation Day

The first phase of a Clan War, lasting 23 hours, in which participants can donate troops to War Bases in an effort to defend their War Bases as well as scout enemy War Bases for which they can formulate strategies in order to win stars from these enemy War Bases.


See Elixir Collector.

Pumpkin Barbarian

A temporary Elixir Troop in the Home Village, comprising of a Barbarian using a pumpkin as a layer of armor, capable of absorbing excess damage dealt to the Barbarian.

Pumpkin Bomb

A temporary Trap in the Home Village that behaves as a (at the time it was available) more effective Bomb.

Push Trap

A Trap in the Builder Base that displaces ground troops.

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