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A short form that refers to the Earthquake Spell.


A short form that refers to the Archer Queen.

Queen Charge

A method of attacking that uses the Archer Queen along with Healers to take out key defenses before sending in the main army. Commonly, Queen Charges may go deep into the base in order to reach these key defenses, and this will often involve the support of funneling troops to ensure the Queen enters the base.

Queen Walk

A method of attacking that uses the Archer Queen along with Healers to take out a portion of the base for funneling purposes. The term itself can also be used as a blanket term to include Queen Charges as well.


Common abbreviation for Queen Charge.


Common abbreviation for Queen Walk.



A raid is an attack on a Village, either yours (i.e. a Defense), another user's (i.e. a Multiplayer Attack or Clan War attack) or an NPC village (as part of the Single Player Campaign). At least one troop or spell (or the Clan Castle) must be deployed for it to be considered an attack. If at least one star is earned, the attack is considered successful, and if no star is earned the attack is considered a failure. In multiplayer attacks, trophies are earned for successful attacks and lost for failed attacks, and if the attacking player is in a trophy league a multiplayer victory will also trigger the league's loot bonus.
Depending on the context, it is also used to refer to Raids made in the Clan Capital.

Raid Cart

A Squad in the Clan Capital consisting of a Siege Cart and four Barbarians. The term is also often used to refer to the Siege Cart itself.

Raid Cart Post

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that houses a Siege Cart (belonging to the Raid Cart squad) to defend the District.

Raid Medal

A Resource used in the Clan Capital, that can be traded for various rewards in the Trader or used to reinforce one's own Clan Castle.

Raid Weekends

A weekly Event where Clans can attack one another's Clan Capitals to win Capital Gold and Raid Medals through a series of Clan Capital Raids.


See Raid.

Rage Spell

A spell appearing in the Home Village and Clan Capital that temporarily increases the movement speed and damage per second of any troops in a small radius.

Raged Barbarian

A ground troop in the Builder Base. He has moderate DPS and hitpoints. His special ability allows him to be enraged for the first few seconds after he is deployed, moving faster and doing extra damage.

Ram Rider

A temporary Elixir troop in the Home Village, which when initially deployed charges at defensive buildings, destroying any Walls in her way.

Rapid Rockets

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that fires bursts of five rockets to air troops, similar to the Firecrackers in the Builder Base. It has very high DPS, higher than the standard Air Defense, but a shorter range.

Recall Spell

An Elixir Spell that allows the attacker to capture a group of their own Troops, Heroes and/or Pets, and deploy them elsewhere.


A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that counters attacks made against it back to the attacker, dealing moderately high damage.


A numeric value that increases as the player contributes Capital Gold to the building of the Clan Capital. Reputation level only serves to unlock Clan House parts, with no further impact on gameplay.


In-game currencies used to purchase and upgrade assets. Current in-game resources include Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir (in the Home Village), as well as Builder Gold and Builder Elixir (in the Builder Base) as well as Gems.


A raiding feature in the Home Village that allows a person to attack someone that has attacked them.


A defensive building in the Builder Base. It fires plasma at both ground and air units in a fiery burst.

Rocket Artillery

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that fires large rockets against ground and air troops, dealing very high splash damage. It boasts a long range, however has a very slow attack rate and a blind spot.

Rocket Balloon

A Super Troop based on the Balloon, that appears in the Home Village and Clan Capital. Its Boosters special ability allows it to move extremely fast for the first few seconds after it is deployed. In the Clan Capital, Rocket Balloons are deployed in pairs.

Royal Champion

A Hero in the Home Village, with high DPS and moderate HP, that uses a spear to perform ranged attacks. She preferentially targets defenses, but can also attack both ground and air troops if they threaten her.

Royal Champion Altar

The location for where the Royal Champion can be found when patrolling on defense or outside of battle. See also Altar.

Royal Ghost

A temporary Elixir troop in the Home Village that is temporarily invisible to defenses like the Sneaky Archer.


A common alternate term for Heroes. Sometimes refers exclusively to the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen.


Magic Items which allow the player to instantly fill their resource storages with the corresponding resource shown on the rune.



Abbreviation for Seeking Air Mine.

Santa Strike

A temporary Trap in the Home Village that triggers a drop of explosive presents, dealing area damage.

Santa's Surprise

A temporary Spell in the Home Village which drops presents over a wide area, each of which deals moderate area damage on impact.


Abbreviation for Siege Barracks.


A defense in the Home Village that fires bundles of stones at enemies, dealing splash damage to its target and in a cone-shaped area behind the target.


The aesthetic around the Home Village and various other areas in the game. Aside from the default sceneries available to players at the start of the game, players can purchase other sceneries in the Shop and change the scenery accordingly to customize their village aesthetics.


A term in Clan Wars that refers to an attack, usually by a player of a lower Town Hall level, on an enemy base used mainly to check the placement of Traps, Teslas, as well as determine what Clan Castle troops have been stationed. This helps players with the necessary war strength in planning an attack on the scouted base.
It may also be used to simply refer to the "Scout" action that may be performed to view an enemy's War Base (during Battle Day only) or a Friendly Challenge, which gives a preview of the base in question.

Season Challenges

A feature where players can partake in tasks involving both the Home Village and Builder Base to win rewards for themselves, which include Resources and Magic Items. Players can purchase the Gold Pass to earn increased rewards from the Season Challenges, as well as Hero Skins.

Seeking Air Mine

A trap that does massive damage to a single air troop. It cannot be triggered by a Minion or Lava Pup, however.


A common war term that refers to having two Golems used in a kill squad.


A form of village protection that allows protection from enemy attack as long as it is active. It can be awarded due to enemy raids causing enough damage, or purchased with Gems through the shop. Raiding through the shield will deduct some of the time it lasts, however.


An in-game menu used to purchase in-game items, such as new buildings, decorations, resources or cosmetics, which may cost in-game resources or real money.

Shovel of Obstacles

A Magic Item which enables any Obstacle to be moved, allowing them to be kept in the village without being removed.

Shrink Trap

A temporary Trap in the Home Village that shrinks affected units, reducing their offensive stats (DPS, Hit Points and Movement Speed) for a period.

Siege Barracks

A stationary Siege Machine that produces a P.E.K.K.A and Wizards when deployed, followed by the Clan Castle reinforcements once destroyed.

Siege Cart

A ground troop in the Clan Capital that has high DPS and moderate hitpoints, behaving as an enlarged version of the Cannon Cart in the Builder Base. Like the Cannon Cart, it can remain shooting in place for a time once its cart is destroyed.

Siege Machine

An offensive weapon that carries your Clan Castle troops. They are built in the Workshop using Gold; while you can hold multiple Siege Machines at any time, only one can be used in each attack.

Single Player Campaign

The Single Player Campaign is a series of computer-controlled villages that offer increasing resource rewards. Each village can be destroyed an infinite number of times, but any resources present can only be looted once (if only part of the loot on a single-player village is looted in an attack, the remaining resources will be present to be taken in the next attack). No trophies are won or lost, and attacking a computer-controlled base will not break a shield. At least one Star must be earned in an attack on a particular village to unlock the next village.

Single Target Damage

Damage that is only applied to a single specific unit targeted. Contrast with Splash Damage.


A war term used to refer to the act of scoring six stars with both of a player's war attacks.


A subtroop spawned by numerous means, including Witches, Drop Ships, Skeleton Spells and Skeleton Traps. Has medium DPS but low HP, and is unable to trigger traps except in the Clan Capital.

Skeleton Barrel

A temporary Elixir Troop in the Home Village, and a permanent Clan Capital Troop. It flies towards defenses and attempts to break apart on top of them, releasing a large number of Skeletons when destroyed. In the Clan Capital, Skeleton Barrels are deployed in triplets.

Skeleton Glider

A subtroop spawned by the Flying Fortress as it gets damaged. It attempts to ram the nearest defense, dealing a small amount of damage and spawning Skeletons when destroyed.

Skeleton Park

The eighth District unlocked in the Clan Capital.

Skeleton Trap

A trap that summons skeletons upon triggering, distracting nearby troops. Unlike most traps, it can be configured to affect either Ground Troops or Air Troops, but not both.

Skeleton Spell

A dark spell that creates skeletons upon usage, distracting nearby defenses.


See Hero Skin.

Sneaky Archer

A ground troop in the Builder Base and Clan Capital. She functions just like a regular Archer, except her passive ability allows her to become invisible to defenses for a few seconds after she is deployed. In the Clan Capital, Sneaky Archers are deployed in groups of five.

Sneaky Goblin

A Super Troop based on the Goblin. It possesses a Cloak ability, much like the Sneaky Archer, that allows it to stay invisible to defenses briefly after it is deployed.


The act of destroying Buildings from a distance without retaliation (such as Archers placed barely out of range of a defense), or destroying a target building or group of buildings (usually the Town Hall or resource storages) while causing minimal damage to the surrounding buildings (such as by using Sneaky Goblins sent to the Town Hall with a Siege Machine to destroy the Town Hall).

Spear Thrower

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that deals single-target damage to both ground and air troops, similar to the Archer Tower in the Home Village or Builder Base. It has an average fire rate and moderate DPS.


Spells are abilities present in the Home Village and Clan Capital, which support an attacker's troops. In the Home Village, Spells are created in the Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory, whereas in the Clan Capital each spell has its own dedicated Spell Factory.

Spell Factory

The Spell Factory is an army building that the player can use to create Elixir spells. Only a certain number of spells may be created at one time, based upon the Spell Factory level.

Spell Storage

An army building exclusive to the Clan Capital which controls the amount of spells that can be used in a Clan Capital attack.

Spell Tower

A defense in the Home Village that holds spells that can be used against enemy attackers, such as by enraging other defenses, poisoning attackers or making targets invisible.

Splash Damage

Damage that applies to all units within a specified radius of the targeted unit. Contrast with Single Target Damage.

Spring Trap

A trap that bounces away the first group of ground troops that step on it, removing them from the battle entirely.

Spring Weight

A statistic for ground Builder Base Troops that controls the interactions between them and both Push Traps and Spring Traps. Spring weight works similarly to Housing Space in the Home Village, as it controls how many troops can be affected by either of the aforementioned traps. However, it does not control how many troops can fit into a single Army Camp.


A term used in the Clan Capital that describes a group of Troops that are deployed at the same time. For example, Sneaky Archers may only be deployed in squads of five in the Clan Capital.


Abbreviation for Stone Slammer.


The main scoring method in Clash of Clans. Up to three can be earned in a single battle: one for destroying the Town Hall (or Builder Hall, in the case of a Versus Battle), one for destroying 50% of buildings and the other for destroying 100% of the buildings. It determines the amount of trophies that can be won in a raid; scoring more stars in a raid will award you more trophies for that raid.

Star Bonus

Bonus resources awarded upon scoring a total of five Stars across all Multiplayer Battles. Once earned, they are deposited in the Treasury.

Star Laboratory

A Laboratory-like building in the Builder Base that is used to upgrade Builder Base Troops.

Stone Slammer

A Siege Machine that behaves like a larger version of a Balloon, targeting defenses rather than the Town Hall and doing large damage to walls wherever it attacks.


A war term referring to the use of three Golems in a kill squad.


A generic term for all of the player's Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir storages. It typically does not refer to other forms of storage, such as collectors, the Clan Castle or the Town Hall.

Strongman's Caravan

The structure in the Home Village used to access Clan Games.


A generic term for troops that are spawned by other troops and cannot be trained directly, such as Golemites, Skeletons, Lava Pups and Bats. They cannot be deployed directly, or donated via the Clan Castle.

Super Archer

A Super Troop based on the Archer. She has a longer range than the Archer and her arrows travel a considerably long distance, doing damage to multiple buildings at once.

Super Barbarian

A Super Troop based on the Barbarian, that appears in the Home Village and Clan Capital. He possesses high damage and moderate hitpoints, with a rage ability that allows him to increase its damage and speed temporarily after deployment (akin to the Raged Barbarian in the Builder Base).

Super Bowler

A Super Troop based on the Bowler. Compared to the regular Bowler, the Super Bowler's boulders bounce three times, allowing for him to damage buildings from a longer distance than the Bowler.

Super Dragon

A Super Troop based on the Dragon, that appears in the Home Village and Clan Capital. It sears enemies with bursts of flames, dealing very high area damage (with a significant area of effect) to its target, and has very high hitpoints.

Super Dragon Post

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that houses a Super Dragon to defend the District.

Super Giant

A Super Troop based on the Giant, that appears in the Home Village and Clan Capital. He has higher damage and hitpoints than two regular Giants (which the Super Giant takes as much Housing Space as), and is able to do 5x damage to walls.

Super Giant Post

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that houses Super Giants to defend the District.

Super Miner

A Super Troop based on the Miner. He attacks with a drill with a very high Attack Rate and that does increasing damage over time to single targets, much like the Inferno Dragon (but with less variance in DPS). Once defeated, he drops an explosive barrel which explodes for high damage in its vicinity.

Super Minion

A Super Troop based on the Minion. It possesses high damage with moderate hitpoints, with a long shot ability (similar to that of the Beta Minion) that allows it to fire its first five shots from very long range.

Super Troops

A class of troops in the Home Village that are variants of normal troops, that can be accessed temporarily with Dark Elixir once a troop has been sufficiently upgraded. They are unlocked at Town Hall level 11.

Super P.E.K.K.A

The tenth troop unlocked in the Builder Base that is also present in the Clan Capital. Like a normal P.E.K.K.A in the Home Village, it has very high DPS and hitpoints. Its passive ability allows it to deal heavy damage upon death.

Super Sauna

The structure in the Home Village used to boost Super Troops.

Super Valkyrie

A Super Troop based on the Valkyrie. She carries a Rage Spell bottle on her, which she will drop to enrage other nearby troops when she is defeated.

Super Wall Breaker

A Super Troop based on the Wall Breaker. It rolls on a barrel bomb, which explodes regardless of whether or not the Super Wall Breaker detonates its bomb normally, making it a more reliable option to break walls.

Super Witch

A Super Troop based on the Witch. Instead of summoning a large horde of Skeletons, she summons a single giant skeleton called a Big Boy, which possesses high damage and hitpoints.

Super Wizard

A Super Troop based on the Wizard, that appears in the Home Village and Clan Capital. His ability allows him to attack multiple targets close by the initial target, albeit with reduced damage on these targets.

Super Wizard Tower

A Defensive Building in the Clan Capital that stations a Super Wizard, much like how the Wizard Tower hosts a Wizard. Its attacks can hit both ground troops and air troops, and chain to targets nearby the one it hits, much like the Super Wizard. The Super Wizard Tower has a moderately slow Attack Rate and moderately low DPS and range.


A term used to refer to the action of either not using certain troops and/or spells or dropping spells (usually Freeze and Invisibility Spells randomly around the base that you are attacking at the end of a successful attack which you do not have to use everything to 3-star.



May refer to either Clan Tag or Player Tag, depending on context.

Temporary Content

A class of troops, spells, and traps that are only available to use in the game for a limited time. They cannot be donated in Clan Castles, cannot be upgraded, and disappear after their designated period expires.


Depending on the context, it may be used to refer to the Hidden Tesla, Mega Tesla, Giga Tesla, or Hidden Mega Tesla.


See Town Hall.

TH X.5

A war term referring to players who purposefully upgrade buildings, troops, spells and heroes in a way such that they have the offense of a Town Hall level (X+1) but the defense of a Town Hall level X. It is most often seen at Town Hall levels 9-10 (TH 8.5, TH 9.5).


A set of criteria used in Clan Wars or in Versus Battles to reduce the possibility of a draw when both sides score the same amount of stars. In Clan Wars, the only tiebreaker is the overall destruction; in Versus Battles, overall destruction is first considered, with time remaining being a secondary tiebreaker if required.

Time Fail

An attacking term used commonly in war contexts to describe an attack that fails to complete an objective (usually 3 stars) because the 3-minute battle timer expired.

Town Hall

The building that represents the heart of your village. If an attacker destroys your Town Hall, you lose the battle regardless of how many other buildings are destroyed, as well as a portion of available Resources, as it counts as one Star in a battle. It also stores the player's stock of Magic Items.


Trophies (also referred to as cups) are the Clash of Clans ranking system. When a multiplayer attack is won, the winner gains an amount of trophies, while the loser loses trophies. Trophies affect multiplayer matchmaking as well as overall player and Clan rank.

Trophy League

A more formal term referring to the Leagues in the Home Village.


A character that appears in the Home Village, that sells Magic Items, Resources and Clan House parts for Gems and Raid Medals.


Traps are defensive items that, once triggered, perform a single function and are then rendered inoperative for the rest of the battle. Traps are hidden from the attacker's view until an attacking troop that the trap can affect comes into its trigger range. At that point the trap will appear, perform its function (usually damaging the nearby troops) and then become inactive. Inactive traps are visible to the village owner and his clanmates, but do not appear on the attacker's screen at all.
In the Home Village, traps will have to be re-armed once used, while in the Builder Base, they are automatically re-armed and ready for the next battle.


A feature inside the Clan Castle that stores Resources won from Clan Wars, Clan Games, and Star Bonuses.


A war term used to refer to a 3-star attack, or the act of performing such an attack. The term may extend to usage outside of war.


Units you use for attacking in the Single Player Campaign and other villages. Each troop has its own housing space that determines how many of each troop can fit into your army.



A Pet that follows its Hero to heal them, in similar fashion to a Healer. Unlike Healers, however, the Unicorn is capable of healing both ground and air units.


See Troop. It is also used occasionally to generically refer to both troops and buildings.


A fundamental function of Clash of Clans that allows you to improve Buildings and Troops, at the expense of resources and time (and possibly a Builder). Most buildings become non-functional for the duration of the upgrade, including defenses and collectors. However, certain buildings and all troops will be usable throughout the duration of an upgrade.



A Dark Elixir Troop in the Home Village that does melee splash damage with her whirlwind attacks. She can damage multiple buildings at once, and she has moderately high DPS and HP.

Versus Battle

A type of battle in the Builder Base, where two players of similar trophy counts attack and defend each other's bases simultaneously. The player with more stars wins the Versus Battle (in the case they are the same, the higher overall destruction wins), and subsequently is entitled to receiving trophies (from the opponent) and a Win Bonus (newly generated by the game) if it is available.


Defined in Clash of Clans as a successful attack in terms of Stars: earning at least one Star will result in a victory and trophies will be earned from the player that was raided. Victories will trigger league bonuses if the player is in a League, and awards resources in Versus Battles. It can also refer to the act of scoring more stars in a Clan War or Versus Battle (or in the case of a tie, causing more destruction) compared to the enemy.


Refers to either controllable 44-by-44 area in Clash of Clans (the Home Village or, much less commonly, the Builder Base).


Villagers are the pink-haired non-combatant females wandering around the Home Village and Builder Base. They are typically seen entering and leaving the Town Hall (or Builder Hall in the Builder Base). When the bases are not under attack, they tend to walk up to a random structure or obstacle and observe it for a moment (often clapping their hands in appreciation), and then wander off. Once an attack begins on the Home Village, all villagers will immediately run back to the Town Hall (they do not appear at all during a Versus Battle) and will not be seen again for the duration of the attack. Villagers cannot attack or be attacked.

Village Edit Mode

Village Edit Mode is an easier way to construct a base that you earn at Town Hall level 3 (in the Home Village) or Builder Hall level 3 (in the Builder Base). In Village Edit Mode, you have the ability to get rid of all objects, and completely redo your base.

Village Guard

Village Guard is a form of Village protection that is awarded immediately in relatively short amounts of time after a Shield expires. Raiding under the Village Guard provides no penalty whatsoever.


A terrain feature in the Clan Capital, exclusive to the Skeleton Park district. They essentially behave as permanent Walls, untargetable by ground troops, but can be passed over by use of the Jump Spell.



A defensive barrier that prevents ground troops that cannot bypass it (either innately like the Hog Rider or via a Jump Spell) from passing through without destroying it. If a ground unit's target is behind a wall and the unit cannot locate a path that bypasses the wall, the unit will instead attack the wall segment closest to its intended path. Typically the term 'wall' is used to identify one or more wall segments. The highest level walls have higher HP than even the Town Hall.
In the Builder Base, walls come in groups of five segments that cannot be separated, but troops will only attack one wall segment if they are forced to.

Wall Breaker

Wall Breakers are specialty troops in the Home Village that preferentially attack walls. When they attack, they cause splash damage but destroy themselves in the process. Their single attack causes 40 times their normal damage to any walls in its splash radius. If they are killed before they are able to attack, they cause reduced damage.

Wall Ring

A Magic Item which is used in bulk to upgrade Walls in the Home Village and Builder Base.

Wall Segment

An individual piece of a wall. Any length of wall longer than a single segment is typically referred to generally as a Wall.

Wall Wrecker

A Siege Machine that uses its ram to attack and moves in the general direction of the Town Hall. Its ram allows it to deal 10 times its normal damage to walls.


See Clan War.

War Base

A War Base is the base each player uses specifically during Clan Wars. They are maintained separately from the player's normal village, although they have the same number and level of Buildings. All buildings, traps and heroes are active, even if they are being upgraded on the player's normal Village. Any resources in the storages and collectors in a war base are generated for the war base and are unrelated to the player's own resource pool. The Clan Castle is similarly unrelated to the player's normal Clan Castle and must be filled separately by clan members using the Clan Wars interface.

War Loot

War loot is bonus loot gained by participating in Clan Wars. Winning a Clan War results in significantly more war loot than a loss or a draw. War loot is stored in the Clan Castle where it can be either left or transferred to the player's storages.

War Weight

A hidden statistic that controls matchmaking in Clan Wars. It is applied to every base, and upgrading troops, spells, heroes and defensive buildings will increase the weight.

War Win Bonus

The potential amount of loot that a player can win from a Clan War, earned from war attacks. This loot is only awarded in full if the Clan wins the war; draws and losses award significantly less.


See Grand Warden.

Warden Walk

A strategy where the Grand Warden is used together with Healers to destroy key defenses and/or to create a funnel. Often similar to a Queen Walk in function and purpose.


A terrain feature in the Clan Capital. Buildings cannot be placed on top of water, and ground troops cannot walk over them without the use of the Frost Spell. Air troops are able to fly over water.


See Wall Breaker.

Win Bonus

A term used to refer to resources won from a victory in a Versus Battle. It is also colloquially used in the Home Village to refer to the League Bonus.


A ranged ground unit in the Home Village that summons skeletons to help it fight.


A ranged ground unit in the Home Village that has a good amount of HP and high DPS. Its attack causes splash damage over a very small radius.

Wizard Tower

A defensive building in the Home Village that has an average attack rate, low range, and low DPS. It targets both ground and air units and does splash damage.

Wizard Valley

The third District unlocked in the Clan Capital. It contains the Spell Storage, among other important army buildings.


Commonly used term to stand for Wall Wrecker. Less commonly used to refer to a Warden Walk.



A defensive building in the Home Village that has an very high attack rate, long range, and high DPS. It has two modes: ground, which attacks only ground troops at a very long range, and ground and air, which attacks both air troops and ground troops at a slightly reduced range. It has limited ammunition and must be periodically reloaded.


See Experience.



See Mighty Yak.


An Elixir troop in the Home Village possessing moderate damage and hitpoints that produces Yetimites when taking damage or when destroyed.


A Subtroop spawned by the Yeti that attacks defenses, destroying itself to damage them.


Zap Spell

Common term used to refer to the Lightning Spell because of its resemblance to the Zap spell in Clash Royale.

Zap Trap

A Trap in the Clan Capital that deals high damage to a single Troop.